How to restore a backed up WordPress site on cPanel


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login to your webspace via your ftp client, and navigate to the folder you want to put your WordPress site in. In this instance, we will be putting the site in the public_html folder. Drag every file except the sql database into your ftp client to upload the files. If you get a “target file already exists” popup, then select overwrite, always use this action and apply to current queue only, then click ok. The upload may take a while, depending on how large your site is. When the upload is complete, login to your cpanel. Under databases, click on Mysql Database Wizard. Enter a name for the database. Make a note of this and then click next step. Enter a username, and then use the password generator to make a strong password. Make a note of these, then click create user. Select all privileges, then next step. Go back to the home screen of your cpanel Underneath databases, click on phpmyadmin In the left hand column, click the database that you have just created. Click on import. Browse to the backup of your sites database, and select it. Leave the other settings as they are, and click go. Your database will upload. Once this is complete, you need to setup your wp-config file. Open the wp-config file in an editor, and change the DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD to the details you made a note of earlier. DB_HOST should be set to localhost, change it if this is not the case. Save the file. Drag the wp-config file into your ftp client to overwrite the original. Your WordPress site has now been setup, and you can view it in your browser.

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