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If you want your blog to be successful you
need a website that loads fast. A quick loading site has a happier visitor
and also help your rank higher on Google. To load your website faster the most important
thing you can do it optimize your images. I will show you how shortpixel wordpress plugin
helps you to optimize your images with example to get started install and activate free shortpixel
plugin just like any other plugin from wordpress dashboard so the step one is login into your
wordpress administrator then from left hand side button click on plugging and again click
on add new plugin in search plugin box type shortpixel and hit enter and here is our shortpixel
image Optimizer plugin now click on install now button
the shot pixel image Optimizer plugin speed up your website and boost your SEO now let’s
click on Activate button now the installation is completed you can configure the shortpixel
and automatically optimize the image that you upload on your wordpress site. to configure it scroll down and here is our
shortpixel image Optimizer plugin click on setting button. now here in request an API key enter your
email address and click on request API Key if you already have an API key then scroll
down and enter your API key here and click on validate so here I am going to enter my
email address and then click on request key after that check mark this option and click
request key again once you do that the page should reload shortpixel will automatically
add your API key here you will also get an email with your API key in case you need to
use it on multiple site lates configure the shortpixel setting let
choose compression type as lossy most of the time you can use default lossy setting and
it is recommended option. and next is also include Thumbnails to compress
the Thumbnails of your site next stage image backup if you want to keep a backup of your
original image in a separate folder you can click this option and Default it is selected
Next, remove EXIF when you checkmark this plugin it will remove behind the same metadata
from your image now leave this setting as default and move to resize large images. this setting let’s automatically resize the
actual dimension of the image that you uploaded I recommended that you set it to at least
25% larger than the maximum image with displayed by your theme. now select this one checkmark this option
first you can enter the pixel size here and then click on save changes button now go to
advanced tab and lets configure the advanced setting this setting is entirely optional
setting if you have additional folder on your server you can add it from here for that here
click on select and select your folder after selecting a folder the folder will compress
image and PDF within that folder so for demonstration purpose am going to skip this setting using advanced setting you can convert your
PNG images to jpg images so checkmark this option next is cmyk to RGB conversion leave
this as default and save this advanced setting and move towards to next setting which is
cloudflare API .if you use cloudflare and use the cloudflare CDN yoou can have shot
pixel compress the image and automatically update your cloudflare cdn so you have the
good images or faster loading Images loading on this setting are not necessary so I am
going to skip cloudflare API setting and move towards the next which is statistics it will
show how much compression you have done on your site like average compression disc space
saved by shortpixel after compressing the image and bandwidth saved by shortpixel after
saving all the shortpixel plugin setting now move towards to WP resources WP resources
showing other recommended plugins and people that shortpixel work with you can
check this out if you want to now go to general or advanced that to save the setting and go
to the Bulk process now scroll down here and click on save and go to bilk process this
is where we can start bulk process images so we have original images check this mark
include thumbnails and then click on start optimising images after you start the bulb
process in order for the Optimisation to run you must keep this page open and your computer
running if you close the page for whatever reason Just turn back to it and the bulk process
will resume so the Optimisation in progress you can also manually optimise individual
images by going to your regular wordpress Media Library so here bulk finished you can
delete the bulk short pixel metadata and you can also restore Media Library now let’s do
it practically so here I am going to upload a large size image by going to compress it
by using shortpixel so go to media add new select file and here the image is
uploading click here and here you can see the file size is 6MB now close this once this
images is uploaded it’s going to start being compress right away with the default option
lossy which we choose in General setting so lets see in media Library and here you can
see the image size is now reduced by 94.72% using shortpixel wordpress plugin so this
is all about how to use shortpixel wordpress plugin to optimize your images on wordpress
site .



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