How to Install WordPress on Bluehost in December 2019 (Step-by-Step Guide)


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What’s going on guys it’s Greg from dear bloggers and today we’re gonna learn how to install WordPress at Bluehost web hosting together We’re gonna get you a free domain name and the famous one-click wordpress install at Bluehost so the first step is to go to the video description and click on this link to our new blog if You’re lucky you’ll see a giveaway. They’re still alive for some cool product But you want to just click how to install WordPress in the header here, you’ll find our written Bluehost guide in case you can’t watch the video with some cool facts like when it was founded and to Get started just click on any link to Bluehost So here we go. And here we are at Bluehost the best web hosting as you might have heard for WordPress So if you click get started, you’re gonna see the basic plan on the Left Which is the one that most people use to install WordPress? This has gotten us a lot of great reviews and it’s generally just the most common way to install WordPress But because blue house is so advanced. They’ve created a basic WordPress plan If you hover on WordPress and click WordPress hosting you’ll find the same basic plan For the same price, but with more upgraded WordPress features like two hundred dollars in marketing credit So obviously we want to get this one for you All right So we’re gonna go up and we’re gonna see it also comes with automatic wordpress install updates all sorts of cool WordPress features Obviously, I want your blog to be as powerful as it can be from the get-go All right, so you could read a little more if you want That’s the same price of 395 a month And then once you’re ready just click choose plan scroll down and we’re gonna keep things on a budget and select the basic plan Of course, you get the plus plan. If you know you want to host more than one website at the moment next We’re gonna create a domain name. Alright, so if you search for a domain name You’re gonna have the option to put in any words you want and then choose an extension, which is like What-have-you and I want you to know that the dot-com is the most recognizable and Also the most profitable if you sell your website some days so always try to get the dot-com Although there isn’t any negative like SEO if you choose like a org or Co then hit next Of course you domain name might not be available right away So you might need to do a little more hunting like replaced guide with setup or go with your name com That’s always a good one We can celebrate now that we’ve gotten ourselves a good domain name and next it’s time to create our account So we’re gonna pop in account information, which is just like our name and our business name, which is optional You’re going to put in stuff like the country street address city And of course all that information is 100% secure and then in package information We’re going to make sure we choose the best option for us today The price goes down if you register more months upfront you’ll just have to pay a little bit more upfront But you’ll get it at less cost per month Hosting price is just the number of months. We registered four times the price domains free and you get free SSL for security Next you’ll see the package extras All right so Obviously we want to check off on all of those because we’re gonna stay on a budget I can show you how to do most of these tasks for free with a plugin or You can add them on later in the future guys. It’s not a big deal All right It’s a finally of the payment information and we’re gonna pay for our Bluehost web hosting just like you would at any other major online retailer All right, pretty cool so Bluehost has like over two million customers right now really great brand founded by Matt Eaton and today they’re gonna get one more customer because we’re gonna join in Alright, so here I’m making my secure payment just gonna pop in my credit card so I get some points and click that box down below and Once you’ve read through it’s time to hit submit and this will take care of our domain name and hosting and in the next step We’re just gonna install WordPress. So goes really quick. You should know that it’s really easy and fun and Yeah, now you get to enjoy the same Bluehost setup that everyone you might have talked to who is already done So once you’re ready, we’re just gonna hit submit together boom And it’ll say your purchase was success Great. So have these updated graphics in the new Bluehost WordPress install, and we just need to hit create account to get going Next we’re it’s time to create your password So we just have our domain name in there and choose any password that meets all their criteria. Try to make it strong Then check that box and then create your account All Right here making a good amount of progress Keep going with us here now Click go to login and it’s going to ask us a quick little test, which is do you remember the password you just made? so make sure you’re on hosting login and remember that password type it in and Now we’re gonna click login All right doing great guys stick with us here we’re almost to your WordPress blog Congrats I’m making it so far it’s a big commitment here you’ve taken and Really you’re setting yourself apart from so many other bloggers that decide to create a free blog Alright, so now let’s create a website with some details. So the first thing is just the name of your site, which is literally just whatever your site title is so, you know, it could be anything like you know Rick school toys or Jamie’s cool, whatever you want to call it. I’m out of ideas, but I just like calling it your domain name, you know Whatever’s in your domain name just put those words in the site title And then for your tagline, that would be like a slogan for your website. So, you know, maybe your favorite quote would work great there All right, and when you do this WordPress is gonna take that information and put it on your blog So you’ll see it once we log into WordPress All right, now it says do you want a blog well I thought we were making blog already Well, this will just make sure that you have blog posts in a certain location So, of course we want that and we’re gonna choose home page so that we have a list of blog posts on our home page and Then it says do you want an online store? Of course? Why not? I could definitely see us selling something like an e-book or some downloadable products or maybe a coaching guide later on All right, so there we have it and we’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna hit continue So the WooCommerce store is just by WooCommerce, which is a plugin Next it’s time to tell us a bit more about you Luis is basically just trying to understand what sort of site you want to make This will help them recommend you themes give you better WordPress support through their blue sky They’re after a lot of upgraded support features So the more you tell them the better and they will read this and learn about your site so they can help you better Later on So of course, I’m just gonna check all of them. So we get all the options on the next screen Then it says are you comfortable with creating web sites well If you’re with me then yes, but you know after the video you might not be comfortable So we’re just gonna hit the very least one so that you get the most options for WordPress support on the next screen And you get a phone number there if you want to call them for help but Obviously you’re here with me and the YouTube comments are great. So now it’s time to pick a theme that expires you Inspires you not expires These are all great themes I can tell you about all of them as you can see there’s like five hundred and fifty nine of them So there’s really not time to explain all of them But if you want asking about any individual team, I’ll tell you what It’s good for why it’s good and maybe why it wouldn’t be for you I’ve used almost all these themes we see right here But we’re gonna skip this step because I want us to try out the default 2020 theme. It’s really cool And you should know how to use it All right. So before I can finish talking WordPress was installed. This is our dashboard. We’re gonna hit get started Then we’re gonna say no. Thanks for the domain privacy protection because we’re on a budget And before we know it we’re gonna be on the dashboard screen All right. I’m just gonna click away from here by clicking. Um, you know, I’m sure turn it off There we go now we’re gonna hit my sites in the upper left and in order to login we’re gonna click on manage site So this is like kind of a quick little health check on your site. Like how many themes you have? How many plugins? Basically, you’re sort of arsenal of tools You could say we’re gonna hit that button right there And then there’s us and we need to create a password and to do that. We need to hit login So here’s our little guy in a rocket ship and now we’re logged in Things that blew us go really fast guys. So if you need to stop the video and ask a question then please do so I’m just gonna close these little notifications here so that our dashboard is as simple as possible Dismiss that one and Yeah, welcome to WordPress you made it So here we are now and what I want to show you how to do is to go to users and change your password So click on users and then click on yourself Hit edit right there or just click on your name and then scroll down and under new password click generate password nailed it Now we’re just gonna make sure we hide it and click on any password you want Make it strong of course and come down and update it. So now you don’t have to use any other password You know your username, you know your password you can log in whatever you want We’re gonna click on the dashboard button in the upper left, which is also called our site title That takes us from the back end to the front end. So it goes from the dashboard To this site, which is basically how the world sees it. So this is what your work I say It looks like this is the theme it’s wearing obviously looks ok, but not that great And if you click on that button again in the upper left it goes back to our dashboard So it just kind of flips around like a pancake Alright, so that’s pretty cool if you notice in the upper URL bar there’s some weird temporary domain name some time like box 76 Blue goes just does that because they’re not sure like where your domain came from? So if you’re using a domain name from GoDaddy, they’re just gonna give you that so you can actually look at your site But we want to click on the blue host button and then we want to come down to hosting and now we’re gonna go to manage and this is gonna help us get rid of that weird like box temp domain thing because it should just say your domain And you can also see how the dashboards connected to the Bluehost and so on and so forth Alright, so click on home and we can see right there in that little drop-down. We want to just say your domain Like I mentioned before so click my sites Now we’re gonna click on manage site you guessed it now, we’re gonna click on settings and Under site URL. You’re just gonna delete what’s in there. If it’s not your domain name, just delete it and enter in HTTP colon slash slash You don’t need to do a WWE. Just enter in the words of your domain name followed by the dot-com org net Whatever and then click on Save updates So let’s make sure that when we visit your site It’s actually going to be your domain name and not something else that we get to look at to login now You can visit your domain name forward slash Wp-admin that’s just how everyone really does it these days. It’s just the standard for some reason Then popping your username and your password that you chose when we were in that users area Click remember me and bookmark it so you don’t forget this page and now we’re gonna click on login And here we go. Alright So the first thing we’re gonna do is change our theme we have a little bit of time left in the video a couple minutes These are the themes your site is wearing So it’s like all the default WordPress ones if you want to activate them You can just click on the activate button But if you click on the blue plus you can see all the themes WordPress comes with Through the internet through the WordPress library you click popular. These themes are powering like thousands of websites Astra is one of our favorites I’ll give you a video at the end on how to make a WordPress website with a strip But for now just go back to themes and we’re gonna select the default twenty twenty team Really cool really fast and really modern so click on a theme and click activate it to actually use it on your site This will change how everything looks Alright and now we can click on our site title and upper left and see that everything looks different and in the few seconds we Have left. I want to show you how to add a new blog post and Even upload an image so go to new post in the upper navigation Alright and this is the post editor And we’re gonna click on the little cursor at the top to add a title So welcome to the blog is always a good first post to have Explain what you want to write about and what people can stand to get So I don’t have time to write all that and we’re gonna do that later. Also, I’ll just right now. This is my first post You know I’m so glad you could stop by and read it something there’s to warm people up and welcome them to the blog Now we can click on the image button and this is how you upload an image to your new website let’s go to a new tab and type in where I get all my free images and search for Futuristic. Why not? Once you do a search for that, you’ll see all the images that are futuristic You can click on one to open it and then you can click on further Categories which are on the upper left of the image If you don’t see something you like if you do maybe you have a futurism blog, which is really cool Then you can just make it with all these images Alright, make sure you give credit to the author but as far as I know these are Pretty darn good images that are free to use Alright, so we’re gonna click on free download before we do that though, we’re gonna click on these categories like interior and You can see that you know, you know way down at the rabbit-hole and pick all sorts of cool images So I like this one. It’s kind of like my dream office free download. I’m not a robot and download and Then you’ll get a download to the image So just name it whatever you want cool office is good in WordPress click upload and Then it’s gonna search your computer. Click on the image click open Again, I’m sorry we’re going so fast Stop that video and ask a question if you want so your image will show up right in WordPress you have uploaded it now to your Bluehost hosting and it’s definitely on your blog and We’re just gonna click and write a little bit more All right, so let’s get a few more sentences in there I’m sort of thinking what I want to write Maybe something about what my office looks like Of course, you can upload as many images you want to WordPress you can add videos quotes links all sorts of stuff Let me know how to do all that if you have a question In this case, I’m just gonna say I’ll leave a picture in my cool new office Publish in the upper right to make things go live and click publish again Now we can actually just click on View Post once it’s done publishing And voila you published a new blog post for the world and especially congrats if that was your first blog post ever I know the feeling you’re not alone, and now you’re a blogger just like me. Alright guys, so thanks so much for watching I appreciate it because I really enjoyed making this for you Please check out our audio other videos on how to make a wordpress blog make sure to smash that like hit subscribe and if occations all that and Yeah, welcome to WordPress. We’ll talk to you soon

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