How to install VNC and Gnome on a VPS server Linux Centos 6


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13 Replies to “How to install VNC and Gnome on a VPS server Linux Centos 6”

  1. nanostray77 says:

    Yeah nothing worked on the internet but this one helped me out!! Thank you very much!!

  2. Robert L says:

    No Problem.

  3. Robert L says:

    Glad it helped!

  4. Jake Nor says:

    after changing the vncserver name how do i save it? i cant figure it out >.>

  5. Plain Designs says:

    Thanks alot, really helped me.

  6. htrosicba says:

    CTRL + X

  7. htrosicba says:

    And how much this uses Ram and CPU?
    And how can i uninstall it?

  8. Josh P says:

    Thx I had sum1 set up a server for me and I wanted to make another one for dedicated torrent downloading and u helped.

  9. Erin Chapman says:

    I love watching the loading bars while install it's just so funny xD

  10. Pasha says:

    You are fucking awesome man…. THANKS <3 I would like to perform oral sex on you now as a thanks XD

  11. SourceTV says:

    awesome ip block ahahaha

  12. Ida Wheeler says:

    hi i have complete all the guide, but when i connect with ultravnc viewer, it says fail to connect to server, please tell me what is wrong?

  13. mariokiller470 says:

    Mine says failed to connect to server.

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