How to install Plesk on your VPS


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Open Putty, and enter the IP address of your VPS Enter the username, then copy the root password from wherever you have it saved, click back on the Putty window and right click This will paste in the password. Press return In the description to this video, there is a link to the code you will need to install Plesk Open the link in a new window, and copy the code for the first step You need to copy everything, except the hashtag Return to the Putty window and right click, this will paste the code in to Putty. Press return Repeat this process with the other two steps The auto installer will now run You will be prompted to respond occasionally, while Plesk installs. Enter “n” each time It may take a while to install, leave it running until you see the command prompt again Once the installer has finished running, open your browser, and enter your IP address followed by :8443 in the url bar This will open the login page for Plesk on your VPS The login details will be the same as those you use to login to Putty

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