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hey guys welcome back to the channel
this is Manish with you Huawei has launched its new smartphone Y series in
the first week of Feb 2020 that is Huawei Y7p. It’s a mid-range device with the best specs & price in the market. Y7p has 48MP Triple AI Camera 6.39” HUAWEI Punch Display and 4000mAh Big Battery which makes it the best smartphone in a budget.
I will be doing the review of this device soon but today
in this video I am going to show you how to install Google mobile services in a
very simple way and before moving to the subject don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel let’s start the video first, you have to download the chat partner app
the link is in the description below once the file is downloaded install the
app then click open now click detect device and then click repair now click
activate and wait until the process gets completed it will take around 1 to 2
minutes voila!!! the services are on just log into
your Google account and that’s it Now your device is running with the Google
mobile services that’s it from me guys
don’t forget to press the like button I’ll see you soon in the next video
until then this is manish signing off

20 Replies to “How to Install Google Services in Huawei Y7p | TechnSpice”

  1. Clarens Marie Jimenez says:

    Thank u sir big help

  2. Azees Barveen says:

    this app fully stuk bro

  3. silva4sound says:

    i got stuck at chat partner download

  4. sharath zeuz says:


  5. Sowmya M says:

    Oh wow great n simple way of downloading… Thanks for the video

  6. Srinivas Nayini says:

    Its working thanks bro..

  7. Knock out Movies says:

    Awesome thank u bro

  8. Tech 'N' Spice says:

    Link for chat partner app

  9. Miscellaneous Burma says:

    It doesnt work on my huawei y max ,. Please help. It is saying "do not support current device for now"..

  10. Mark Angelo Oteyza says:


  11. Александр Хромов says:

    Thank u sir big help!!!! bro

  12. Mohamed Pasith says:

    Thanks bro now I buy new mobile Huawei 7yp thanks is working bro

  13. Saru Faruk says:

    Thanks bro ….do more videos what we want …… 👍

  14. Dennis Macatangay says:

    On my y9prime it does not support how will it works

  15. Marcos Miño says:

    Hello, it does not work for Huawei Nova 2s, it appears that it is not compatible, no method works for me or those of lzplay, in those of lzplay I mark a sign in Chinese when opening the application of the Purple G, android 9.1 versión 216

  16. Умид Ахмедов says:

    how to install google services on Huawei Honor 20s China version.

  17. markiss Gabayno says:

    Your explanation is to fast

  18. Tony ghawi says:

    Hi bro I'll try this way but thay don't work

  19. Dular Sparkle says:

    This method not working after 26/02/2020
    Tried on 3. Y7p models

  20. Unni Krishnan says:

    I cannot download the file.
    What I do

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