How to Install and configure Fog project server


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Hi everyone!
This is guidelines how to install
FOG Project on Linux server This guide is made for version 1.5.7
Check latest version from github Link to github can be found from
Fogproject web site And simple installation guide So let’s start installation
Login to your Linux server First download fog – installation
packages or clone github repo Next extract package Then open Fogproject folder/bin Start installation script by running:
./ Installation asks question about
configuartion First select our Linux disto I got on this host two network interfaces
and i will use second inf for Fog dhcp Next Fog reconfigure apache2 -webserver
So remove that before you can run this
installation Select yes for apache installation You can have multiple Fog server and
depending on server role select Normal
or Storage Normal got all fog functions and
storage is like locale repo for fog So i set on second network interface
to default so it can provide dhcp on
isolate network Then if settings look to be right
Continue to installation Then next is to open browser and go
to Fog management site to initialize
database Here click Install Now Then go back to terminal press Enter to
continue installation to end Now installation is ready
And management gui can be login Default username and passowrd is
in terminal Next time we will continue to
configuration and pxe installation Thanks for watching
And Subscribe!

2 Replies to “How to Install and configure Fog project server”

  1. Basavaraj Chougala says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for Good Explanation. What does that parameter show at the time of selecting of "Multiple Partition Image-All Disks(Not Resizable)-(3)". Why did you select that parameter only and could you please explain it more details.

    Actually I am studying over here on FOG….But I am facing a lot of trouble in it. If you do little Help interestingly in my favour.

    It would be great helpful for me.. It is humble submission to you sir

    Heartily Thanking you,

    Basavaraj, From India.

  2. ttv_cläp says:

    Nice video, just a question why using Ubuntu over CentOS
    Any advantage?

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