How To Disable Multiple Google Chrome Processes on Windows 10


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You may have noticed that Google Chrome for Windows creates a bunch of different processes
when it’s running. What’s the deal with all those processes? Hello Everyone, this is Shivani and you are watching Tweaklibrary. In today’s video
I’ll tell you how you can disable google chrome’s multiple processes.
So, let’s get started. On numer 1 Kill Chrome processes using Google
Chrome Task manager You can use the Google Chrome Task manager
to view and close any Chrome process on your computer.
In order to kill multiple processes, open Google Chrome and follow these steps to kill
them using the inbuilt Task Manager: Click on the 3-dot Chrome browser settings
icon located in the upper-right corner of the Chrome screen.
From the drop-down menu click on More tools and then click on Task Manager option in the
side menu that appears. This will open the Google Chrome Task Manager,
click on any Chrome process that you want to shut down and then click on the End process
button This will kill the selected Chrome process,
preventing it from using resources on your computer.
On no. 2 Stop Google Chrome Background Apps: Even if you close the Chrome browser, Google
continues to run processes in the background. This happens when you install Chrome Plug-ins
and Chrome Extension with a default tendency to continue running in the background.
However, you can prevent Google Chrome background apps by following these steps
Click on the 3-dot Chrome browser settings icon located at the top right corner of your
screen and then click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
On the Settings screen, scroll down and click on the ’Advanced’ option to expand the
Settings screen. Scroll down the expanded Settings screen,
to look for System option. Under this uncheck the option that says “Continue running background
apps when Google Chrome is closed” On no. 3 Close Tabs That Are Unused:
While browsing the Internet, many times we tend to open multiple tabs and then forget
to close them, thereby letting them consume unnecessary RAM. Hence it is beneficial if
we keep a check on which tabs are left unused and close them to reduce Chrome memory usage.
On no. 4 Remove Unwanted Extensions in Chrome Browser:
It has been noticed that faulty browser extension also leads to unwanted consumption of RAM
and may interfere with normal browsing. Hence, it is recommended that you look out for the
faulty browser extensions and disable or remove them in order to limit Chrome memory usage.
On no. 5 Check For Malware Infections: A PC when infected by malware infection results
in its abnormal functioning. This may also hamper normal Chrome browsing as its malware
infections can affect browser thereby increasing memory usage.
For this one should always keep an anti-malware installed and updated. If you do not have
one, we recommend Advanced System Protector by Systweak, which is one of the best anti-malware/spyware
programs. So that’s it for today’s video.

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