How to Design a Dark Theme Using Material (Google I/O’19)


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  1. HASAN AK says:


  2. Landen Lake says:

    I want that dope Google photos and Google drive dark theme. pls google


    Superb. It used to be a headache to make custom dark theme alongside usual Material principles

  4. Sara Clayton says:

    Very thorough talk. Loved hearing the entire process – definitely applicable to the development of non-material dark themes as well. Thank you!

  5. Jehoiakim Jade Esgana says:

    1st Comment

  6. Ayul Ayol says:

    How to get this code?

  7. Ojasvi Singh 786 says:


  8. Jordan Gehman says:

    That illustration tho 😍🤩

  9. Min Tan says:

    Everything is a science… Good job guys.

  10. James R says:

    So good!

  11. Blue Eye Woodworking says:

    So helpful, thx!

  12. Brand Story Studio says:


  13. V V says:

    Talk is not comfortable. Design people should shine….

  14. Kelian14 says:

    In the first Material Theme talk, one of the girls was wearing a colourful shirt and during this dark theme talk, the guy is wearing black clothes. Even the clothes match the talk 😀

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