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>>Google My Maps is easy to use, even if
you have little to no experience with programming or creating web pages.
Anyone can create personalized and customized maps of anything, from a simple placemark
to an around-the-world tour, using Google My Maps.
Today, I’ll show you how to create a unique My Map.
First, open Google Maps. Click on the upper left tab, “My Maps”.
Click on “Create a new map”. You’ll need to sign into your Google account
if you haven’t already. I’ll make a San Francisco walking tour map.
Decide what you’d like to call your map, and enter a title and description.
You can choose to make your maps public or unlisted.
Public maps are shared with everyone and will be published in the search results.
I’ll make this map public. Click the “Save” button when you’re done.
Now, you’re ready to create your map. First, create a mark for the start point of
the walk. Since I want to start at the Ferry Building,
I’ll set my mark there. Next, give the start mark a name.
I’ll choose the ship icon from the menu to represent the ferry port.
Now, it’s time to draw your route. Select the straight line tool and start to
draw. I’ll walk along the water down the Embarcadero
then up to Coit Tower to get a nice view of the city, back down through North Beach to
Pier 39, to Ghirardelli Square, and finish my tour at the top of Lombard Street.
Double click to finish drawing your route, then add an icon and title for the final point.
You can also click on “Satellite view” to check that your route is accurate.
Next, I want to make note of scenic spots on this tour and add photographs and video.
There’s a beautiful cove where historic ships can be found, so I’ll draw a shape to let
others know where it is. I’ll use the shape tool to mark out the area.
Enter a title and description, and click “OK”. I’ll add a marker for another scenic point,
Coit Tower– only this time, I’ll add a photo of the location.
To add a picture from your web album, click the “Rich text” option and select the picture
icon, paste the URL of the photograph and then click “OK”.
I also want to make note of the sea lions near Pier 39, so I’ll add a mark here and
change the icon to a fish. I’ll also embed a video from my last visit
by switching to “Edit HTML” and adding the YouTube video code.
It’s quite a long walk, and I may be very hungry afterwards, so I want to search My
Maps for a cafe near the end point. On the left hand side of the page, click “Done”.
Click on the Lombard Street icon and then click “Search nearby”.
Enter a keyword to search for. I’m going to choose Buena Vista Cafe from
the listings and save this to my map. Then, by clicking “Done”, my San Francisco
walking tour map is complete.

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    Google maps is an invaluable tool. It is a heck of a lot easier than somebody giving you crappy directions how to get to where they are..LOL. I just wish their premium stuff was not so darn expensive.

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