How to Add a Favicon to Your Website


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  1. Team1 says:

    What if I'm using a website builder tool to create my site? I have everything done I just can't find out where to place the code! I am using network solutions website builder tool and don't have access to any of the .HTML files. I don't no if it is right but I tried to use filezilla to look for the .HTML file to place the code. Would that work? If so where would I find the file. man i need a programmer!!!!

  2. Hyndsite Designs says:

    If you want to find the HTML using Filezilla you should have a username and password from your web host and this is what you use for filezilla. Once you enter that you search for the "w.w.w" folder in the right box (kind of like 5:45) but instead of having wordpress folders you will have HTML files. Download the HTML files and then add the code like shown.

  3. Team1 says:

    ok I figured that one out I had the favicon.ico (image) in the wrong folder! Just had to put it in the htdocs folder, clear catch and reload the page! I have a new problem now… I am trying to create a login form/database so users can access only certain pages on the site. Do you know anything in that area? If so would you mind helping throught skype? It would be much easier I think my skype is – TeamOneBillion – Thank you!!

  4. Hyndsite Designs says:

    I wouldn't be offering one to one help. However, as a piece, if you are setting up a website yourself. WordPress already contains the functionality of allowing users to login and see specific page.

  5. Team1 says:

    Right but I am not using wordpress Im using network solutions. I finally found someone to help with this problem so its ok. Thanks for the help with the favicon tho!!

  6. Hyndsite Designs says:

    Glad to hear, thanks and good luck with your website.

  7. Christopher Livingston says:

    Thank you! Very well done.

  8. B. james says:

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  9. jamal iskandre says:

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  10. Growth X says:

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  11. Joshua Walker says:

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