How the Internet of Things Will Change the World


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  1. Chronicles of AJ says:

    My favorite topic you cover was the hack your body to have superpowers episode 

  2. Ferb7001 says:

    Congrats on 100. My favorite episodes are the ones about the future of lasers.

  3. BetaMax 88 says:

    Good videos !!!!

  4. Brandon Ranck says:

    I'd like to see a video on your thoughts about the Microsoft Hololens, please

  5. Ketan Patel says:

    This is episode 106

  6. BRANDON GARWE says:

    Unfortunately you have 106 episodes but happy 100 anyway

  7. ryan .clark says:

    How do you remove non carbon polluters like aerosols from the air?

    P.S I liked the one with the new greenhouse ideas.

  8. Rebecca Love says:

    3d printing!

  9. AintLifeGrand666 says:

    Sure don't hope so… I want to live my own life, and not have millions of sensors and computers do it for me…. Want less frustration about you daily problems: Take some classes in Zen….

  10. nin nin says:

    No privacy tho

  11. Dirtbikeizlife says:

    I counted and this is episode number 102. check if you want

  12. Paul Goodwin says:

    Here is my question/topic suggestion:  What will we do when machines are so efficient at a wide spectrum of things that there just isn't demand for people to do work any more?  Or at least not enough demand to employ a substantial fraction of the population.  Does the whole economy implode?  Do we move to some new kind of economy?

  13. Vinícius Neves da Conceição says:

    Happy anniversary, Jonathan!
    Another brilliant dream-triggering episode, by the way! =)

  14. imad Abeidoh says:

    happy anniversary with your one hundred episode I'm big fan of your show, 

  15. John Marcus says:

    Sci-Fi Tech that's real was really good.
    Next topic? My suggestion is that a video should either be made for exo-terrestrial/endo-terrestrial human habitats of the future (Basically something like Rapture or Columbia from BioShock or Elysium from…Elysium), or an episode on what future human intelligence will be like when augmented through natural or artificial means, (the brain's power is boosted by genetic manipulation or aided by AI).

  16. changeisnowpeople says:

    but still thing about human technologies… i mean human (brain) powers… like how to make a human peak perform… not using sports drugs… but human destiny technologies… I see "the internet of things making us weak"  yes weak… and THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE…. if you forget something. It is a lesson to use your memory in a better way…. "yes technology is making us weak and strong in several ways….

  17. ArmoredAnubis says:

    I wrote my paper about this in my writing course. Very interesting stuff, I say bring it on!

  18. DJ Banders says:

    I think I would be the happiest if the future looked exactly as it does today. And I'm only 14

  19. Computer Addic says:

    You are optimistic about THAT future.I am not!I think we bore us to death with all that technology around us,doing things WE should do to keep us occupied!A car in we can only sleep,because there is no excitement during the journey.A house in we can only sleep,because we don't have to do things.In bed we don't have to make love to our partner,because we have a sexrobot.. So boring!

  20. Elias Fasheh says:

    Plz respond

  21. Elias Fasheh says:

    What about the resources on the earth we don't have. We r basically digging our selfs in a hole. how r we supposed to get all of this if we run out

  22. Yaroslav Pushnikov says:

    do you mean skynet?

  23. XxdeadsoawsomexX vintage says:

    Thank you so much every day i get on youtube hoping to see your videos and i wanted to let you know i had an f in science and then i started to watch you and you inspired me to like science so and now im at a A in science so again thank you so much and keep it up

  24. Bruno Alfon says:

    Legendas em Português.

    Go! Go! Go! 

  25. YamiShadow Kitty says:

    Just like with the last episode on the Internet of Things, I am once again on the fence.

    On the one hand, this sounds great. I hate driving. Auto-driving cars plus the internet of things? That's about 80% of the inconvenience I anticipate in my life literally just gone. That's great.

    On the other hand, this is essentially possible to turn into a mass-surveillance scheme extremely easily. Houses will have it, cars will have it, roadways will have it, business transportation will have it. I'm not exactly comfortable with a system that can watch our every move, as well as administrate our movement in some respects. There's really not a lot of space between this kind of potential and reality scenario, and that's honestly a little bit uncomfortable. Maybe I'm "living in the past" or something, but I really do not like how the risks involved with this sound.

  26. fkusrnms says:


  27. Nova Verse says:

    Topic Suggestion :

    Self entrepreneurship in the future.

  28. Demonmutantninjazombie says:

    Then an EMP or electronic warfare shuts down one part… Then everybody will panic and everything goes to shit. I would like this but I wouldn't become dependent on this.

  29. UserOfYoutube iuseutub says:

    On one of ur videos u said 'soon we'll be able to make a crystal with just light ' when the time comes we could use that for a 3d printer then that will run off of the light that would be awesome

  30. dontmesswithnature says:

    a segment on the future of aquaculture. Our arable land is all tied up, but our arable ocean has not been tapped into. Kelp, fish, and shellfish farming, will all be in the near future.

  31. Kevin Amador says:

    Talk about the future – Type 1 civilization

  32. -The war walker A.R.C. says:


  33. Useless Noise says:

    Long before the internet of things is a thing, completely automatic cars will be a thing, so hopefully the world of no traffic jams will come much sooner than expected.

  34. Jaime Kurzweg says:

    Wouldn't an advancement in science like this put millions of people out of jobs? I don't know much about the economy, but I know that with each advancement in science and technology, it puts more and more people out of jobs. I know you don't do much with government topics, but perhaps you could do a video to talk about what people are doing to prevent this from happening in the future.

  35. MadGod 1210 says:

    You should make an episode about tge possibility of robotic dogs

  36. Siddeo says:

    Make a video on how the human colonies on other planets would be and also on how the space colonies would be…

  37. Krasle says:

    what about the future of animatronic pizzerias? (don't forget to mention freddy's even though it's a FICTIONAL pizzeria….at this date)

  38. A. Nonymous says:

    hey! I've subscribed. No ill will. I'm not talking shit. What is up with the weird big nostril? You've got to have a story. thanks

  39. Dwarfgrinder says:

    This entire video is flawed. We use cars to commute to places because we need to be somewhere at some point in time. If the internet of things were to exist in the manner that he describes it, there would be no need to use a vehicle. If everything is roboticized and linked by an highly advanced internet-like system many of our need wills be abolished. There would be no traffic, even for the delivery of goods. The things you need would have been calculated and anticipated upon and therefore automatically produced and delivered and maybe even administered to you before or exactly at the moment at which you would need it. The vehicle used for delivery could not be in traffic because every vehicle would be linked too all the others. Like clockwork. the operations of an entire planet would operate seamlessly. I could extrapolate further but I think that most people would be able to see how the linking of every object would at the very least negate the need for a person to operate a motor vehicle.

  40. Kurt E. Clothier says:

    As an engineer who works in embedded systems, I am incredibly familiar with the IoT. I have seen a lot of videos of people trying to explain what it is or how it will work, but it is really impossible to describe based on current technology because everyone can only picture it using current technology.

    It it's infancy, the IoT will exist to extend our current technological obsession, but unless it can get past the gimmicks of linking smart phones and tablets to TVs and Light bulbs to become a truly self-sustaining network of data (that is, without human intervention), it will be meaningless.

    The biggest obstacles I see are network scope and connectivity, security, and saturation.

    For the world to be connected, there has to be a true open, global network. If you don't understand how the current internet works, you might have a hard time understanding this. In it's current form, the internet is a whole lot of computers connected together. Tier 1 internet service providers (ISPs) own all of the "backbone" that actually connects us all together – that is, the physicals cables, towers, and satellites used. That is why you have to pay for your internet service, but you can freely setup your own private local area network (LAN). This system is incredibly flawed and cannot sustain a true IoT. It will take an open-source network with unlimited and unrestricted access for all of the sensors and systems to connect with each other. So, if you know of a few billionaires who wouldn't mind paying for the entire world to be connected by laying down new cables, building new towers, and launching new satellites, let them know. By the way, Google has done this on a very small scale in some US cities, and Elon Musk of SpaceX has been working on a new satellite system as well. Can you imagine being able to connect to a new global network from any device, anywhere in the world (the middle of the desert, the ocean, or the ruralist or rural farms) without any sort of contract or fees? Unless you feel like paying a $10 data plan per sensor (and there will be billions of sensors), that is what it will take.

    Similarly, there can be no restrictions on what can communicate with what. For the IoT to really work, every singe networked device has to be able to talk to every other single networked device. Read that sentence a few more times, then continue.

    Of course, with everything talking with everything, anyone with some cracking skills to control the network. How do you stop console access of the entire network? How do you stop someone from pretending to be a specific automated system in order to gain power, wealth, or just bring the entire system down to watch it burn as in the case of a lot of psychotic people? Long story short, you can't. Every current computer security system is flawed and crackable. We have to deal with this issue.

    There is still a place for local, private networks… they will just need to have a secure bridge to the IoT.

    Finally, everything has to be connected for this to work. By everything, I don't literally mean "everything" as some people do. Why does my kitchen chair need to be networked.. to notify the police if I fall out of it and onto the networked floor tile? Does a toaster need to be networked, or could it just have fire detection sensors that privately link it with my personal sprinklers? I think a home camera system can accomplish that much more effectively… However, a lot of other stuff will need to be embedded with a networked chip and sensors. Trouble is, no one will do this unless they can make money off of it. That means, we will be building the IoT around our current capitalist system which is already failing. People with money run the world, so unless enough of them decide the have enough and don't care to make any more while attempting to make the world a better place, this just isn't going to happen… at least not in the way it should. 

    The IoT has limitless potential, but force fitting it around our current lifestyle, economy, and technology is an exercise in futility.

  41. Luke Desrochers says:

    I hope this doesn't tie in with the New World Order and the mark of the beast. This is a dangerous topic that should be examined thoroughly before initiating destruction.

  42. Ramanuja Rao says:

    The president of the universe.

  43. Jacob Herrera says:

    I love the idea, but I see the actual hardest challenge behind this being, convincing the narrow minded individuals from thinking that the purpose behind all this is so that the "illuminati" can have control over people and enslave them. Like this guy's comment under mine. VVV

  44. Yogendra Pahariya says:

    Looks really fascinating… As was the case in past, every new innovation /invention brings not just good but some bad as well… some of good you already talked abt.. The bad what i can think of could be making mankind slaves of machines and getting further away from human touch…

  45. tahi laci says:

    Governments would not be confined to tapping your phone calls, and your e-mails: every item in your streets, workplaces, cars and homes would spy on you! Yay!

  46. Kelie Smith says:

    Talking cars 😛

  47. Mike Frost says:

    I lOVE GOOGLE, i wish i could get a scholarship from google. AT Juja watching google i/o live

  48. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Can you talk about IoE?

  49. gwarkan says:

    Internet of things……… killer robots are things.  Well this should be interesting.

  50. lllllllHELLlllllll says:

    1st world problems.

  51. Christopher Boyle says:

    In fact, you won't be driving to work anymore. You (or we humans) will be the weak link. Well, you could choose to drive yourself, but your insurance will be extremely expensive. In 2030, society will view self-drivers as irresponsible, and a menace to society, just like smokers are viewed today in some countries. So, is the future looking all that rosy?

  52. SaYyIV says:

    من طرف الشيخ احمد

  53. morpher44 says:

    disco? Boo.

  54. morpher44 says:

    The other truth about a wired car is that law enforcement will be able to tell exactly when you had your hit-and-run, or other traffic violation, and mustering a legal defense will be all the more difficult. This will make it less desirable to be the designated driver. I suppose IoT will also be watching when you enter your home, when you turn on various appliances, how much energy you waste, how much water you waste, how much food you waste, and with peer pressure and a bit of guilt inspiring cajoling, can manipulate you into trying harder to be less wasteful. Couples will be able to more easily spy on their significant other — more than just reading chat, or voyerism. IoT network security will be a bit non-trivial. It won't be a 1984 big brother reality. It will be more of a big "family" reality.

  55. Nour K says:

    Iwouldnt want that having everything constantly connected to each other sounds too overwhelming

  56. Christopher Stricker says:

    20 years from now people will pay good money to experience boredom…

  57. Smilespire says:

    I'm always thinking about how people 100 years ago would react if they understood just how far technology would come in such a short time. It's amazing.

  58. Abhijeet Adhikary says:

    sir i want to learn basics of IOT.from where i can learn…give me some idea.

  59. Madan Mohan K M K M says:

    what are 5 challenges in implementation?

  60. tala mohammed says:


  61. Paul Gladstone Boon Pushparaj says:

    Would love your thoughts about natural language processing…please do share

  62. Diane B. says:

    damn the future sounds hella lazy and expensive lol its cool though…used to it already…kinda. getting there (see what i did there) lol

  63. Nummer1Ahteest says:

    What I'm goin to suggest may sound a bit "out there" but hey… what's new? MANY new ideas sound weird. And if I could afford to do this I certainly would but I can't. Bottom line is: there are many, (maybe millions of), people that not just "don't like" but HATE the direction we're going, (collectively), in society… all this new fangled technology etc. They wish and LONG for the good ol days… say the late 40's, 50's and 60's etc. I believe… if someone created a community or an entire TOWN or city where literally EVERYTHING was back like it was in those days. Houses, clothes, B&W TV, radio shows etc. All the TV shows would all be The Andy Griffith show, Rawhide, Gunsmoke etc., etc. The cars would only be from that era. There'd be no computers or microwaves allowed, no cell phones (only the rotary dial land line). Patsy Cline, Big band etc would be the music. I think people would SWARM to it. There'd be a waiting list. Again… if I had the money I'd do it in a heart beat. I am SURE it would go over BIG TIME. Many people are sick of, (even scared of), the way things are going. I'd be the first to buy in. Okay… that's it. I'm just day dreamin'.

  64. Victor Manuel says:

    also all humans will be under control by the servers of the security agencies

  65. Troy Margate says:

    Thanks for the this video, it helped a lot.

  66. Floyd Rudolph says:

    Remember when rock n roll came from the devil ?

  67. Blair Kaplan says:

    Noa can definitely be more exhausting at times then these 2!!! Especially when she doesn't nap!!

  68. Kuroganashi says:

    Very Awesome explanation.

  69. Daniel Gadd says:

    And if profit still is what runs it ,it wont be any good

  70. PITSS says:

    That's a really cool and impressive look into the future.
    Thanks for sharing!

  71. HawK Haze says:

    subscribed 1000th liker

  72. Altruist Civil Services -Forum WBCS says:

    you talk like saul goodman….

  73. Milind Suryawanshi says:

    Superb man

  74. Hosam EL Gendy says:

    awesome i just ask about what the program you use for the video please

  75. pratyush kumar says:

    wow! this is the first episode I've watched , how poor I am. But, glad I'm now subscribed to one more best things on youtube 🙂

  76. Deli0Man says:

    If people R "smart" enough to buy stuff, which are literally spying on
    them (by transmitting their usage habits to big corporations), then
    humanity deserves not to be free and instead become lab rats in golden

  77. Lavish Kanugo says:

    I m from India n ur video was really amazing.

    I just only want to know, will Arduino Ethernet shield be the best suitable device for communicating with other devices in future in case of IOT?

    or any other devices has more potential than this?

  78. Mahmoud Atoui says:

    i see no point in that, humanity will become "robot"ized, we will no longer be humans, we will no longer think or move, its not something i personally look forward to

  79. loosekarrott says:

    Yes! Doesn't that sound nice? Don't you want to listen to the man who looks like Kane from Command&Conquer? Just trust the Internet of things, peace through power!

  80. essvee86 says:

    What about security? What if the IoT object has no/little/weak security? Then it could be controlled or a virus could be planted in it.

  81. Cal Hoskins says:


  82. Johnas Presbyter says:

    Namazu Explains the Investment Opportunities in the Internet of Things:

  83. Udaykiran Gaddala says:

    Sir can you suggest me how to make ppt for seminar……?

  84. Vianney Delvoye says:

    Find more about IoT on that amazing blog !!

  85. Dennis Shaji says:

    Could you please explain how IoT works in banking industry. . .?

  86. Networ X says:

    An episode of "The Outer Limits" was spot-on VERY prophetic in the year 1 9 6 3 – (5 4 years ago)

    EPISODE TITLE : " O. B. I. T. "

    SEASON 1 ; EPISODE : 7 – Original broadcast date : November 4 , 1 9 6 3 – Run time : 5 1 minutes

    Jeff Corey as, MR. BYRON LOMAX : "People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear from O. B. I. T."

    Peter Breck as, SENATOR ORVILLE : "Are you THAT perfect, Mr. Lomax ?"

    Alan Baxter as, COLONEL GROVER : (Responding later) "It's the most hideous creation ever conceived.
    No one can laugh… or joke. It WATCHES !"

    (So, no more "Late Night with David Letterman" ? But, PLENTY of "late show" with steevie coldbutt-hole.
    Yeah. THAT will be "allowed".)

    MR. LOMAX : "The machines are EVERYWHERE !"

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  88. milky jap says:

    were fucking doomed

  89. Mike Verge says:

    Will we run out of electricity ?

  90. saurabh kumar says:

    I am a big fan of yours sir. You makes amazing videos. Plz keep it up

  91. Jan Geirnaert says:

    It will happen slowler than you think. There are many security issues

  92. Anuradha Madurapperuma says:

    The video is amazing and it is really useful. I would like to suggest you to create a video about the usage of IoT in education sector including the current usage of IOT in education, future of education with IoT, smart classroom concept etc… Thank you.

  93. Geraldine Young says:

    Awesome! Anything on the Intelligent Trolley?

  94. Xion Quesada says:

    Then some asshole hacked the system and the 50 billion "Things" and everything interconnected falls like domino and turned every effort and technology we built into ashes, sounds like a self destructing wish, but the potential is limitless if governed by a perfect system more likely a super AI, but is humanity ready for this kind of technology?

  95. Tito Santi says:

    Danger… Total control.Ill pass

  96. naejimba says:

    Having to stop at red lights vs. an open air prison for all mankind. Anyone who thinks this is going to be a utopia fails to understand history and human nature.

  97. Brian Dsouza says:

    It will only make life more miserable form the one we are already in !

  98. Sourav Basak says:

    The Internet of Things is a collective term for everyday objects which are internet-enabled. They carry out their traditional function, but they also have a Wi-Fi connection, which means they can make your life even easier.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.


    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

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