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today I thought I would talk you through
how I use Google Suite’s free and some paid for services to help enhance my
business help increase my productivity and make sure I don’t lose any important
files so I get asked quite a lot what systems I use and how I seem to keep on
top of things and I owe a lot of that to Google and the systems that I’ve used so
I don’t use all of them I’ve sort of kind of narrowed it down to the few that
I like and that I’d recommend to you guys
firstly the first thing I ever used of Google was Gmail I went to Google
because I knew that I could personalize my email address so you know when you’re
emailing someone and it says like I don’t know [email protected] or
[email protected] I wanted to change that little end of it I didn’t
want it to say Gmail I didn’t want it to say hotmail I wanted it to be mine and
because I own a website I have that little part
so what I really like is that I can personalize Gmail I know a lot of other
email systems do this but I found this the easiest one by some miracle I
managed to set it up myself so the biggest thing for me for Gmail was the
personalization and the business side of things so since then I’ve had like [email protected] I’ve got my old
username and I also have my shops one soul & fire so all of
those are integrated into Google I think when I only had one it was like £3.30 a month which I think’s so affordable I think that’s so good and
with that you get a bit of extra storage and it allows you to have that personal
email address which if you want to look reputable and look like a professional I
think is so important it’s such a small amount of money to invest for such a
positive impact when you are when you are emailing clients and stuff so I
highly recommend getting a personalized email I also love that on Gmail I can
add labels to things so I get emails for a variety of different things to my
gmail accounts I get design work offers I get event invites I get things from my
manager I get a lot of different things so it kind of became a bit tricky
keeping track of things but I discovered something called labels and it means I
can sort of color code everything and everything has its place again I
feel like all the email systems have this too but I think combined with the
other software that they have it just tops it for me I feel like I should be a
Google promo girl the next thing that I use is a Google Drive so this links in
with Gmail I feel like everyone has a Google Drive document or folder or
something in there at some point and I know initially I never really used it
for business but what I’ve begun or began to do now is sort of share
documents via my Google Drive so on there I have a shared folder which I can
invite people to be able to see so me and my manager send files to each other
a lot and rather than kind of having them all over the place in various
emails or on whatsapp I can just add files into that folder and then whatever
I add he can see and vice versa so I really like that you can kind of work
collaboratively and invite people I can also send big files via email to clients
and stuff without having to get them to log into something else or having to
involve another system so basically if I do have a big video file to send to a
brand to get reviewed and approved I can just attach that video file to an email
and it automatically converts it to a Google Drive document and sends it via
my Drive account through that as well I can control who sees it so I’m not just
sending my video file out there for anyone to download by putting it on
Google Drive I can ensure that people can either only view it they’re not
allowed to download it they’re only allowed to look at it I can control who
looks at it so I can put their email addresses in and it just gives me a lot
more control and I like that because I don’t know where this video is gonna end
up if I don’t have that little bit of extra kind of security another system
which uses my beloved color coding is a Google Calendar and again this was quite
recent I used to use just like an app that I found on my phone I never really
got along with the Apple calendar that comes with iPhones because you can’t
really see the summary of it when you look it on your phone whereas Google has
the little preview of what’s going on per day so I can just go on it on my
phone and I can see what’s on my google
calendar and it all syncs together obviously the color-coding exists in
this so it’s all via one email account I have different colors for different
tasks it kind of allows me to keep track of everything and then I also relay
those colors into my physical planning so if I have anything written
down on my like paper to-do list I can copy those colors over alongside it
being able to sync to my phone you can also invite other people to events via
Google calendars so for example I have a meeting with my manager in London he can
create an event and invite me to it so you can just add a little thing in your
calendar put the time date and place and then invite someone put their email
address in and then it’s sent to them and they can accept it on their calendar
and it’s all synced together and I know there’s a lot of businesses that I’ve
heard of that use this as like a task management system so you can kind of see
where people are and when and if you don’t particularly need like a specific
rota system or you don’t have the finances to do that
Google Calendar can sort of double as that too so you can see where people are
and you can have people invited to various things when you need them so
that’s sort of like the main three they’re the ones that I use every single
day without fail maybe not on a Sunday if I give myself a day off but they are
the ones I use the most I also use something called Google Forms Google
Forms allows me to ask my clients or ask my viewers questions in bulk and save
their answers so again I could use a different system I could use Survey
Monkey or any other site like that but I quite like that it’s all synced together
and everything is stored on my Google account so for example I use a logo
questionnaire so when someone emails me asking if they could get a logo or a
quote for a logo I’ll send them a link to my Google Form which I have set up
with various questions and they can fill in their name email address what they’re
after they can even attach images for inspiration and stuff to that form and
then when they press submit both I get an email and they do which means I can
sort of look at their answers I can download any images that they attached
and I can save that for later that all gets stored in my Google Drive so you
can kind of see how they’re all linking together so yeah Google Forms has
helped me out a lot because previously I used to email clients and say what kind
of inspiration have you got and then they sent me an email with loads of
photos in and then I sort of lose them photos further up in the email
conversation so by sending this link and doing a Google Form straightaway it
means that anytime I sort of need a refresh of what my client wanted I can
go into the Google form find their name in the drop down menu and see what
exactly it was that they wanted I’ve also done like a couple of little
surveys over there so sort of like client feedback customer feedback seeing
whether people liked my videos whether they didn’t and it tallys it all up like
it would in a regular survey you can see who answered what and you can sort of
gather information that way and it also allows you to export it to so if you
need to use that data elsewhere you can either export each individual person’s
answer or you can export the entire page of answers and the final one that I use
it’s a love-hate relationships quite like Marmite this one it’s sheets so and
this is Google’s version of spreadsheet is it Microsoft Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel so it’s Google’s version of Microsoft Excel I
think there are some features it’s missing but for everything I’ve needed
it for it’s been fine I have Microsoft Excel but I prefer to use Google’s
version so it’s called sheets because I can access that from wherever so I can
access it on my iPad I can access it on my phone without having to like send
files over to each other and again you can add other people to be able to view
it at the same time as you so you can add collaborators and it just has the
same basic principles of Microsoft Excel without having to pay for it so on there
I do sort of like my stocktake stuff I keep inventory of what stock I’ve got I
compare prices for buying products to resell I keep track of my youtube views
per month all that kind of stuff it’s all in there another couple of apps from
Google that I feel like I should mention I don’t use them as often but I have in
the past and they’re really really helpful so the first one is Docs so
again it’s Microsoft Word but Google’s version it’s free you can
use it online you can invite people to view it same sort of principle as before
I use Docs usually to sort of write out my newsletters before I import them into
my email system and I also previously have used slides which is Google’s
version of PowerPoint so at uni we made quite a few presentations using slides
again it’s got a little bit less functionality compared to Microsoft but it does the job for what I needed it for at the time and again if you needed to
make a PowerPoint and you don’t want to fork out on some professional software
you can use Google without having to pay for it so I think that could be it for
my little selection of Google apps that I use hopefully this all makes sense if
there’s anything that I’ve mentioned that I’ve confused you about or anything
you’d like to ask me about further feel free to DM me on Instagram or comment
down below and I’ll get back to you best I can as always I’m not a professional
I’m just doing what I’m doing and kind of sharing the journey with you guys so
thank you for joining me on that journey I hope you’ve enjoyed this video I hope
you’ve learnt something and I’ll see you soon for the next one I

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