How do I increase bandwidth for active traffic on AWS Direct Connect using a link aggregation group?


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hello I’m havin a cloud Support Engineer here at the AWS headquarters in Sierre Oh customers sometimes tell me that they have active traffic traversing the virtual interface and they want to increase the aggregate bandwidth by adding more connections to form a link aggregation group what we call as lag bundle I tell customers that this migration strategy will help them increase the aggregate bandwidth with minimal downtime let me walk you through the steps provision a new lag to add more capacity and associate the existing connection to the new lag bundle in this video we are using an active direct connect connection that is associated with the virtual interface and is passing active traffic and a newly provisioned standalone Direct Connect connection that increases the aggregate capacity before beginning note the AWS device ID here for the Direct Connect connections to create a lag bundle using two or more Direct Connect connections the AWS device IDs must be the same because AWS does not support multi chassis lag let’s associate the standalone Direct Connect connection to a new lab bundle open the AWS direct connect console and choose create lab choose the standalone Direct Connect connection assign a name for the new lag bundle and set the appropriate minimum links after this is completed choose create the standalone Direct Connect connection is now associated with a new lab bundled call graceful lag now let’s associate the active direct connect connection to the newly created lag bundle choose action and select associate connection choose the direct connect connection to be associated with the lag bundle and choose continue when you choose associate connection AWS associates the physical connection with the lag and it automatically migrates the virtual interfaces associated with the direct connect connection to the lag bundle the virtual interface ID and other configuration parameters remain the same however the virtual interface is now associated to the lag bundle rather than the regular direct connect connections as in on your screen you can now see that we have increased the aggregate bandwidth by forming a lag bundle with two connections and we have migrated the corresponding virtual interface after the virtual interfaces are migrated by AWS traffic is migrated to the lag bundle you can minimize the downtime for this process by pre-staging the configuration of bgp of existing virtual interfaces on the corresponding lag interface on your end thanks for watching and happy cloud computing from all of us here at AWS

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