History of the Internet


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  1. Mudassir Shaikh says:

    i understand indirect connection to computers led to a lot of time wasting . BUT How Indirect connection with computers led to a lot of bugs ?

  2. Mudassir Shaikh says:

    why 837 dislikes ? I was reading about the history of internet in Britannica Encyclopedia and I wished to see some diagrams for better understanding. and no other video like this could explain you history of Internet better than this one. they took the same theory and history from Encyclopedia and animated greatly in this video 😀 thanks a ton 🙂

  3. TowwerN3 says:

    I wanna know about specific people…

  4. Planet Stories says:

    I‘ve made an animation about this subject. Support a newbie channel: https://youtu.be/-PChe05uzj0

  5. Squishy Pug says:

    And then Ajit Pai came along…

  6. LOL says:

    In the year 2017 net neutrality is gone

  7. Geetha Sindhuri says:

    loved the video, the animation and music combined with the narration took us on a journey through time

  8. Sanap Adsense says:

    Merci aux américains pour avoir inventé internet 🙂

  9. Amir Hali says:

    Zionist creation

  10. Roaring Soldier says:

    Salute to the maker of the video…really good one

  11. Francis Mausley says:

    Thanks. It is of interest that the Baha'i Faith writings talked of the internet in the 1930s: "A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised, embracing the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvellous swiftness and perfect regularity." ~Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha’u’llah

  12. robertauiop says:

    this is biology. mesmerizing

  13. GJ Nelson says:

    PS: The Internet isn't synonymous with the World Wide Web. The Internet is hardware and physical connections. The World Wide Web is the software, files and information sitting on it. Did I just blow your mind?!

  14. JC Studios says:

    Nice video. However, I didn't understand who effectively invented the internet xD

  15. Gaurav thakur says:

    Sir what is the resources of internet

  16. Tom McCarthy says:

    Is this a copy of a kertzegast video?

  17. Mizan Chowdhury says:

    plz watch it https://youtu.be/kKuZUqDIYec

  18. Ek S Khan Shakil Khan says:

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  19. Ingic Host says:


  20. jr jr says:

    Anyway, internet is a cancer for humankind and nature. It consumes a lot of energy and greatly contributes to destroy natural environment (energy=released CO2, also, computer batteries and screens are made by obscure production pathways that includes human exploitation and mineral elements (mainly Cobalt and rare earths) extraction. Internet also contributes to destroy social relationships (especially family) and true media/informations through stupid social networks and tubes. It also promotes extrem capitalism by widening and increasing the rate for trades and spraiding advertisments (it thereby increases the wealth differences between rich and poor people). It also provides a fantastic means for the companies and governments to spy our lifes. Is something really positive with internet invention for people dayly life? I think we were much more happy in the 80's-90's before this useless innovation comes and parasites our innocent lifes.

  21. Gianni Montani says:


    30th anniversary of the invention of INTERnet

  22. Miljan Krkic says:

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  23. Rispta7th says:

    I thought google invented the internet

  24. Mohan BVK says:

    ARPA was founded in 1958, not DARPA. Post ARPANET, ARPA was renamed to DARPA.

    Also, Cuban Missile Crisis had literally nothing to do with ARPANET, ARPANET development was NOT to build a computer network that could sustain a nuclear attack, it's a grave misconception!

    RAND corporation was involved in designing a military network that could sustain a nuclear attack, Paul Baran at RAND conceptualized a theoretical packet switching distributed network (though he didn't used the term Packet, instead he used message blocks) and his idea was never materialized due to lack of vision from AT&T.

    On the other hand, ARPANET development program happened independently and it had nothing to do with Paul Baran's work initially, it happened accidentally in 1967 at ACM symposium when Larry Roberts the then project head of ARPANET came to know about Paul Baran's work at RAND along with Donald Davis work on Packet Switching Networks at NPL UK (Donald Davis coined the term Packet) that he decided to incorporate their ideas into ARPANET. Point to be noted, Larry Roberts gave more importance to Donald Davis works at NPL than Paul Baran's.

  25. carlos ceballos says:


  26. Farhad Noori says:

    Thanks for the video.

  27. Retarded Noob says:


  28. CONVEXTION 010 says:

    Lol its my quiz looll

  29. Souleymane Diouf says:

    when i finished watching i noticed my wife was absolutely focused even though i had earphones so she didn't hear a thing !
    – bae you were watching?
    – yeah that was nice, but why did they choose black and white it would have been greater with colors !

  30. Sandramohan Naganathan says:

    Nice one.Thanks

  31. no no says:

    To bad it's full of historical errors

  32. Eli Sahar says:

    What a great history! looking forward to the upcoming future:@)

  33. Phú Hữu Thiên Trương says:


  34. Pedro Marco Coronado Valenzuela says:


  35. Dinesh Papu says:

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  36. Dinesh Papu says:

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  37. Dinesh Papu says:

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  38. mercy kamen says:

    very good and understandable video

  39. Francis Cuenca says:

    Charlz Opaw

  40. Georgia Smith says:

    Oh thank God that mr plywood, inventor of everything from lock boxes to global stinkin warming and how to make a mockery of the election of 2000. Invented this. Yup…..AL BORE. 🎉 YaY. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  41. Miruna Andriesei says:

    The video is made in after effercts?

  42. Fergal Downes says:

    Howdy mate, very nice flick that you have here. Keep em coming.

  43. Jayden Garcia says:

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  44. Keep Smiling says:

    I didn't get it, but still it makes me feel smart. also future is now old man. all this work so just I can wank to some ugly nigga fucking a hot chick on my smartphone.

  45. Keep Smiling says:

    all this work so just I can wank to some ugly nigga fucking a hot chick on my smartphone.

  46. LakituLP says:

    The internet will be our doom

  47. G Stereo says:

    9 years later, we have memes

  48. TheGambler Withoutaproblem says:

    Ima need to hit the books right quick n holla back

  49. Darina Z. says:

    wow so old video!

  50. Rumpelmupf says:


  51. this phees lis says:

    By hmong video&duab.org

  52. Vijay Neeraj Goruntla says:


  53. Ajay legend says:

    Beautifully narrated and animated. Good work.

  54. tarun Theboss says:

    saw the whole video and said to myself, " and what is this all about?" oh INternet!
    thats the only thing i understood in the whole video

  55. Tolunay Gündoğdu says:

    Und dann stellt euch das Gehirn vor mit mit noch mehr Schaltungen . Yes big beng . Was fùr eine festplatte einfach nur WoWwww

  56. The Broken Lens says:

    2018 anyone?

  57. Conor says:

    Thank you Melih Bilgil!

  58. Saharan Spy says:

    this editing is ahead of its time

  59. Suhaib Adams says:

    thanks buddy, the best video about internet.

  60. Noemi Conti says:

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  61. vegito Ssj425 says:

    Here in 2019

  62. Unknown Soldier says:

    Today it has been exactly 10 years since the video has been uploaded! #2019

  63. dangerr dolann says:

    This was made 10 years ago. It’s in my suggested now (2019).

  64. SeniorAnimations says:

    wow that's 10 years old
    that was published before Minecraft pc was released

  65. cs512tr says:

    quality video and information

  66. ranajit83 says:


  67. robinhood says:

    Ah so finally french scientists made possible the internet as we know it. They even coined the term internet. I know that french people also used the internet ancestor Minitel to do everything online before internet exists.

  68. Catarino Bernardo João says:

    There are a day to celebrate Internet on February too

  69. Catarino Bernardo João says:

    The base of Internet architecture are the transmission control/IP protocol… There are some routers or gateway to connecte a net

  70. Catarino Bernardo João says:

    The base of Internet architecture are the transmission control/IP protocol… There are some routers or gateway to connecte a net..

  71. Dylan Baer says:

    This actually makes a lot of sense after taking a course in Cisco

  72. Abdul Kareem says:

    May ALLAH Bless You for making videos and Bless all of those people who worked for making an independent freedom networking and internet system accessible for common people all over the globe

  73. M_X_C_N says:

    Who here from GrC 201????

  74. RandomRighteous says:

    I see your 2009 and I raise you 2019

  75. lily howlader says:

    Its 10 years from now! Your video!!!

  76. 張凱翔 says:


  77. Deijer Leonardo says:

    mauricio diaz, gracias por tu traduccion <5 <5 <5

  78. Sultan says:

    Why is my history full of porn

  79. Gnana Prakash says:

    Anyone from bento

  80. Abdul Mohamin says:

    this scares me

  81. Reynold Santiago says:

    720p video in 2009. Wow that's what I call a good quality video for the time xD.

  82. N Z says:

    Không có Internet không thể biết hết … !
    Lên câu nói của Đức Đạt Lai Lạt Ma … hơi khuyết 🤣

  83. Matthew Barnes says:

    Hey, that was really nice!

  84. Zany says:

    The music at the end is so ominous. :0

  85. Yo Jordon says:

    I think Cicada 3301 might have something to do with cyclades lol

  86. The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    Frankly, I am surprised that the internet arrived as late as it did. I am surprised it did not arise shortly after WWII, by the time we had computers at all – even the super big ones at a few universities.

  87. The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    Proof that communism i.e. government (DARPA) works: produces valuable technology that benefits everyone.

  88. CrazyJayBe says:

    "Subtitles by HackJack (aka StevXtreme)


  89. accession knowledge says:

    Who watching this 2009 old video in 2019.

  90. Renan Moreira says:



    At first I thought it was a new video until I saw the publish date.

  92. Michael Lee Goetz, sr. says:

    You should do a story about the real history of online video. you-on-tv.com .. nearly 10 years before youtube. Background speech video – Http://you-on-tv.com/speech.mp4

  93. Rupprecht Kurt Hasselbuttelmann-Fitzmeisterjaeger says:

    thank you white man!

  94. Mer Buhk says:

    So that's where it all began…

  95. Amos Birb says:

    I swear the animation in this is on par with or better than some modern day infographic animations.

  96. Astri Musidah says:

    this is nice video. I like it.

  97. ishaman says:

    we have been spoon-fed a hollow myth about the internet but in actual fact, it's far more complicated.

  98. Karaoke Background Playlists says:

    4:44 I like the animation of the bomb

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