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Welcome to GroovePage Review In this video, we’re gonna talk about groove pages, Uh, and my special bonuses just for trying it out. Maybe decide to invest in group digital . I have a bigger bonus package for you one of those bonuses. I can guarantee you can’t get nowhere else. welcome back, Everybody that knows me if you don’t know me . My name is George Compton from we review products and service to help you grow your business. Our start a business. Let’s get started right now. As you can see, this is a Groovepages demo. There in beta mode right now? I wanna show you a little bit. , I just got access not so long ago, So, um yes, let’s go. Futures. Well, that here we will add this below it. If you screw up like I just did. No big. You take that drag it underneath there its not a hard problem to fix. I once had a few more things. lets add a footer just for fun of it. We can play around this all day long. All right, So we’ll, basically, while I was trying to show you, is I say you want to change color or text here ain’t that hard. And come over here color you want, You can text here and edit it. You can change color in here. You can do the font to what you want, They keep adding to this . Last time I was in here, there’s only two. So they keep adding as a grow this you done Links I just saw that this is growing in progress . But this is the same guy that helped develop Kartra before he sold it. But I’m pretty sure he’s not going to sell this. He’s invested a lot of money in this program and the future of this program. Um, he hired the best of the best developers to help him out. Because this is more than what one developer can do. Anyways rambling on all right. So different than most of these other platforms. You can get the code and you can edit in the code. If you know html. If you don’t, it’s no big deal. That’s just a bonus, if you know html, easy site settings for your facebook pixels and anything you want. Put it here . And add pages. It’s simple. You can add it, Page. And here you can also do, uh, settings where you can also do all the seo Stuff in here her page. And also, you got your tracking per page in here if you decide you want to, which is a good tool. Um, they’re going to have When you see like this, there’s gonna be funnels. They’re going to be other things in here. But this is just to get beta mode up and going and give everybody tastes what this platform’s won’t be about, other than that. Well, this replace Clickfunnels? they’re making the statement Give them two years, and they’re gonna be the number one funnel builder branding page builder. Anyways, able that cancle your autoresponder because you’re gonna have your own autoresponder. Um, other than that, let’s jump over to my bonuses 14 day trial. You’re going to get this, $300 hotel saving card. It will go back to $100 on the 22nd at the end of this promotion for beta. Other than that, I made it simple for you can get your own groove link once you become a member under me. This is my special bonus that you can’t get nowhere else is App builder. It makes Amazon, IOS apple and Android apps, and you get one vacation voucher a year. You have to pay for for the travel and the taxes. And activation, it’s not that much. Here is some of the destinations I have for you right now. Um , I’m going try to automate this soon, but until then, you just have to message me with the email that you used to Invest in groovepages , you get 4 days, three nights stays here, you scroll down, you get five days and four nights stays here, go down the more here’s Some has 8 day, seven nights. But all you have to do pay for your travel, then the taxes and resort taxes or whatever it’s called and you’re good to go. Um, anyways, you get one of those every year as long as you stay a member of groovepages under me. So that sat, um, $100 dining valture. I’m gonna to pay the activation fee for you once you give me the email that you want It, um, the hotel saving card. Don’t have any activation fee you’re able to use around the bat. But once you message me with your email this way, I make sure people that actually purchased or invested in groovepages. I actually get these bonuses, and nobody just shares a page in , You know, I mean, especially this bonus here cost me money. Ah, these are if you signed up with the link under me here, I will allow you to use from here all the way down to here for your own bonuses. I am give you resell and master resell rights over 6000 stock photos. Safe to use backgrounds, thought videos, intros outros, music loops, sound effects Few Facebook tutorials. I think there’s two or three instagrams. There’s link in tutorials Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest into affiliate marketing, high ticket sales. If you get started, click bank Internet marking how to build a relationship of your email list? top email marketing secrets. I’ll keep adding more to this as we go. But this is just to get a started Thank you for taking your time and investing and Groovedigital and me as a person. I’m going to start a groove. Groovy Training is going to have everything groovedigital puts out, I’m going to try it, do training on it and also my my App Builder here. I’m going to try to training on that and all with groovy training. So that’s coming. So that’s everything in a nutshell. It’s pretty straight forward. They’re claiming they’re going to be the best funnel builder out there on the Internet within two years. We’re seeing their board. I do believe they could reach it. Um, so So, yes , I believe, with in two years they can replace ClickFunnels which there’s going to be bold statement to make their making that they would within two years be the top final builder out there, plus Branding Sites, plus Oh, yeah, I forgot this year than me take me back out to screen for you can see everything. Um, yeah. This is something that most platforms don’t have. Uh, sorry, I’ve been bouncing around. Anyways, what most sites don’t have is this future right here. You’re able to export this site. So no more push of button from LeadPages or BuilderAll or ClickFunnels if you cancel . You lose all of that work, Not no more your able to export your site. Get that, you’re able to download the html, this code when it’s there. . Um, anyways, that’s something to think about. Um, if you put in all this work, don’t you want to be secure and safe able to download your download this export it able to give to your friends? Uh, whatever. I mean, the whole point is, is yours. You built it. It’s yours. That’s all I got to say. Thanks for watching this Groove Pages review. If I can come up with more videos on it here shortly, I’ll post them so keep eye on this pageor actually keep eye out for groovy training. I probably started YouTube channel on that, but again, thanks for your time. I hope you have a nice day

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    Thanks I just got back from your website. You gave me more info about Groovepages then anyone else. Thank You I figure I would let you know. Most of the people is only giving one video from Groovepages and act like they made it. But you sure didn't for that 2 thumbs up

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