Google Warns Huawei Users


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So as you already know that Huawei is banned
from using Google services which means their latest smartphones such as the Huawei Mate
30 Pro and even their upcoming flagship the Huawei P40 Pro won’t have apps like Gmail,
YouTube, Google maps and most importantly the play store. Of course, some Huawei users have found a
way to counter this ban which is to sideload these apps from third-party websites. Now for the first time, Google has come forward
to address the Huawei ban and they are clearly warning users of Huawei phones to not sideload
these Google apps because they can’t confirm whether or not the app is real or has malware
hidden inside. Here’s what they said,
Sideloaded Google apps will not work reliably because we do not allow these services to
run on uncertified devices where security may be compromised. Sideloading Google’s apps also carries a
high risk of installing an app that has been altered or tampered with in ways that can
compromise user security. You see Google puts the certified devices
through its “rigorous” security checks or preloads them with Google Play Protect
software, which can detect when hardware has been compromised. In Huawei’s case, they can’t do that because
of the ban and they are saying there are significant chances that the security of the Huawei phone
can be compromised easily so basically they are saying to not sideload the apps which
also means do not buy their phones. It looks like Trump administration is doing
everything they can to destroy Huawei and their latest plan is to force TSMC which is
the world’s biggest chipmaker who makes SoC’s for Apple, Qualcomm and more from supplying
smartphone chips to Huawei. Now you might be like, wait, isn’t TSMC a
Taiwanese company. Well, that’s right but they use US-made manufacturing
equipment. So now, the US government has proposed a new
rule where companies using American tech must seek license to sell to Huawei. TSMC is the main supplier for the Kirin chipsets
so this is another major blow to Huawei. I mean if this comes through then it would
be impossible for Huawei to make chipsets and inturn smartphones because almost every
production company in China uses the American made machine in one way or another. IF the Google ban didn’t hurt them as much
then this will surely be going to hurt their business because this would literally mean
they can’t make smartphones. We’ll have to wait and see if this actually
goes through because high-level meeting is being held this week but if this goes through
then it will also hurt the US because in the long run companies will try to avoid the US
tech and will try to become independent which would drive the innovation away from the US
and would benefit China. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this
down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Google Warns Huawei Users”

  1. Cancer Called Human Species says:

    Now its clear that its not about security concern for US.. They just don't want competitors.

  2. daniel david says:

    Looks like still Samsung will be the boss of the smartphones… second place Apple

  3. Hannes Der echte says:

    You're all stupid if you don't think the US doesn't spy on you.

  4. BlackMuffin says:

    NOTICE some of the things that I wrote are nonsense :

    The trump administration should stop this non sense I mean
    I remember when trump said that he loves China but idk maybe someone made trump upset and made him go crazy like a boyfriend that got dumped by her girlfriend and now bf wants revenge idk

  5. Galen Marek says:

    Google is funny: they have tracking codes in ALL their apps but then warn of malwares… Their problem is that they don't cash in and can't harvest so much data from users who sideload apps. And, a mobile device without Google spyware is a blessing. There are alternatives to GAPPS which are open-source and not spywares

  6. John Thomas says:

    This will be a good way for someone to win a few thousand votes at next presidential election, say they will be overturning this ban until proper evidence is provided that Huawei have spyware in their phones.

  7. B C says:

    I hate Google, Facebook, YouTube and their moral policing. But then I don't trust CCP a bit either. This is the same Google which is removing China uncensored videos from YouTube because its showing truth about Corona virus.

  8. Anand happy Mallavarapu says:

    I feel completely wrong about it and feel sorry too
    Huawei is the company which counters with new innovation in it's kind
    At the same time we'll be losing a competitor for samsung and others mobile phone manufacturers

  9. R Ac says:

    That really sucks for Huawei. I feel really bad

  10. nk says:

    Trump is digging his own grave. If everyone stops using US tech and products.. Will wait and see…

  11. Abdulrahman Alamoudi says:

    Huawei hearing about this: hold my AppGallery!

  12. healerdance7 says:

    Is Huawei P30 Pro safe?

  13. JannisDavidZwahlen says:

    But i only installed google services and the playstore manually. And then downloaded YouTube from the playstore.. Soo hmm🤔

  14. Copyright Strikes says:

    Well when you think this is complicated.. try seeking on Malaysian Politics.. more plot twist is coming..

  15. Gourabjit Singha says:

    google bans their interface so huawei made their own version,
    now USA bans chip so i guess they will come up with chips of their own.

  16. tata cool says:

    Google u mad bro ?

  17. Faiz Asyraf says:

    Wtf with trump now ?!! Why they really want to destroy Huawei ? If they really hate China then just send ballistic missile to destroy them all than all the problem will be solve. They can send missile to kill Iran's General without good reason so why they can do it to China ? Is it because of steve jobs and tim cook jealous to Huawei to take their spot on best selling smartphone cart ?

  18. Justinas Balčiūnas says:

    F em so

  19. Joshua Santhumayor says:

    After a long time 🤩🤩

  20. Lel Lel says:

    lmao it all works reliably… xDDDD just download

  21. plut0_bwah666 says:

    Love your Huawei roast videos❤

  22. tiaggo32 says:

    DESTROY HUAWEI !!! 💙✊🏽👍🏼

  23. WeAreMusic HQ says:

    Anyone else think their banning Huawei cause they beat apple for the second spot and might beat Samsung so this is just to push them back?

  24. says:

    Just use you tube in the mobile browser then?

  25. fida80 says:

    Last time i checked the ban was lifted , when was it back

  26. BelowAverageLuke says:

    It's like Stalin telling Mao not to evil.

  27. MadOrange644 says:

    Love Huawei but can’t live without google services tbh

  28. Yung Kim says:

    Get a different phone ? Its not rocket science

  29. player90 says:

    @ Sal, ! You can use google services using the browser. You dont need to install the apps. You can log in fom the browser ( Facebook, Gmail, G.maps,)

  30. Monsun says:

    I have a p30 pro and im getting a p40 pro… Google behaving like a jealous gf not accepting its over and its time to move on.

  31. jim seekers says:

    This article and Googles statement is just pure scare mongering…. I've got a mate 30 pro and use it every day … Play store works … Play security works….I've received December android security updates…. firmware updates from Huawei … I've seen Google try to stop it by removing the new Huawei phones from safety net which stopped lzplay working and Google pay … There are now new methods to make Google services work and there is no malware involved and the apps are installed from play store so if there is malware it's Google malware.
    You have to remember…. Huawei have gone from partners and allies to competitors over night at no choice of their own … The USA government have forced this and now as far as Google are concerned Huawei is competition.
    Google know a fair share of their users are using Chinese OEM phones … Google have seen Huawei come from nowhere to the second biggest manufacturer in the world…. Google know that despite the ban Huawei have continued to ship phones …. Continued to develop an eco system without them … Offered developers access to other Chinese app stores and a better payment for their apps … Got 5g contracts in USA allies countries.
    Google are scared … Google don't underestimate Huawei and they know if they can't work with them they have to work against them.
    Some people say what is Huawei without Google…but…ask yourself this …. What is Google without Chinese OEMs shipping their software.
    Huawei aren't going to stop , they are going to develop a 3rd eco system and if other Chinese manufacturers jump aboard with HMS services then Google has new competition , Huawei have already teamed up with other Chinese OEMs so when a developer codes an app for Huawei HMS it's released on other Chinese app stores and the Chinese app stores take 50% less money than play store which is quite a bit of difference in revenue.
    Don't forget Google did not play Very nicely with Microsoft when they bought Nokia and were releasing Nokia Windows phones , Google wouldn't let any of their apps on the store and made Microsoft remove better alternatives under copyright law.
    Now Huawei and Google can't work together because of the ban expect similar behaviour from Google

  32. Issay Mendoza says:

    i preferred to buy new Xperia 1ii almost perfect flagship device with headphone jack also no notch display ..

  33. eaStudio HD says:

    US is the new Nazi

  34. Elizabeth Simoes says:

    Google go to hell together with Trump..🙄🙄🙄🙄

  35. Francis_ Sy says:

    bye huawei.. oneplus rules! 😛

  36. Avinash Abi says:

    Bro samsungS20ultra 5g release date in india

  37. Himanshu Fulmali says:

    Trump has no idea what he's doing now

  38. Ficus Virens says:

    That’s not the market economy I learned from textbook. Why US government has the right to decide which company google shouldn’t do business with? This time is Huawei, next could be Toyota?

  39. Tim VeePee says:

    The easiest sand safest way to get Google apps on a Huawei device.

    Use a device not from Huawei install the apps and then backup the apps and then take the files, transfer them to your huawei device and install them. Problem solved.

  40. Dodik Hermawan says:

    huawei is cupu means komunis. Go to Hell

  41. Daimond T says:

    Only thing bother me is WhatsApp. I slowly switching WhatsApp out. It's not the Google . But I like the mate 30 pro hardware very much.

  42. Funny Gaming Moment says:

    Using 8x for almost 1 year without Google 🙄🙄. Doing Just fine.👌🍷.
    And there is also an AppGalary, just incase you forget 🧐

  43. Midhun Radhakrishnan says:

    They are going to make their own chip sets, they could make Harm0ny 0S😊 It is actually 0range man's idea to end m0n0p0ly👍

  44. Hemant Gaulechha says:

    New age imperialism. Beware Indians, we have made ourselves too much dependent on Google. This can be catastrophic in future as this dependency will help these powers to control our lives and our freedom

  45. Arfael Axel says:

    So They Will Destroy Everything Including The Rising Other Tech Companies All Over The World Soon….
    They're Just An Idiot….
    Will Take Your Time GOOGLE😂

  46. Anthony Mayberry says:

    I'm sure people trust Amazon. Just install that app directly from and you have your play store alternative.

  47. Ashif Khan says:

    Are you American i also use huawei phone that working good and update month by month

  48. Guess Who says:

    Us just make china to force themselves to do even better..

  49. Aryan Dev says:

    I see Trump in 🇮🇳 India.

  50. - Benja says:

    Man this sucks
    I really wanted Huawei to succeed

  51. Lone Wolf says:

    Doing nothing only gets worse and taking a stand might make them innovate or steal even more but also delay them in the mean time.
    Which might give the US the edge and breathing room.

  52. Jevon Sims says:

    OK, When the American government runs out of people to blame we'll see what the real threat to America is.

  53. Lainey Kat says:

    I think this leaves out a lot of information about how Taiwan and mainland China are different entities.

  54. Neinstein-sama says:

    Just compromised already with Google, Huawei. wtf are you thinking?

  55. muhd jefri says:

    Just use bluestack
    Problem solve

  56. eze says:

    Why does China always have to play dirty?

  57. huntersaw1 says:

    Google trabaja para un grupo peor que los narcos

  58. JettoGospel says:

    the more they try to destroy Huawei, the stronger it will become.

  59. Victor T says:

    maybe Huawei did not watch Snowden movie and did not make a big issue about it????

  60. Helder Torres says:

    Who cares ho Google says. I'm waiting for it 🤣🤣👍

  61. Lights Camera ACTION says:

    Your last point is weak! Huawei can’t do shit to US. Huawei gonna fall HARD

  62. Master Yoda says:

    LOL my boss just got his Mate 30 Pro couple weeks ago and guess what.. he's running google services HA!

  63. ? says:


  64. SFS KING says:

    Trump : I'm going to destroy you entirely
    Huawei : you mean make me independent don't be shy ducky

  65. Fizul says:

    Its clear show that trump is not someone that thinks outside the box..he just see 1 step in the chess board while other see how to check mate him.

  66. Phumudzo Bele says:

    Trump is a hater 😂, Huawei will never die ❤

  67. diie_ lisaaa says:

    What's going on with trump. He's so dumb. He's destroying everything. I hate him!

  68. David Dirré-Moire says:

    Meanwhile the vast majority of Google Play apps are either bloatware, adware or spyware. Why on earth would a shopping list app need permissions to make/ receive phone calls and read my call logs? I doubt Google does much to vet these apps in any serious way. Any reputable app can be verified by MD5 hash and sideloaded with no worries.

  69. Alwin Shajan says:

    Love huawei

  70. nitant says:

    Bro do a video on sony xperia 1II plz plz plz

  71. Nilab Nangarhari says:

    Serves Huawei right and all Muslims should boykott Huawei. Freedom for the Uighurs. By the way Samsung is the King of Smartphones. Love my s20+.

  72. Mehtab A. Soomro says:

    The spy USA tell us about security. FG

  73. 彡MᴀʀιᴀSoʟミ says:

    The tea. 🍵

  74. Ohitsmryang says:

    ….. Helllooooooo heard of rooted phones? Lol

  75. Bablu JI says:

    I have 5 Gmail ac to watch YouTube and download apps from play store

  76. Shibin Thomas says:

    samsung fan boy !!
    every body who sideload apps already knows what you are saying sal boy !!!
    u didnt had to say it and huawei phones are good phones and still we will sideload it regardless of your claim

  77. Victor Nikolov says:

    I can't stand such behaviour.
    I'm going to keep buying Huawei phones don't matter what.

  78. AmbSwizag says:

    Literally the only google app I use, other than search, is google maps. All other google software is pretty much what would be a decent app (if left alone) packed with unimaginable amounts of spyware.

  79. Kyle Parsotan says:

    That is why they can use Samsung exynos chips

  80. Tarje Malik Jørgensen says:

    what? google is recommending people not to download apps from places they can't guarantee are safe nor they can update or even guarantee works as intended and how dare they inform people about their services not working on Huawei devices because the government banned it against googles advisement. what a bunch of dic*s!

  81. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    Using Vanced right now xD

  82. Aatif Rahim says:

    China should ban apple and google along with facebook, america would be on knees within 3 months

  83. Alexandru Slavulete says:

    Huawei still spies on dumbassee ….

  84. Sandesh Limbu says:


  85. THANU BRO says:

    Apple will got to hell

  86. Bimboy Aquino says:

    Because it is the other way around only Google and Apple spies on you.

  87. Omar Hassania says:

    cant belive no one has assasinated trump jet

  88. M. Bilal says:

    Google: Stop sideloading our apps on Huawei!
    Google: Stop installing our extensions on Microsoft Edge
    Google: STAHP!!

  89. xthen rx says:

    Ohhh im scared🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Human Being says:

    Disgusting what America is doing!

  91. Playtrack22 says:

    Root it custom rom

  92. EeEn Loh says:

    Bring it on Donald trump huawei is not scare

  93. Terry Lui says:

    S20 ultra camera needs software upgrade. That's it!

  94. Brandon Philander says:

    You can get malware and viruses from the Play Store itself.

  95. Man Nazi says:

    I am so scared😀😀😀😀😀😀. No more google NSA spyware if no google

  96. A xO says:

    Lawyer CYA speak to not blame Goggle if their buggy apps doesn't work 'reliably' …

    " We wanted to provide clear guidance … Sideloaded Google apps will not work reliably because we do not allow these services to run on uncertified devices where security may be compromised. Sideloading Google’s apps also carries a high risk of installing an app that has been altered or tampered with in ways that can compromise user security. " Google

  97. E :3 says:

    Lol wtf were you thinking with that thumbnail? That punch hole is purely wishful thinking. Dislike.

  98. TSHERING says:

    if huawei make through this then google will regrets for not allowing huawei to use their apps

  99. Usama Shah Music says:

    I want Huawei to work and becomes better than Android and provide us better and low budget phones

  100. harry sec says:

    google: don't do evil….. except to the Chinese

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