Google PhD Fellowship Program


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  1. Tabni Hollenquest says:


  2. sifo grf m says:


  3. Señor Dovahkin says:

    1st like

  4. Sukhjit Josen says:


  5. Majyd Inam says:

    We love Google! 🙂

  6. Saahil says:

    Good Going Google for All Program's. 👍

  7. Tabni Hollenquest says:

    Lol first by 20 seconds

  8. wunder says:

    I like hardbass

  9. Yarko says:

    47th What

  10. Rahul Ghosh says:

    Google is the best company so far

  11. Raylene keys says:

    Thanks for the video

  12. Budiono Sukses says:

    Wow very interesting program!

  13. John A says:

    Very awesome! Good job Google!!!

  14. RTB Ruhan says:

    💚💛💜💙❤i want a phd please

  15. بنت العراق says:

    هل من عرب
    جميل الفيديو

  16. Kelvin Klein says:

    0:29 Name checks out

  17. The Real Michael Vargas says:


  18. Земфира Иванова says:

    Спасибо вам большое, за прекрасный обзор вашего ролика мне понравилась+164 и желаю вам удачи и успехов вашем творчестве!

  19. Joanna Corlett says:

    +Google You would have thought that with all the intelligent people working for you that somebody would have had the foresight to add a link to where people could access more information or is that just too simple an idea that nobody actually thought of doing the logical thing here? I don't have a PhD, but even for my brain, it makes sense to add a link Google. C'mon guys, pull your finger out lol

  20. Maycon Barreto says:

    Pois é eu tenho muita fome ! Pedra,Papel ou Tesoura ? " 0.4.X. "

  21. Shiva K Videos says:

    Am I do google fellowship programme?

  22. The Alex Room says:

    I Love Google

  23. Mr. PsYcHo says:

    Good morning have a nice day


    To good👍👍👍

  25. smijith says:

    Would like to know more about Google PHD program. Can someone help me

  26. sigmoid says:

    d i v e r s i t y

  27. Gideon Stephen says:

    Good google

  28. Dylan Purwadinata says:

    That's surprising, Ian Goodfellow is receiving Google Phd fellowship. That's a Goodfellowship.

  29. MrTimetravler says:

    talk talk get to the functional AI already!!!!! we need real robots already

  30. cikif says:

    why 3 years tho

  31. wir3mu says:

    what a boring video

  32. taar1 says:

    I guess I'm too dumb for this program.

  33. SATPAL SHARMA says:


  34. Tech 7 World says:


  35. Quick Tech HD says:

    nice job

  36. ayodele oseni taiwo says:

    Is an efficient means of comunication

  37. Mackaber Witckin says:

    A little more info? Where can I apply? What are the requirements?…

  38. The Quantum Nerd says:

    Ian Goodfellow.

  39. agfresco says:

    i am very happy about being one of the 21 dislikes, thank you google, please hire me because i am brave.

  40. ryan saavedra says:


  41. j cloud says:

    Budding talent is great and google seems to value intellectual eminence so why don't you ever highlight the real historical or modern genius's like Nikola Tesla or Dr. Masaru Emoto, Max Planck, Hans Jenny, John Keely, Georges Lakhovsky's, Anthony Holland Phd….list goes on… google?? etc…. Its not always the educational "system" that produces the over achievers. The educational system pumps out people with good memories but the real game changers are free thinkers. Disciplines and systems…robots can handle those chores.

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