Google Pay | Celebrating India’s Biggest Payments


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Some equations have remained unchanged, since centuries. What’s the payment for contesting the village head elections? But one simple payment can set the record straight 200 rupees, cash! It can help make Chavvi Rajawat the Head of the Village A 20-rupee application can make the world see new possibilities… And take Satender Singh’s talent all the way up to the IAS. The shoes bought with saved pocket money can fire one’s passion. They can put 13-year old Poorna on the path of Mt. Everest. And you must have heard of those fabled coins, If you don’t get bowled, that coin is yours. The story of Achrekar Sir and his student. Sometimes, just 1 rupee can help in finding a gem A simple payment can make a big impact.

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  1. Krishna Koiri says:

    Give me kupan yaar kisi use karega

  2. Jugraj Verma says:

    Kupan me kuchh milta kyo nhi

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  5. SAI NELLURI says:

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  6. Ajay Kumar says:

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  8. Rajesh Bhardwaj says:

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  15. AMARNATH HAZRA says:

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  16. AMARNATH HAZRA says:

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  17. cancel transfer says:

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  18. nishant dhamija says:

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  20. Mukesh Patel says:

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  21. Mukesh Patel says:

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  23. C K says:

    Ye coupon kaise milta hai???πŸ™„

  24. Sandip Ghosh says:

    Bast video

  25. Tejaswi K says:

    Easy transfer

  26. Jkrish view says:

    Really good aap Google pay and benefits for user

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  28. Kisan Behera says:

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  29. Jay Yadav says:

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  31. Praveen Kumar says:

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  36. Preetish Prasad says:

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  37. Sunil Saha says:

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  38. SUNIL KUMAR says:

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  39. Ishu Randhawa says:

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  41. DeMoN彑MrViJaY says:

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  42. devi S says:

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  43. R. Mohankumar says:

    Easy and secure payments app

  44. Mr. Ram says:

    Coupn nahi khul raha

  45. Sandip Das says:

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  46. Akash jay singh says:

    Only stamp

  47. Prasad H says:

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  48. Koyel Chakrabarty says:

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  49. N MEDIA says:

    google literally paying us to watch ads XD

  50. Kuldeep Baghel says:

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  51. Arthi Singh says:

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  59. Nagendra Nandhipati says:

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  63. Anil Mavi says:

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  65. apurv gupta says:

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  66. Tarun Kumar says:

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  68. i Love my Allah says:

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  69. Jagdish Daima says:



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  84. K Kumar says:

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  85. #hitman sharma says:

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  86. Monalisa Mohanty says:

    Mu pay karuchi bt server unavailable

  87. Binita Ghatani says:

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  88. BA MB says:

    Mujhe to nhi mila kuch bhi

  89. Sunder Agrawal says:


  90. Sathiyaraj A says:

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  91. Pratik Mahadik says:

    Which Ad Agency?

  92. Jala Ravi Yadav says:

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  93. Bhomaram Bhomaram says:

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  94. Bhomaram Bhomaram says:

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  96. Rodney says:

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  97. Surid says:

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