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Last month Google announced the
successor to the Google Wi-Fi now named the Nest Wi-Fi, now the Google Wi-Fi had
been one of the top-selling mesh Wi-Fi routers out there now for the past
couple of years so any change that Google was going to make to this product
we knew it would be significant now I’ve had the nest Wi-Fi router as well as the
nest Wi-Fi point now for the past couple of days and in this video I’m going to
give you the rundown on what’s new with the nest Wi-Fi how it compares to the
Google Wi-Fi my first impressions of the device and some recommendations and
suggestions if you’re stuck between getting one over the other let’s dive in
so what’s new with the nest Wi-Fi first let’s talk design the design of both the
nest Wi-Fi router and the nest Wi-Fi point are definitely a design departure
from the hockey puck design the Google Wi-Fi sports the nest Wi-Fi has a matte
finish allowing the ambient light pickup of its surface to be a little bit more
subtle and overall I think these devices blend into their environment better
though the primary nest Wi-Fi point that connects to the modem is a bit larger
than the Google Wi-Fi puck the nest Wi-Fi also comes in more colors than the
Google Wi-Fi and you can order any color you want on the Google store another
design departure for the nest Wi-Fi is the abandonment of the USB C power cord
that the Google Wi-Fi uses the nest Wi-Fi actually uses the same barrel jack
power cord that you can find with the nest mini one gripe I have with these
newer Google power Jack’s is they take up much more room on a power strip then
the old Google Wi-Fi ones did which are much more compact another area where the
nest Wi-Fi differs from Google Wi-Fi is that with Google Wi-Fi each puc router
all of them have two Ethernet ports with the nest Wi-Fi this is not always true
you have your main Wi-Fi routers that have the jacks and then the nest Wi-Fi
points which act as nest minis the points do not have Ethernet ports Google
does sell packs of the nest Wi-Fi sis that just use the nest Wi-Fi routers as
the mesh points and it skips the Google assistant enabled Wi-Fi points
altogether the nest Wi-Fi point with the Google assistant integration is probably
one of the most unique things about the nest Wi-Fi system and that’s because in
order for a mesh Wi-Fi system to work the Wi-Fi points actually need to be in
prominent places in your home they need to be on tables on you know just out in
the open in prominent places they should not be behind furniture or tucked away
in a cabinet so by adding the Google assistant to the nest Wi-Fi point Google
just added another level of functionality to this device so it is no
longer just a Wi-Fi point but it also acts as a nest of mini speaker which is
going to make it much more likely that people will put these in prominent
places in their home and will reap the benefits of having a better performing
mesh Wi-Fi system you can use the touch controls on top of the Wi-Fi point to
control the speaker just as you would with the nest mini however instead of
the four glowing dots at the top of the speaker like with the nest mini the nest
Wi-Fi point has a glowing ring at the bottom that reflects off whatever
surface you place the point on and it looks pretty good it will also change
colors based on what you’re doing for things like phone calls or muting the
speaker just like with the mini the sound quality of the nest Wi-Fi point is
pretty good too they’ll will continue to test how well it sounds compared to a
nest mini Google also added some nice features for the Wi-Fi point in its
settings like if you keep the nest Wi-Fi point muted you can turn off the light
that’s emitted from the bottom so you are not constantly seeing the mute light
on you also have full control over the brightness of the light on the nest
Wi-Fi router as well just like you did with the Google Wi-Fi router also at the
time of this recording with the nest Wi-Fi you can actually run internet
speed tests through any of your Google assistant devices including devices like
the Desktop Max and the nest mini now in
terms of performance the nest Wi-Fi does have improvements over the Google Wi-Fi
system for example Google says that if you have a nest Wi-Fi router and a nest
Wi-Fi point those two devices together will cover the same area that it would
take three Google Wi-Fi points to cover the nest Wi-Fi router has newer Wi-Fi
standards while the nest Wi-Fi point seems to have the same supported Wi-Fi
standard as the Google Wi-Fi router just by looking at the tech specs
however the nest Wi-Fi does have updated security with the latest WPA three
standard now in my limited testing so far the range it actually does seem to
be better than with the Google Wi-Fi system I had before I completely
replaced my Google Wi-Fi points with nest Wi-Fi points and the reason I
actually have to Google Wi-Fi points is I got the additional one to pump out
enough signal across the street to my garage so I could control it with my
smart phone and while the signal I had at the garage was it wasn’t bad but it
wasn’t great it was like borderline weak signal but it worked well enough where
the garage got you know good enough signal the Tesla was able to download
updates from the internet over Wi-Fi well when I replaced the Google Wi-Fi
points with nest Wi-Fi now the signal I get out to the garage is like borderline
excellent like it’s almost full bars the nest Wi-Fi router will cover 2200 square
feet and the nest Wi-Fi point will cover 1600 square feet where with the Google
Wi-Fi points those only cover up to 1,500 square feet setting up the nest
Wi-Fi is a little different than setting up the Google Wi-Fi you now have to use
the Google home app instead of the Google Wi-Fi app for setup it still
works just as easily as it did in the Google Wi-Fi app because the nest Wi-Fi
router and points are compatible with the Google Wi-Fi routers during the set
up you’ll have the option to add your nest Wi-Fi devices to an existing Google
Wi-Fi network now some of the more advanced features in the Google Wi-Fi
app have not been ported over to the Google
home app just yet so you will still need the Google Wi-Fi app if you need those
advanced features however do note at the time of this recording and this isn’t
going to apply to everyone out there but if you’re like me and you have a Google
Wi-Fi system and you’re like yeah I want more Google stuff let me just replace
everything with nest Wi-Fi points well there’s a slight problem with doing that
if you want to keep the same network that you have with your Google Wi-Fi
points unfortunately I have not been able to figure out how to switch the
primary Google Wi-Fi point which within the Google Wi-Fi app your primary point
is what is considered it’s it’s the point that just connects to the modem
right the internet is coming through the internet cable to the router Google
Wi-Fi is like okay great that is your primary point well if you want to
replace that point with the nest Wi-Fi router and do it so that the nest Wi-Fi
router just carries on all of the characteristics of your existing network
there’s no actual way to do that when you just try to add the nest Wi-Fi
router to your existing Google Wi-Fi setup it’s just going to consider it an
additional Wi-Fi point and not a primary point unfortunately the only way I’ve
been able to figure out how to replace all of my Google Wi-Fi points with nest
Wi-Fi points is by just setting up my nest Wi-Fi points as a new network now
if you’re looking for a new mesh Wi-Fi system for your house and are trying to
decide between the Google Wi-Fi and the nest Wi-Fi my advice would be to go with
the nest Wi-Fi if you want better coverage and like the appeal of the
Wi-Fi points being Google assistant speakers now if you’re more
cost-conscious and you see a good deal on the Google
Wi-Fi then I’d say go for it now if you want the best performing
Google made mesh Wi-Fi system available today Google actually sells a 2-pack of
the nest Wi-Fi routers so there’s no nest Wi-Fi point in that 2-pack it’s
just two of the routers so if you don’t care about having an S Wi-Fi point with
the Google assistant would say go for the 2-pack and Amish
will link a bunch of these different packs and stuff in the video description
below in case you’re interested well that’s it for our first impressions of
the nest Wi-Fi will be doing a deeper dive into the nest Wi-Fi in our six
months later review of the device next year now if you want to stay up to date
on all the latest with Google products and see other Google product videos like
this one make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you like this video make
sure to hit that thumbs up button below Well for 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder,
thanks for watching

89 Replies to “Google Nest Wifi – Whats New?”

  1. Badger Cord says:

    I just really hope Google can make Android more connected and able to push updates easily like iOS and hopefully make the pixel 5 better.

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    Is it a real router or a toy again?
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  7. Mark Rowsey says:

    If I already have one of the old Google WiFi routers and would like another access point to create a mesh, could I get one of the Nest WiFi points (the one with Google Assistant) instead of buying the older Google WiFi? Thanks!

  8. Abdullah Malik says:

    You didn't mention the Google wifi points are backwards compatible as well with the Nest wifi router 👍🏼

  9. Gene Yuyiboy Jimenez says:

    You forgot to mention the thread connectivity, that’s why I’m getting it. 😊🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Chris Mas says:

    I also replaced my original Google WiFi with the Nest WiFi. I just factory reset my Google WiFi, set up the new Nest WiFi with the same SSID and key, and then added the Google WiFi back to the mesh as a "Point". Some of my devices had to be rebooted before they reconnected but most didn't.

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    Great info. I'm gonna purchase it on black Friday/cyber Monday.

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    I replaced 2 Google Wifi routers w/ a single Nest Wifi and get just as good of a connection throughout the house.

  16. Tom M says:

    Well, now it is decision time, hummmm. Thanks for a great review. I will see you the next review .

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    No wifi6 don't see reason to upgrade.. Not future proof 😕

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    Amazon sells the two router pack cause they wont sell an echo competitor

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    Nest WiFi router
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    Me and my parents are moving to a new home i really want a smart home but im not sure if when we do we will make use of it and what to look for.
    But me and my parents are good with Google Wifi. sadly Nest wifi isn't availeble yet in The netherlands and im not sure if we should wait and use to old routers and wait for the nest onces (wich might take a long time) or buy Google Wifi

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  30. Patrick Ledbetter says:

    After setting up the new network where the Nest Wifi was the gateway to the web, did you try adding the Google Wifi points to the new Nest Wifi mesh? According to Google's support, this will work but I wanted to hear from someone who's actually done it.

  31. mitube4u says:

    One of the main reasons why I took my Google Wifi back and replaced it with a Nighthawk was the fact that I couldn't set 2 separate SSIDs for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels. Merging these 2 channels into one SSID is good in theory, but unfortunately some of my devices would randomly decide to choose one channel over the other and most of the time they would choose the 2.4. Are they still merging both channels into one SSID with no options to set 2 different channels?

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  40. Nvr Dwn says:

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    SO, I'm cool with 450mbs if that can hold up, even tho I'd prefer it to match my netgear speeds, but I have a very large space so I bought a second set and I have 6 total units. After hooking up the additional 3 points my speeds dropped to 150-200mbs even when standing directly next to the main router. I've factory reset it several times and not sure why adding 3 more units would slow speeds even further…

    I'm really disappointed considering how much they cost.

    I'll be buying mesh networks from several other brands and test them against these. So far I've tested 1 other mesh network (mesh force) and it has performed even worse than the google setup. If anyone has any advice or tips please let me know!

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    I had horrible experience with Google's mesh, poor speeds compared to Amplifi HD. If you're handy with a computer I recommend Unifi for either home or office.

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    I love my Nest Wifi. It has pretty nice parental features as well, like safe search for kids and setting bed times for when the internet is shut off for their devices. Also, you are able to group the individual children's devices and pause their internet. This makes it much easier to get them to do what their supposed to do, if they want their internet back.

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