Google Fiber – Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet to Kansas City


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Google Fiber is coming to Kansas City and
we’re bringing an entirely new, ultra high-speed network To install this new technology in your home,
we’re building our network from the ground up, stringing fiber optic cables through your
neighborhood. We start by connecting your home to one of
these fiber optic cables, which contains a glass thread capable of transmitting gigabit
internet speeds. On the day of your installation, we plan to
arrive right at the start of your appointment window. When we arrive, we talk you through the process,
and answer all your questions. To get you connected, we begin by bringing
fiber into your home. The Fiber Jack converts the fiber optic signal
into data your computer can understand. Your home is ready to get online once we plug
in the Network Box, a Google router designed to provide gigabit speeds and built-in Wi-Fi. TV subscribers also get a Google DVR called
the Storage Box, and a Google Fiber TV Box for each TV you choose to connect. To connect each TV, we use your existing cable
wiring or install new cables if needed. Once we’ve set everything up, we’ll show
you some of the many features of Google Fiber TV and your new remote control, the Nexus
7 tablet. And then we’re off so you can start enjoying
Google Fiber.

100 Replies to “Google Fiber – Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet to Kansas City”

  1. Aerialair says:

    Really great to see such technology but will not install even if I am getting for free… It will make me lazy watching videos, downloading and stuff, I do not want technology to invade me.
    I am super happy with my 56kbps internet for mail checking & wikipedia, being physically social, going out with friends and family for hike and fun, being active outdoors & yes smoke a pot with friends over mountains.

  2. кирилл панов says:

    А мужик этот один живет?

  3. Nigelvie Dicar says:

    Please please please come here to los angeles cali

  4. gamer3928 says:

    Why Kansas?

  5. 水上ジェイコブ says:

    All Hale Google

  6. stryker7x says:


  7. Jhoshua Cinco says:

    philippines has the slowest average internet speed 🙂 just saying , it would be a great advantage of having a 100 times faster internet 

  8. saul deleon says:

    Come to Texas plz

  9. ßob Svk says:

    Seattle waiting for this

  10. Jeah says:

    i hope google fiber comes to every country in europe 

  11. AYY AYY says:

    NJ needs this!

  12. Jordan Middlebrooks says:

    Please come to Blacklick, Ohio.

  13. ABo RaNaH says:

    انشهد ان فيه عرب واجد يفتحون هالمقطع وماخذين وضعيه الميت 🙁 

    آخخ بسس لو تجينآ في هالشركهه ب السعوديه اعرف لي 3 شركآت بيطيح كرتهم  مثل شركه  نوكيآإ <~ مات
    ككككككككآإي  ( stc

  14. LTG network says:

    oh bloody hell come to belgium already i'm dying to have you guys 

  15. Vlad the Inhaler says:

    Omg Google making me have a nerdgasim

  16. amartinez15 says:

    Come to Houston!!

  17. Yuda Willis says:

    Indonesia Please T_T

  18. Saufi Aziz says:

    Please come to Malaysia!!!!

  19. lesrima88 says:

    please come to mars!!!

  20. Bunny Singh says:

    Kansas City Here I Come…………….

  21. Jazneo Gaming says:

    come to Wisconsin and Iowa We wont complain if you dig up are yards lol 

  22. TheMeisterManuel says:

    If it's that easy than it's about time to come to Austria where we have 3rd world internet speed

  23. Vape says:

    Come to Trinidad and Tobago 😛

  24. Bazza62 says:

    why u no bring to UK?

  25. neeko says:


  26. TheOnlyWally says:

    Australia please!!!!!

  27. stan. says:

    My brother has google fiber but i dont 🙁 🙁 
    Come to Orange County , CA

  28. T S says:

    Please come to Brazil

  29. towhid kamal says:

    please come to bd 

  30. TheNextGenGlitchersHD says:

    934 times faster than my connection 😉

  31. Joel says:

    Google Fiber please come to the Americas.

  32. Muhd Akmal says:

    Malaysia 1000 years left

  33. Ronald Mercado says:

    Cant believe after 2 years of announcing google fibre its still in just in one state and im not even living in usa so i guess google fibre is never going to my country FUCK YOU GOOGLE AND FUCK YOU GOOGLE FIBRE!

  34. MOHD RIDUAN says:

    Give me 30 min too install fiber optic cable at your home..such an easy me 200usd or 30usd for cooper

  35. Prannoy Chauhan says:

    When will this come to India

  36. Xander Rendon says:

    Come to sandiego you guys take long

  37. Muhamad Kazm says:

    Arriving in kurdistan in 3056

  38. Kujeeth Alaguththeru says:

    Sri lanka 🙌

  39. SupperMasterXP says:

    Why not europe? Im living in turkey and people in my country needs isp like u google

    In our country gigabit connection is only supported in some areas and we always have problems with upload speeds in turkey phew

    For video streaming, we need to have 100 Mbits and this speed is not supported in every location .For me i still use 8 Mbits from copper cables because my street haven't got fiber optic network! But there is lots of users without fiber we are trapped to ADSL.

    About the fiber networks in turkey, they are not bad but like I said some areas are not supported. We deserve better service quality.

    If you can stream video or host a website from your home network you are lucky.

  40. Pranav Prabhu says:

    Mind blowing!! India awaits you!

  41. James Hart says:

    Come to the UK, oh wait Sky has beaten you to it (ultrafibreoptic York) 😜

  42. PilotVBall says:

    Google Fiber is a myth just like unicorns. It does not exist.

  43. Ghast Unity says:

    downloading gta v in just a minute

  44. Sultan Mutiary says:

    just imagine downloading xbox/psn games in seconds

  45. shaokahn1507 says:


  46. HardlineFeminists says:

    I just got CenturyLink Fiber 1GIG, which averages around 950 Mbps download and 880 Mbps upload according to Ookla SpeedTest I only qualified for 3 Mbps DSL with CenturyLink because we're so far from the telco, but they laid brand-new fiber optic lines down my street last summer so we got CenturyLink's Fiber 1GIG service instead! All I have to say is that's it's way, Way, WAY FASTER (and $41.00 cheaper!) than Comcast Xfinity's 105 Mbps copper-based service we got rid of. Needless to say, I'm very happy now. =)

  47. davidealby says:

    When will this come to Italy? 🙁

  48. Ross de Boss says:

    So will this be ran 16 miles out of towns too ? for the ones that live on farms that don't like living in towns. But does youtube videos and other things on the net. Like gaming and so on?

    It's like a repeat when I was a kid all we could get was dial up and every one in the cities was getting around 1mbps or more, now we can get 1mbps or more but going to pay 30x more then in city.

    Now in the city they will have this and we are still in the dial up feeling. so yeah something needs to be done.

    I can just about bet that I will be 90 years old by the time we are even close to using speeds like this where I live at. and I am 30 now.

  49. Starspiker says:

    I live in Maine. The max internet speeds achievable is maybe 20MBps. This state is so technologically left behind when it comes to the Internet.

  50. nizam khan says:

    PLEASE Google launch Google Fiber in India soon 🙂


  51. Geeknium 44 says:


  52. Gabriel Braga says:

    Venham para Ribeirão das Neves em Brasil pelo amor de Deus huehuehuehuehue 'zoas

  53. Owen Lloyd says:

    UK next please.

  54. Andre Rodrigues says:

    google fiber in BRAZIL, please!

  55. BWG says:

    the day this happens in my town will be the day my life is complete. I'm on 10 down and 0.6 up.

  56. Aurva Roy says:

    I wish this was available here in California. Google headquarters is located in this state, so why can't there be fiber here?

  57. Michelle Ann says:

    It's not worth the hype. Google fiber has the worst customer service. Two weeks of trying to determine the location of the damage to the fiber and they still couldn't figure it out; told me there was nothing they could do.

  58. izo says:

    اللعنه على stc

  59. el Riku00 says:

    The feeling when u r are poor af and u live in Finland…

  60. Pedro Freitas says:

    please, come to Brazil (i paid 100$ by 100KB/s download internet)

  61. ModernTutorials says:

    Come to riverside CA !!!

  62. Bryan Nugroho says:

    please come to indonesian

  63. First Name Last Name says:

    Come to Europe! Cmon we invented you americans!

  64. Nate Cavenmiller says:

    make it existed in indonesia… you know this place has shitty internet

  65. Rθηιη says:

    please release it in countries where the internet is bad

  66. ARIZONA LURPS says:

    when will your expansion west of tempe Arizona happen & is there any service in Tempe? i know cox communication fought it data cap 2017 reinforces need for expansion. cox communication and monetary gain has left customers in the cold and you can be the cough syrup to kill the cold cox virus is spreading dish disease

  67. bhaga sasi says:


  68. SageSosa says:

    Bring it to Chicago!

  69. mazeblurrity 78 says:

    Google fiber please come malaysia😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  70. Andromeda Bimatara says:

    Indonesia pls 😉

  71. Xalio Nightmare says:

    Come to egypt

  72. Werner Boshoff says:

    south africa freestate please

  73. Senn Lens Transport says:

    Please make it available in Malaysia and beat the main competitors (TM Unifi and TIME).

  74. Antonio Garcia says:

    I want and need google fiber for Lebanon, PA 17046-3626…..When will it be available?

  75. Tk Tk says:

    When Google Fiber come to Hartford CT???

  76. Jonathan P says:

    Come to peru google !!!

  77. Focused says:

    I need this I only get 300 mgps download ;-;

  78. Martin Alfas says:

    Please google fiber for indonesia

  79. DJ Celeste PH says:

    Google please come to the Philippines to compete the duopoly telco

  80. Mikey _23 says:

    hope you will invest in the philippines.. we got a really shitty internet here but still with a high price.

  81. CrysGamePlay says:

    conect from Brazil

  82. Kuba Jaroszczyk says:

    Sadly not in Europe. But let’s face it, the future is coming as there should be these routers. Man in Ireland i have 4 Max. Mbps.

  83. Alfin Chandra says:

    come to indonesia please…..

  84. MASTERCOLINA says:

    google fiber go to philippines please we need you i pay $20 for 0.12 mbs download and 0.10 upload

  85. blram saha says:

    Is this google fibre installition available for india?

  86. I am NIGHTMARE says:

    Please bring this to India

  87. Alen Chao says:

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  88. Resham Gaming says:

    anyone moving to Kansas

  89. j.steven.a says:

    Come to indonesian

  90. Aaron Wetzell says:

    Come to illinois

  91. Lucas Androdo says:

    Only fucking america gets it, of fucking course, only the people who are gifted with living in the land of the fucking free get this good connection.

  92. ixOPx - says:


  93. Hareen Perera says:

    Please give google fiber for sri lanka

  94. YTRY Nasir says:

    Can you get it to london

  95. Jay De dios says:

    Why fiber….my family just followede up last month why so long

  96. sri says:

    I commenting from fiber network Tx Austin

  97. T H I N N says:

    Looks like im gonna move to kansas

  98. AbdulAziz Tanvir says:

    please do something with Bangladesh.

  99. PacSmacks says:

    If only this was in my area!

  100. PAZ REVIEW says:

    please come to indonesia

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