Google Earth for iPhone and iPod touch


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>>I’m Peter Birch, product manager for Google
Earth. We’re always looking for new ways to help
people explore the world, whether its on your computer, or now on your mobile device.
It brings the immersive 3D experience and all the global imagery of Google Earth to
the palm of your hand. To get started, click on the App Store in
your iPhone, search for Google Earth and download the app.
Now open Earth and take a look around. The best place to get started is with your
current location, which can be found by tapping the button in the lower left corner. [pause] You can fly around by dragging your finger
across the screen. Zoom in or zoom out by pinching your fingers.
You can even see mountains in 3D by tilting your phone.
Let’s get started by flying to the Matterhorn. [pause] To get access to millions of geo-located photographs
from around the world, just click on one of these blue icons.
Now, how about a place to eat in Paris? [pause] And to access Wikipedia articles, you can
turn on the Wikipedia layer. [pause] You get the idea.
Google Earth for iPhone or iPod Touch is free in the iTunes App Store.
Download it today.

100 Replies to “Google Earth for iPhone and iPod touch”

  1. gatorholic says:

    lmao he didnt blink at all wow.

  2. Vitamina Vlad says:

    his is scary if u read this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die

  3. Rayvann4ever says:

    google is satan

  4. smthb says:


  5. GeneralLeee14 says:


  6. Wanderon1 says:

    that sucks

  7. Jimmy!! says:

    thats it I'am getting a ipod touch..

  8. BK-Sakuga says:

    what the fuck happened to dude's finger??

  9. DELTARYZ says:

    hes reading something behind the camera, look at his eyes

  10. Agegsa Agssf says:

    ha i thought he was cross-eyed

  11. D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

    I just got Google Earth on my iPod Touch.Some glitches happen but still pretty cool.(P.S:I desperately wanted this app when I bought my iPod.)

  12. Vanning Tell says:

    His finger has aids.

  13. Glyn Williams says:

    thanx couldnt work out how to zoom out.. 😛

  14. Bram .Huis in 't Veld says:

    haha nice 😀

  15. The Resurrection says:

    is this free, can someone tell me plz. cheers

  16. opolumber says:

    did u search it???

  17. opolumber says:

    Then go to the apple store and tell them ( the real apple store not from ur ipod apple store)

  18. dude0970 says:

    wow dude the guy at the beginning isnt even looking at the camera, and you could see in his eyes that he is reading

  19. iliendo says:

    lol you're right

  20. kevNchris445 says:

    i got the app.. its fucking badass!!!

  21. Joseph Sanders says:

    is the app free?

  22. Eduard Valence Del Mar says:

    i can't access google earth on my ipod without wifi…

  23. deathcube35 says:

    Yeah,i think it is

  24. Waldhallmer Heljumsdottir says:

    did you even watch the vid he sad in the end of it that its free

  25. Joseph Sanders says:

    okkkaaayy i know now thanks to millions of replies just cba watchin the whole of it

  26. Halaboly says:

    he said it's free…

    i cant wait till i get my iPhone!

  27. Aaron Fernando says:

    i searched for google earth on my iphone but google earth didnt show up in the results 🙁

  28. unicornlxix says:

    I'm not at all familier w/the iPhone but the idea of sitting in a waiting room or a bus and having internet access intrigues me. Is this application bundled with other internet uses for monthly charge purposes? Could I access my Windows e-mail? Watch You-Tube? Trade stocks? I guess what I'm asking is if I can get an iPhone with basic phone features but all the internet surfing features of my desktop and how much would I expect to spend monthly (initial cost of phone is not too important)?

  29. Ryan Kang says:

    i cannot find the app on my app store~!!

  30. usernameiphone3gkid says:

    dude look at his eyes for a long time LMAO

  31. usernameiphone3gkid says:

    his finger is mest up

  32. L0UDM0UTH says:


  33. Sojourner Chua says:

    I'm also from Malaysia.I can't find it too!

  34. Knightley79 says:

    haha! check out his finger! looks like a bamboo stick! weird lookin dude.

  35. DreamAboutSpace says:

    cant sum1 make an Virtual Reality app for the iphone with that consept IT WOULD ROCK

  36. Yaroslav Boichuk says:

    Thx for great video!

  37. HumanOFtheWeek3000 says:

    wo!! check out goggly eyes over there

  38. House of farts says:

    I downloaded this on my ipod and it doesnt work!

  39. Euryale Music says:

    DAMN it!
    This App is no longer available,
    Why don't you guys (Google)
    Make it available!!??

  40. qtbeauty95 says:

    i need your help!!!!!
    should i get an itouch or save up for a mac????
    someone help me!!!!!

  41. Raul Estrada says:

    @qtbeauty95 how many money do u have??? if u have about 1000 dollars save up for a mac but if u have about 500 buy an ipod

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have iPhone g3s
    I get in app store and i search "google earth"
    but i found only "google earth blog"
    How I can get google earth to iPhone?

  43. qtbeauty95 says:

    lol i did
    its awesomeee!!!!!

  44. qtbeauty95 says:

    thanks lol

  45. Euryale Music says:

    YES, WE WANT Google Earth
    for iPod Touch AVAILABLE in the iTunes Mexico

    C'mon You Google have a lot of Money


  46. Charlie Leyva says:

    check out my iphone videos and subscribe!

  47. MasterGamer says:

    how do u turn off the subtitles??

  48. Hakeem RD says:

    maybe your location is not available.

  49. Miku meow says:

    @L0UDM0UTH a person can dont blink if the atmostphere is moist enough,people blink to re-moisturize their eyeballs.when its dry,u always have trouble keeping ur eyes open.

  50. eyeh2809 says:

    for some reason i dont have google earth in my app store
    all i have is google earth blog

  51. Olegario101 says:

    his index finger look like a willy

  52. Alan-Michael Novajovsky says:

    Lol, look at his face in the beginning, you can tell he's reading a script.

  53. DevenThorius The 3RD says:


  54. ucheucheuche says:


  55. bebeno alshehhi says:

    then wat??? wat the point of this program ..

  56. An Axolotl says:

    his eyes stay in the same position the hole time

  57. alex3oo2 says:


  58. Naigi says:

    @zenithzenexsl Google deleted it.
    Now its only available for Android.
    go buy yourself a real phone.

  59. DomPlaysPS4 says:

    he made my snake blink wtf

  60. tecken5 says:

    i cant find google earth on the app store please help !!!!1

  61. SuperNecromant says:

    Could you also put in the stimulator?

  62. Anthony D says:

    that dude is ugly!!!!!!

  63. Fletcherismine says:

    I cant get this app from app store!! D: plz help,,,im using ipod touch 4g..

  64. Jo Johnson says:

    cant u get road view?

  65. Fletcherismine says:

    @rasenshuriken lol

  66. namiluaP says:

    his fingers are as sweet as his never blinking eyes

  67. Sturt16 says:

    @Fletcherismine What do you mean? can you find the app? Or does it just not let you install it on ur ipod?

  68. A B says:

    hey, do u need wifi for google earth ?

  69. Aditya YepYep says:

    LOL fingers!

  70. fworgf says:

    Hah! I always find it funny when you know they are reading content of a screen over the camera!


  71. Fletcherismine says:

    @Sturt16 no, just cant find the app

  72. aceraspireoneisthebe says:

    @IceColdKillerPro yes

  73. govand98 says:

    my eyes are going blind he opens why cant he blink someone try and force him to blink

  74. colorblindvids says:

    He looks so awkward xD

  75. nashika123 says:

    Cant seem to find this app in App Store. I followed the links given.

  76. Notf0und says:

    no mames luego luego se ve de ke esta leyyendo hahahahajajajahahajajaha pendejo…

  77. spooksyaboy10 says:

    his a robot

  78. Christos Christofi says:

    the app is not in the store :S

  79. sochinza says:


  80. 신우람 says:

    i aslo didn't find this app in stroe…

  81. 신우람 says:

    where is this app??

  82. Ricardo González says:

    it's not in the app store 🙁

  83. Carolyn Turner says:

    I found it, go to app store and type "google earth" and find in the top place,

  84. ronnie pope says:

    what the fuck is with his finger

  85. Jerry Garcia says:

    Anybody want an iPod touch black 4th generation 8GB  it's $150 if not $145 cheaper than paying $200 or $250.It comes with original earbuds from the iPhone 4,USB cable,cube plugin that costed me $20,iPod case with good grip in black,little speakers by merkury innovations,and a wire that could connect to your car to listen to your music or could use it for your stereo.message me on my YouTube account if your interested.this ends on may 23.Hurry before someone buys it.Thank you:)

  86. Prathamesh Parmar says:

    its not available in some countries

  87. Ricardo González says:

    thanks but I got known about that 1 day after my comment

  88. akshat gupta says:

    i like it but cant find it in app store

  89. ToraydoBull says:

    why the heck is there no Google Earth app on the Asian AppStores? we have Google Maps but not Google Earth.

  90. Anish Karan Photography says:

    tried it. it's very slow. the factory iphone maps app is much much better!

  91. CosmoStory says:

    Having a real time map of the sky is good but not enough for the beginners.
    I have founded "Cosmos Story vol1" on AppStore which is a real audio guided tour made by an astronomer. With this app, you use let the voice guide you though the sky and help you to point to unbelievable astral bodies visible with the naked eye.

  92. Migue79 says:

    Are the skyscrapers in 3d

  93. Guadalupe Fanuel Romo Muñoz says:

    Como se instala este programa

  94. Juan Romero says:


  95. Glen Stephenson says:

    Wow 🙂

  96. Sothsavdy Tha says:

    But it can not draw polygon on it

  97. mr mistour says:

    this dude never blinks

  98. TheBadGamer28 says:

    Thanks for making it

  99. dj__sound defac says:

    Piç sizin ülkede var neden Türkiye kapatıyorsunuz pis gevurlar

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