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I like this color. I like this logo. I
think this image should be here. Guess what? As business owners, we are the least
qualified to make design decisions about our website. Let’s talk about what are
examples of websites that have proven themselves to be high converting and
findable? We’re going to talk about that today. I think one of the most common questions
I get is “What is a good website design?” And today, I’m going to walk you through
4 of our client websites and point out some of the features that I’d like
to see and all the websites that we help customers to build. Now, I plan the
findability and then we work with strategic design partners to make sure
that that findability and conversion is translated and converted over to a web
design. So, what you’re seeing in front of you of course is my website. Now, the
first thing you need to think about is how do you make a big splash here. Now, I
get a lot of interesting debate around whether those sliders are so relevant.
Some people love the sliders, some people don’t. Professional speakers and experts
love the sliders. I love them because I can put big graphics. I can make a bold
statement right as soon as they come to the website. And but I know that I have
to sacrifice pull time because if I pull this up on a smartphone it’s going to
take some time to pull those graphics. But I do love a slider and if that’s
what shoes to do, that’s perfectly fine. There’s a lot of other ways I’m going to
show you some other examples. Now, let’s go to this one. This is one of her
clients called Academy LGBTQ. Now, what we chose to do on this one is put in a
video of Joni Stacy talking about her history with LGBTQ community and her
daughter who transitioned when she was in kindergarten. So, great story I highly
suggest you visit this Academy. LGBTQ com. But you’ll notice we’ve got 2
what we call personality indicators. “Who are you?” is really what we’re saying? So,
when you come to the website, you’ll see here are you an organization? Are you a
parent or caregiver? So, it’s important to make sure that those people feel like
they are being addressed specifically, personally. A lot of times what we do as
business owners is we like to talk in generics or we like to give them our
resume. We’ve been in business for 23 years and here’s how great we are and
here’s our testimonials. Gere’s how you can contact us. We call that the we-we
show. We do this and we do that and we do this and no one cares. Because it’s about
me coming to the website. So, as I come here you can see I have for
organizations for parents and caregivers, I’ve instantly connected with you as a
visitor. You can decide which area is best for you.
Now, as we come down, you’ll see here that we’ve got what we call a Content library.
This is a big part of our SEO strategy as well. Because as you click in these,
there’s more and more pages underneath them that are highly organized. But from
a design example standpoint, this is a great way to put a bunch of information
on the website in a very nice neat manner. So, everything is in its own place.
We’ve got the basics, we’ve got for medical providers, mental health
professionals, books & movies and faith communities. So it’s all right there. We
call that the content library which is a great way to get a bunch of data very
quickly. Here you’ll see we’ve got all of her blogs right there in the very front
of the website. We’ve have a scrolling series of testimonials. So, I want to talk
about testimonials for a minute. Testimonials I think every one when I
ask them especially in my trainings, what do you know or think about testimonials,
is that a their mother wrote them. Or B, they wrote them themselves. So, it’s
important to think about how do I get testimonials that have great credibility.
My recommendation would be to have video. Video of your clients talking about the
work they’ve done with you. That’s the best possible testimony that you can get.
A lot of the written testimonials aren’t really very interesting and I think we
automatically assume that they’re made up. So, be really mindful about how you
use testimonials. And what’s the best way to really create trust and authority
based on those testimonials. Okay, here’s the next one.
This is Greg Gregory. And the website called Now teamsrock, you
can see he’s ex-military. And we got a lot of the blue. The navy blue which is a
high trust indicator as well as yellow which is a warm and friendly indicator.
So, you’ll see here that he’s a professional speaker. So, of course his
face is going to be right on the front. You’ll see that we have a very simple
navigation right here at the top. This is the we-we show right here. We got to have
that, right? Here’s what about Greg and here’s what me speaking and here’s
everything else. But you’ll see here this is how we’ve incorporated the
findability. So, that under teamwork in the workplace when you click on that, you
can see here that this is obviously teamwork in the workplace. But then
you’ll notice that underneath here, we have all of the relevant topics inside
of that silo. We call them an SEO or pillar content. And you’ll see here that
as we go through the website, we’ve integrated the findability very nicely
right on the home page, right there. Then when we come down here. So, these are
credibility factors. And when you come in here and you see FBI and FDIC and all of
these great US Army. It instantly gives them credibility as well as you can get
a quick idea of who thinks he’s awesome. Okay, let’s go to the next one. So, this is
an intellectual property attorney. Now, this is a little harder to make
interesting. Now what Bill Honaker does is he goes and speaks at conferences and
to CEOs about how to protect their intellectual property. So, how do we make
that interesting? Well, we knew that IP had the most amount of searches over a
hundred thousand searches per month. So, we knew that people understood but it’s
also IP address, intellectual property. We looked at it as if you typed an IP into
Google, it was all intellectual property. So, we knew we were in the right lane on
that one. So, what we did is in order to make it more friendly, we add the word
guy. He’s your IP So, that was domain is available, we get IP in the
domain. Then what we did is we went to logo tournament which is just for logo
development. It’s an auction model where people will get in there and sort of
fight for your business. You upload a create a brief and then people start
posting logo ideas. So, we ended up with that logo, IP guy, protecting brands
innovations and technology which is great. So, have a good congruent logo with
what your domain name is is very important. We put the SEO right here in
the main navigation. You’ll see trademarks copyrights and patents, trade
secrets. All of those are the keywords that we’re trying to rank for as well.
Alright and then oh there’s our blog. So, then we chose to do a sweeping
graphic. Now, you’ll notice here that it’s not a banner that moves. It’s just a
still graphic and then right there is his best video of him speaking. So, right
out of the gate, he’s making a very strong statement about what he does and
what he’s an expert in. You don’t have to question. He didn’t make up any words,
this is what he does. End then my final example is a comedian named Kay
Frances. Now, Kay it a really interesting problem when you go here and you go to
Google then you type in Kay Frances, the problem with that is that Kay Frances was
a silent screen star in the 1920’s. So, when you google Kay Frances, you don’t get
my Kay Frances. Actually, actually you do get Kay Frances. The very first one is
Kay Frances. But before we started working with her, it was the dead silent movie
star. And we’ve been able to overtime optimize that website so now you see her
and she’s in first position. You come down. Oh look, we’re seeing all of her
videos now. Woohoo! That’s a big win for her. So, we’re slowly taking over the page.
Sorry Kay Francis, you’re lovely but Kay Frances, the actual alive person
celebrity gets to take over this page. And that’s because we really figured out
that in a good website design, it’s a balance between look and content. And
especially in SEO, you want… Don’t want to sacrifice content for SEO text and you
don’t want to sacrifice SEO text or design. So, make sure you’re striking a
balance. We’ve showed you some good examples of excellent website design.
Make sure you post in the comments what is one of the design factors that you
have on your website that makes it really convert for you. I’d love to hear
the things that you’ve tried both the ones that worked and maybe the ones that
didn’t work. So, make sure to go in, check out these websites. Just to recap we went
to AcademyLGBT.comm,, IP and Have fun.
Always be pushing toward better and more converting design because it pays off

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