FULL MATCH – Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown – Traditional Survivor Series Match: Survivor Series 2017


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100 Replies to “FULL MATCH – Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown – Traditional Survivor Series Match: Survivor Series 2017”

  1. Anto Nix says:

    CM PUNK !!!

  2. ッxlosthopesxッ says:

    This is one of my favourite matches at Survivor Series in 2017

  3. Roman Reigns says:

    Класний бой

  4. The Outlaw says:

    0:44 WTF BOOKER?!!!?

  5. ZAB ZERU MORTAL says:

    Nice 👍

  6. milanista181 says:

    Braun’s “ push “ ruined the whole match ..

  7. Dead Man says:

    Triple h is the greatest of all time

  8. Mark Naidoo says:

    No one noticed how HHH was legal yet Kurt tagged in Braun😂

  9. Sharad Singh says:

    2017,s favourites
    2019,s jobbers

  10. Lastlong Aboiso Destroyer says:

    team RAW was bored with team smack down so fights among themselves

  11. Abddulganiyu Taiwo says:


  12. Somnath Nirmalkar says:

    We want punk

  13. Steven Henderson says:

    Byron Saxton is horrible

  14. Ferdinand Usalla says:

    Kevin and Amy stuck booo

  15. King Beast says:

    5 bald vs 5 long hair hope there’s a match like that

  16. keli cristina says:

    Eagle cagao da pora em kkkkkk

  17. history's & tamil says:

    2019 year worst raw team no championship cheating only champion smackdown universal and wwe champion alll champion team smackdown

  18. Joseph Matengo says:

    Pretty good.

  19. yogi dhawan. says:

    Who noted the front row woman with big 😍😍

  20. ciao come va says:


  21. Ya Dun Goof'd says:

    So much for making new "stars".

  22. history's & tamil says:

    Change Raw Team General Manager Pless Change Stone Cold Steve Austin

  23. Abu bokkor says:

    2016 match 💖💖

  24. Iqbal Singh says:

    This video is old

  25. Junaid aalam says:

    Jhon cena

  26. Sharjeel Ahmed says:

    On paper, this was probably the best Traditional tag match ever
    In reality, this was a massive disappointment

  27. Jittus N.Sangma says:


  28. Thomas Tigkas says:

    BRAUN STROWMAN!!!!!!!!

  29. Mohak Bhatt says:

    It's dumb that smackdown didn't win. Especially when they had like everyone knocked out, including strowman, and didn't pin anyone during that time.

  30. rockstar Aamir says:

    I loved miss you Braun strowman

  31. Channel nyoman adventure says:

    Like the rock

  32. Batool Fatima says:


  33. Mr Bawitlung says:

    Good news, RAW won!!b

  34. Gokul Adharva says:

    What an RKO by Randy orten to Finn Balor now where

  35. Kevin art Art says:

    Jagoan qu kala taek

  36. farman khan says:

    Well done cena

  37. Jamesdaboss23 _YT says:

    Y does Michael Cole calls shinsuke “shin”

  38. Chirag Tamang says:

    I love randy orton anytime

  39. sk. slayer says:

    This chould have been awesome but wwe spoiled it i mean cena and randy . Very poorly booked

  40. Adi Kapoor says:

    A LOT OF DRAMA… 😂😂😂😂

  41. Nonstop G R I N D says:

    Man I miss legends like Triple H, Kurt, Randy, Shane, and John being in the same ring together.

    Everyone’s getting old man😔I mean have you seen Triple H nowadays?

  42. Gaming with kevin says:

    The moment booker t says holy cow

  43. Zedrick hehez says:

    Nakamura almost carry the team smackdown

  44. Khnaqa Aarifiya Nooriya says:


  45. Ashish Sharma says:

    All this for a drop of spotlight on Braun 😔

  46. Yuvraj 11 says:

    Thank you WWE for CM PUNK return

  47. The Little Vlogger says:

    i wish smackdown won bruh

  48. shima begum says:


  49. Joe Turner says:

    When John and Randy had great hairstyles lol

  50. Gold Player says:

    Please full match The Shield vs Evolution

  51. uts m says:

    Joe joe joe joe joe joe joe joe ………………..

  52. Night Fury says:

    Shane was doing nice in this match

  53. FREAKIN HOX! says:

    Am only one who find triple h funny?

  54. Austin Mignone says:

    This match could have been great if they didn’t make all about the part timers

  55. HAII DUMM says:

    Braun looks so confused than Bobby Lashley 😅😅😆😆

  56. Isabelle Van Den Berghe says:

    I love WWE

  57. Adwaith Adhuzz says:

    Kerala fans like

  58. Sunil Sharma says:

    Bhosiwalo ne aaj puri nakli fight kheli

  59. Rasdhar International says:

    Are they wrestlers of wwe or comedy artists of Britain got talent??

  60. Cam Vlogs says:

    Survivor series 2019 is gonna be epic I think hhh should captain team nxt that be amazing

  61. Rukia Oleary says:

    John cena awesome yay my meow

  62. Logic Master says:

    Does no one else see thee as just fake? And bad acting?
    Common guys you should have some common sense these aren’t real fights.. they are staged as hell.
    If you think other wise you can have a debate with me down below

  63. Siddhant Singh says:

    Hope smackdown wins this year❤️❤️

  64. Exzel Hlimpuia Clifford says:

    Randy Orton was such an mvp in this match

  65. Exzel Hlimpuia Clifford says:

    Randy Orton was such an mvp in this match

  66. Shivaac Kshetriya says:

    Brawn to HHH is like "M…. I Joke to You-!-??????"

  67. Akshay Kanth says:

    John Cena – Lifts Big Show and even lifts Mark Henry but struggles here.

  68. Shivaac Kshetriya says:

    Refreshing the old memories……..🤘🏻🤩❤

  69. De Teiche says:

    I hate the plot twist

  70. Naren Sekar says:

    Brawn is the real winner

  71. Lo Mel says:

    9:10 samoa been waitin on it and start edsu 😂😂

  72. Douglas Snyder says:

    I've mentioned this before, but I still would like to see a rivalry between Randy Orton & Samoa Joe in the near-future. I also wouldn't mind seeing a rivalry between Finn Balor & Shinsuke Nakamura as well. It would have been nice to see John Cena & Randy Orton being a tag-team if not tag-team champions in the past. I also think that a Survivor Series elimination tag-team match-up between the teams of Corey Graves & Byron Saxton would have been unique. And what was the point of Braun Strowman attacking Triple H at the end of this elimination tag-team match if there were no consequences afterwards from both men???

  73. Lyrics King says:

    If it was strowman vs smackdown then it may be intense

  74. john cena WWE fan says:

    I'm The Only Who Loves John Cena?

  75. Isana Khalatbary says:

    I miss old wwe

  76. jaylen pouncy says:

    This was good

  77. Subhan 7 says:

    Nakamura is a sexy man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Faze _nooby says:

    Wow triple h

  79. Mahamed Ali says:

    John cena and randy orton is good team

  80. GAMING MANIAC says:

    me thinking fihn bolor had a chance
    my sisters how can u be so stupid

  81. Elisabeth Paris says:

    John Cena . DX triple h . Randy Orton

  82. THE INTERVIEW says:

    Stroman is like the "Ace" in the deck of Cards.

  83. Mahesh UJGARE says:

    braun strwoman looking totaly confused

  84. Marut Subba says:

    One guy from MMA will beat all of them in one hour. Bunch of man child.

  85. Tom The Wonder Cat says:

    Imagine the fiend left on team smackdown and on raw kurt braun and triple h are left.Then who would win?

  86. Tanishq Bisht says:

    Next survivor series i want
    Bobby lashley drew ricochet cena joe in team raw
    Randy orton finn balor strowman shane hhh in team smackdown

  87. My Master says:

    I love Braun Strowman so I love Raw win

  88. Omar Abd elminem says:

    Cena flying in17,28

  89. Tanishq Bisht says:

    Johm cena should eliminated by hhh and orton by angle so they would have a chance to face each other

  90. Udhaya Kushi says:

    John no words

  91. ayadixX98 says:

    John cena and Randy orton 💪🏻🔥

  92. Osama Bataiha says:

    А team of John census and randy orton losing to some big fat idiot

  93. Ambross says:


  94. jun liu says:

    U guys know that WWE is fake but people still don’t notice

  95. Brian Velez says:

    16:50 Orton's trying to stay hydrated 😂😂

  96. devendra singh says:

    Experience can tell me every next move they wipl give to opponent !! Come with some new content and moves

  97. mukesh72733 says:

    Strowman ❤

  98. harry brar says:

    the king of kings,,the game triple h…the game is the game…always win….legend…

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