Free Android Kotlin course: Implement the video ACT progressbar and handle internet problem


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Hello everyone, welcome back, In the “BrowseVideosActivity”, we did
not yet implemented the progressbar which should be displayed before loading videos
from the back-end database. In addition, when we implemented the load_videos
function, we have commented the lines of code permitting to handle the case of internet
connection problem. So, you are invited to implement the progressbar
as we have already done in the BrowseCategoriesActivity. Don’t forget to add the required XML code
and rename the IDs of various views and variables from category to video Then, you have to well handle the case of
internet connection problem as we have already done for BrowseCategoriesActivity by adding
a retry button which will reload the video list from the back-end database. To well practice Android development, give
this activity a try before seeing the solution in the next video. See you in the next video.

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