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Hello and welcome to News Darshan
with Agni Aunt. Happy Gandhi Jayanti! Digital hue for Ganges,
Tricolor for Facebook. Don’t let pride enter your heart. Mark Zuckerberg, PM Modi
and millions of innocents tri-colored their display pictures as a Can’t-Say-No-poll
showed up on Facebook. Screw your caucasian white a** But as they say – Code never lies! Upon investigation, the tag
internetorg was discovered. Was it a manifestation
of the same which is against net neutrality
and freedom of internet? Coding mistake or conspiracy? Make India Digital or Mental? We shake our booty and walk away leaving you mindf**ked. Although Facebook denied any
connection between both the real question is – Why would Mark Zuckerberg support
Digital India without profit? FB has peaked in developed
countries already. The only two markets left remaining
– India & China No I want real India. Poor people.
Hungry people! WTF! Mark was also couriered
hand sanitizers by for
hobnobbing with our PM who was previously
banned from the US. Why? For 2002? Does anyone even care now? I don’t know what you say. So will Mark provide every poor
hungry farmer with free basic internet? But then who decides what’s
free and what’s basic? Will it be easier for
a farmer to land up as a migrant labourer at a not so
congested footpath in a big city? Also can he start a
#SelfieSuicide campaign on FB? We stand incognito & ignored
in this crowded world. Meanwhile in Dadri a crowd of 100 mercilessly killed blacksmith
Ikhlaaq after hearing rumors of him having eaten beef. Free basic internet should be
rewarded to these villagers! May be they’ll become
net addicts and start outraging on Twitter & Facebook instead of killing their neighbours. So help us get them free basic internet by liking and sharing this video and subscribing to FilterCopy. Can remote Indian areas
get a neutral internet? Let us know in the comments below. Speaking of which –
time to read some. What if I tell you I’m not? Actually that’s not a bad idea.
Next time onwards only Marathi speak! Kartik, Dhruv I think this is for you guys! Eid Mubarak you guys.

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  1. Rajeev Thada says:

    NYC work Mithila and team

  2. Joel Ambrose says:

    Bunch of creative writers used the cuteness overflowing 🤐

  3. Mahesh Kale says:

    What is meaning of Agni Aunt?

  4. vinod pal says:

    she is dumb and beautifull

  5. rohit patil says:

    wear saree once

  6. Naveen Kumar says:

    the last suggestion was too cool….

  7. Dishant Boora says:

    Nation wants to know "WHY DON'T U DRINK UR BLACK COFFEE??

  8. Dishant Boora says:

    I wanna date u agni aunt.. i have crush on u

  9. Roshan Kumar Ray says:

    are u an idiot? free basic is not good

  10. Vishal Goyal says:

    amazing 🙂

  11. Sanjay Jangid says:

    Nexus 5 ftw!!!

  12. AJIT KUMAR says:

    great way of reacting to comments….good presence of mind

  13. Siddesh Kadam says:

    Nexus 5

  14. vallabh chugh says:

    are bematlab modi ko ghusa diya ?kitni khaali ho

  15. Nikhilesh Kshirsagar says:

    Great video, comedy is great way to discuss sensitive topics.

  16. Chanish says:

    hey mitali tu jar marathi madhe video kar shel tar aaamala avdel kharach ani bty tu khoop good aaa hai i wish tu maze sis as te….


    like ur videos :NOT A FAN: good enough to kill a few mins.Kick back a notch on ur overacting and u might be india's next Rakhi Sawant.

  18. Raj shekhar singh says:

    what a kind of sense of humor just go and kill the world by ur talent…….aur koi bhi mujhe Lelo Bhagwan ke Naam par

  19. Abhinav says:

    released on my bday 😀 …good show

  20. jayanta das kanak says:

    keep smiling mam
    i like you

  21. CrazySikhGuy says:

    "Who really cares now" true statement

  22. livenlearn01 says:

    she is so pretty

  23. Ankesh Kumar says:

    you are as dumb as dumb(I can't find compression for you), your stupidity crossed your cuteness..

  24. Aly says:

    Hey mithila dont talk against modi.. You will become anti-national and a Pak supporter.

  25. Sunil Satre says:

    mast mithila..

  26. Megha Patil says:

    mithila ur so cute…

  27. VIVEK KUMAR says:

    love you mithila 😍😘😘❤❤

  28. Ahad Muhammad says:

    how are the views on this video so low

  29. Anisa Maity says:

    Yar hardin glass mein kuch drink bharke rakh dete hain, Kabhi toh pile Meri maa!!!

  30. Anisa Maity says:

    Mithila u r Soooo cute

  31. YourTube says:

    keep trying , better luck next time. !!!!

  32. Rishi Dhumale says:

    No one care wat she has s saying just look at her

  33. Vdot Joker says:

    Nice video……✌🏻

  34. Yash Gautam says:

    Just FUCK OFF !!!

  35. rohan says:

    2 oct today. what a coincidence

  36. Champ Alexy says:

    Why is Mithila speaking politics? Remember, since face is of mithila then the onus is on her…….even though the words are of modi hater.

  37. Champ Alexy says:

    Filter copy seems to be fully leftist

  38. Shubham Pratap says:

    I really did not understand everything because most of time i concentrate on her cute face with curly hairs and skip words she saying.
    Please bring some good content.

  39. Sunayana Kartha says:

    Guys when are you posting a video waiting for video 🤔🤔

  40. ocean says:

    Jio ne almost free hi kardiya internet.

  41. Nonidh Gupta says:

    Girl I love you
    U are like my sister

  42. Prince Sharma says:

    yeh english me bolte bolte beech me hindi word ghusane ka kya mtlb hai..
    trust me irritating lag rha hai not cool…

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  44. mehul choudhary says:


    Your beauty seriously fucked my mind yar .

  45. Veer G says:

    so very very nice video i like it I'm frame Pakistan i love you Indian

  46. hip hop says:


  47. Vaishak Krishnan says:


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