Eric Brechner: “Agile Project Management with Kanban” | Talks at Google


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  1. Veselica says:

    Can you use this for pharma companies and drug development?

  2. Paul 'RoseBud' Rose Rose says:

    did he say con bon?

  3. Bo Bai says:

    Best introduction to kanban i have come across. No nonsense, just do it. And still providing lots of in depth through answering the questions. Make sure you listen to the complete question section. Great!

  4. Otto Weininger says:

    "Management is to Heidegger as the sophists were to Plato, a simulacrum of philosophy and rationality." -Baptiste Rappin
    This video confirms it pretty much.

  5. Katarzyna Kubiak says:

    Leicht verdauliche Informationen! Dort habe ich alles gefunden, was ich brauche. Ideal für Mensch mit gutem Hörgedächtnis 🙂 Ich denke, dass eine gute Ergänzung für das Material auch die Internetseite: sein kann – wenn jemand Lust hat, noch etwas zu lesen 😉

  6. cesar leon says:

    i would ask if internet explorer development uses Kanban.

  7. Heather Morris says:

    Does anyone use Kanban to manage day to day email? We recently purchased a subscription to an online kanban solution and I feel it's working ok for our software development projects, but the boss is having us use it to "manage" email, too. I'm finding it very cumbersome and not working so well because there can be so many replies/disconnected threads, etc. Kanban is really flexible, but I feel like we're trying to force it into a workflow it's not really meant to be used for. Thoughts??? Are there any discussion forums I could post my question to? (I've looked, but haven't found anything). Thanks!

  8. King Kompany says:

    It seems forced and over elaborate.


  9. Martin Lichtblau says:

    Doing Scrum without KanBan… why would you do that in the first place?

  10. PMIS Consulting Limited says:

    anyone notice this presentation discusses: task/work breakdown; estimating; tracking; dependencies; due dates; etc and a lot that needs to be done and captured that is not on this board – also said "all we have is the kanban board – no spreadsheets etc. ". Something really does not stack up with this statement.

  11. Coachee says:

    El video es bastante bueno, ayuda al pensamiento crítico y a la auto
    organización. Sigo tu actividad y me gustaría hacer una recomendación de
    mi canal relacionada con el mismo contenido.
    Tus objetivos están cada vez más cerca porque trabajas en las tareas
    necesarias a tu ritmo.
    Nadie dijo que el Kanban no se puede aplicar a
    los objetivos personales.
    Kanban nos puede enseñar a ser un profesional a
    nivel personal y laboral 🙂 Aprendamos el uno del otro.

  12. SeanBarrett666 says:

    The laugh at 52:08 👍

  13. Hassaan Sadiq says:

    WAOOOO. Awesome talk. Thanks a lot Eric Brencher. You did the best and most practical explanation of Kanban.

  14. Rudi Wynants says:

    thanks for the vid, just one remark! whats with the white sox LOL

  15. Balazs Pk says:

    Microsoft papa thinks he is smart, probably Google kids are already doing it

  16. Skylar Saveland says:

    Love Kanban.

  17. Younes Keraressi says:

    love this guy, thx for the introduction to Kanban, people cant event laugh to the funny's statements what a weird audience..

  18. MrUncleHermit says:

    Sounds more like Agile Project Delivery rather than Agile Project Management.

  19. Arvin Buising says:

    It's just scrum with extra steps.

  20. Michał Kondratowicz says:

    I wasn't expecting such a great talk, seriously! This guy is amazing and entertaining to watch. I just feel sorry for him that his audience seems to have a stiff stick up in their asses and are not as cool as that dude is.

  21. Hog Tramp says:


  22. Yousef Alfarhoud says:

    is it applicable for all types of projects or just software ?

  23. askcraz111 says:

    Check out – See how Kanban board is literally folded in to your everyday life!

  24. askcraz111 says:

    Check out – See how Kanban board is literally folded in to your everyday life!

  25. Kinrany says:

    Expected a punchline around 2:00

  26. Axel Stark says:

    yes, Back to Notes, maybe OneNote helps with the chit economy

  27. Piotr Zarycinski says:

    Kanban is not Agile

  28. Thibaut Angevin says:

    Peter Boyle explaining project management. Brilliant!

  29. Gilbert Stanley says:

    Restyaboard is indeed a great tool and I've been experiencing it among other tools and it has some great features and ideas there !

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