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Eventbrite is a household name. Not only do they make the world’s greatest
compact toaster ovens, but they’re also one of the best platforms on the planet for
finding and planning events. In this lesson, we’ll build an Eventbrite
checkout page inside our Webflow project. And it’s just two parts here: grabbing the
embed thing from Eventbrite, and pasting it in Webflow. You might be thinking, if it’s so simple,
why did they make a video? For part one, let’s start in Eventbrite. We’ve already created an event for a concert,
which we can find at any time (when we’re logged in) under Manage Events. Let’s go into the specific event we already
created. And now we’re in our Event Dashboard. All we have to do is access our website integrations
(which we can find under Invite & Promote). Now, there are a few options here, but ours
is the main one: add checkout to your website. And we have some more options, but our goal
is to have this embedded on the page with our content. So we’ll press embedded on the page with
your content. If the preview looks good, which it does (it
looks great), let’s head over to grab that code. Let’s click in…and copy it to our clipboard. (Command C on macOS, Control C on Windows.) That’s part 1. Part 2 is in Webflow. This is a quick layout we built from scratch
(we used part CSS Grid and part magic to make this happen). All we have to do is grab an embed element. (We’re just going to grab an embed element
and drag it right into our layout.) And since we copied the Eventbrite code to
our clipboard, we can just as easily paste. (Command V on macOS, Control V on Windows.) Save and close. Let’s publish our project, and check out
the published result. And just like that — we’ve built Eventbrite’s
element right on the page. Again, we just grabbed the code from Eventbrite,
and we pasted it into an embed element in Webflow. That’s embedding the Eventbrite eleme— [Grimur] Uh, the toaster. You forgot about it.

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  1. Riley Jones says:

    These D R O P S

    Won’t stop.

  2. Alex Manyeki says:

    0:22 🤣🤣👏👏👏

  3. Shahzayb Ali says:

    Who comes up with these ideas! my god! you guys should make a freaking show out of this! xD

  4. Bo Louie says:

    I want him to be my friend so we can hangout.

  5. Kshitij Merugu says:

    You forgot about the toster man !😂

  6. Philipe Abner says:

    We should have another options of embedding other Checkouts on ECOMMERCE as Well.

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