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let’s do something new different and
exciting this time around. we’re going to install the new elementary OS version
0.4 Loki specifically. we’re not going to try it we’re going to install it. now the reason
for this is i’ve been using elementary for I don’t know two weeks maybe three
weeks it was started using it since i did my
ubuntu- versus elementary OS benchmark I can’t remember how long ago that was but that certainly wasn’t my first time
using elementary i have used it off and on for a while now i was using it very happily back in
November of 2015 and I had a hardware failure and while i was trouble shooting
it I switched over to Ubuntu Gnome and I
fix my hardware issue but I never switched back to elementary but I when I
used i really enjoyed it and I’ve been looking forward to kind of moving back
and that benchmark can give me a reason it do that so this is the installer for elementary
OS 0.4 beta this is not official stable release I guess this is beta so it’s got rough
edges and sharp edges and probably is not suited for every day consumption like I’m going to do. it
using the Ubuntu installer so this isn’t anything special course it’s
customized to you know references elementary stuff but this is ubiquity i
think is the name of the installer we’re not going to read the release
notes i’m sure they’re very interesting but let’s move on preparing to install elementary we of course
one updates and we of course want the third party software for graphics Wi-Fi
hardware flash cetera your computer currently has OS freya
0.3 . – like I said that’s what i’ve been using so i don’t want to waste it
and blow all my data way and I’m certainly not going to install alongside
this might be different than what most people do I’ve got two hard drives this one is
solid state this one is not and this is my home partition 750 gigs whoa what the hell what is it doing up
there that’s weird well at any rate it’s ext4
i’m going to mount it is my home i’m not going to format it because obviously i
don’t want to do that so that way when the OS is done installing it’ll all my
data will be there all my Steam games will be there all my all my dropbox
stuff will be there i won’t have to reinstall re download anything it’s
already there but we do want to blow these guys away I’ve had trouble with the efi partition if you just try to write on top of the
existing one that’s weird to look at that I wonder if you could do it has always
done that I don’t know what’s causing that it’s like the focus is staying with the
mouse cursor but what I like to do is create a EFII
partition at 512 megabytes so I blow the existing bootloader away create a new one and we create a new
mount . now you notice that i don’t have to swap I don’t use swap, so and this is it pacific time zone is good English us is
good and I’ll go ahead and skip this part so the install took roughly five minutes
maybe a little bit less so we’ll go ahead and restart and will boot into the
OS we’ve made it to the login screen first
try didn’t run into any weird issues with bootloader or anything else but i
will say that this over here on the right hand side the date and time this is clearly off centered in CSS in
web pages you have a container sort of object and it creates margins on each
side and it looks like there’s a margin here on the left-hand side but that
margin is missing or something i don’t know i don’t know how this is a range
but clearly this is wrong so we’ll go ahead and login and here we
are so if you were to install and log into
elementary for the first time you you would not see this background this is
because since i reused my home partition it just picked up right where my last
partition left off so we’ve got updates already this must
be the new app center interesting i was told i have updates but a ok so
when you have updates should probably take you to install instead of
categories but this is the App Center I think App Center version 0.1 so this
is pretty cool i was following the elementary launch pad and there was
discussions on whether or not they were going to use the application software
center from lubuntu or if they’re gonna write their own and I actually don’t
know what they ended up doing it looks like this was written by the elementary
team so this is custom for elementary if I’m
wrong you can comment me or you can correct me in the comments I would love
to know but this is pretty cool so let’s go ahead and update these guys
will minimize that and let’s get some software going now I don’t like using
software centers I think they’re really cool for people who aren’t technically
capable of handling themselves in the terminal and stuff but I’m going to
install synaptic because that’s how I like to install software you know that synaptic is installed
let’s go ahead and launch it and kind of pick up where I left off in my last OS
install so I don’t know what’s going on here but let’s go ahead and grab steam Oh it’s missing so we’re the largest fact i
just discovered i can install steam from here wait let me close that ok so you don’t
see steam here right so let me close him but now i can get
steam I don’t know why that’s happening I’m sure that there is a valid reason
whether it be a bug or not a bug but that is kind of strange so I noticed
now randomly it’s telling me i have even more updates I guess it somehow didn’t finish the
updates from before she’s kind of weird or do I have to
click on one by month one please tell me I don’t have to do that really there’s no feedback telling me that it’s
updating which is weird yeah that look there’s also it’s also
like missing a margin when this pops out just kind of weird but anyway yeah i’m not going to use this I don’t
know what it’s doing like i said i don’t use those very much anyways I’m just
gonna go to synaptic and I i noticed that it’s also missing the filter which
is kind of a pain I can’t remember how to put that back i
have to look it up and I’m not going to do it right now so one thing I’m really excited about is
mesa now we have the more recent mesa drivers
and you’ll notice that if you follow my channel and all that I also have some
gameplay series that i was doing like Tomb Raider and some other ones and the
main reason why i wanted to upgrade to beta even though it has you know rough edges
and things with elementary OS low key i get the latest latest mesa drivers and
that’s important because I i do want to finish up my other series like
shadow of mordor in Tomb Raider and stuff but elementary OS Freya uses mesa
10 . something and boon to 16.4 uses mesa 11 which brings along opengl for which is required for those
games so now that we’ve upgraded here i can actually go back and finish that
series so that’s exciting as you can see opengl
core profile 4.1 BAM it’s actually 11.2 I thought that
was 11.1 or something so it’s even it’s even more recent than I thought so
that’s super awesome now another thing i’m pretty excited
about is I’ve been really really into for a while now I’ve been really into
the solid programming language and the vala programming language is the
programming language that the elementary team uses it’s a programming language
that’s developed by the gnome people at home the nation or whatever but it’s really
cool because it said tactically it’s very similar-looking there is it’s very
similar to c sharp which is my native languages that i use a professional
software developer and I’d prefer not to use C sharp mono or any sort of done it
thing on linux and for elementary OS Loki they included this new package
called elementary sdk and what that is supposed to do is bring along all of the
dependencies required to actually create an elementary app so i’m actually really
excited about that so there’s a couple of final things i
want to cover before I end this video out first thing is this weird little bug I found by accident so system settings
go to sound and then come up here to the little notification which I was going to
talk about anyways because these notifications are using a different
notification framework or library i think they used to use Ayatana which is
the 12 indicator framework which did not follow a standard it was I guess it was
attempting to implement its own standard and nobody really liked it so I believe
that the elementary team moved away from it but anyways so I click this indicator
here and then go to sound settings and you’ll notice that we were all settings
over here this little area and now it sounds if I click this I go back to all
settings i click it again I go back to the actual settings menu so it’s like it
goes down another level but it doesn’t really not that that
matters so anyways so this whole configuration thing is new I don’t
remember anything quite this sophisticated in Freya so this is a hugely hugely welcome
improvement for a couple reasons mainly you can go up to the indicator here you
can like mute things from the actual indicator now this is super useful to me because
I’m on and off the discord community the Egee.io discord community see all the time sometimes I muted
sometimes I’m not and I also switch microphones i have a headset and then i
also have a shure sm57 i do all my recordings with so sometimes i just want
to disable and I believe with Freya and Ubuntu Gnome if you want to
disable your input you have to go to sound settings go to input and disable
it here which is kind of annoying i could be wrong on that but i’m pretty
sure that’s how it is and then the last thing that I’m going
to show before killing this video off is the new notification center so it seems
like the audio notifications are broken whoa not that broken what the hell is
going on that was weird but notice how I’m
controlling my volume I’m controlling it through the keyboard
with elementary fray i would actually pop up on the screen showing me that I
was you know increasing or decreasing the volume now i’m doing it and there’s no
notification of also i don’t know what’s up with that but the other notification thing is i’m
running steam in a terminal so this is like a job that’s running and
then if I close it you’ll see a notification on the top right hand side
like that see I had to open another window because when i closed it brought
focus back to the console which meant the notification have to show but see
the notification that kind of slid out and then slid back when it was done so
that’s cool so that is going to wrap up the
elementary OS 0.4 Loki preview I have one question for the devs at this
point and that question is when loki comes out of beta and it becomes full
production ready stable and everything will bethe automatically upgrade to the
stable version or will i need to reinstall it again of course i would prefer if it just kind
of updated to the stable version but at the same time I wouldn’t really be
surprised if it didn’t because spins of official distributions often times trouble with that but that is it that
will wrap up this video thanks a million to the elementary OS team you guys are
freaking awesome and i look forward to more of your work in the future

45 Replies to “ElementaryOS 0.4 Loki Preview”

  1. Chris Rohlfs says:

    Great video man, nice to get a preview of the next version of Elementary :]

  2. Lotte says:

    I guess you didn't have to do any workarounds to get Steam working, I guess I'll move onto Elementary for a bit. It's also based on Ubuntu 16.04, right or was that still Linux Mint?

  3. Smaloki says:

    It might have paused the updates because you started installing Steam from the command line.

  4. TerrahBite says:

    Egee discord? EGEE DISCORD?

    Also question, not trying to be one of those annoying pronunciation turds, but is there a reason you don't pronounce it guh-nome? I get yelled at when I just say gnome with the silent g. ;3;

  5. Rascal says:

    Wow, so smooth. Are you using AMD GPU? I really want to move to linux, but every distro which I tried was SOOO LAGGY. I hate when interface is laggy, especially if I have really powerful PC. Well, I will try this distro.

  6. David Slusser says:

    Nice video man! Now I'm gonna need that wallpaper ASAP.

  7. Luis Fernando Valenzuela Peinado says:

    Not only content but video and audio quality is great! Also, can you share the name of the music you were listening to?

  8. Keith Henderson says:

    TBH, whenever I used synaptic (during my two year Debian phase) I had nothing but problems with it; synpatic would always throw false package breaking errors, failed during upgrades, etc.

    I very much prefer using terminal tools for packages.

  9. Andrรฉs Buitrago says:

    I just love your channel and I found it because of your review on my favorite distro. Sub'd. <3

    Btw, have you ever considered playing csgo on eOS and uploading it here? I'm a dual user rn. I use Windows only for CSGO and other games (Dirty Bomb) cause I'm scared of it's performance on Linux.

  10. 23 is NOT 48 says:

    I have 0.3.2 Freya (On VMware, as I didn't want to override my Windows 10). When 0.4.0 is released will it appear as a software update or will I need to delete 0.3.2, download 0.4.0, and reinstall that?

  11. Morgan Risch says:

    When Loki goes stable you're most likely going to need to reinstall. Elementary doesn't have any infrastructure for full release upgrades and I know that when Freya went stable it was recommended to reinstall because updating the beta did not give you all the changes and fixes included in the official release. It's possible this won't be the case for Loki but highly unlikely.

  12. Morgan Risch says:

    Also, you really should have done more research on the known issues in the beta before installing. Most issues are tolerable, but you definitely need to install a system manager and keep an eye on packagekitd. At the moment the appcenter-daemon is causing packagekitd to use 100% of the CPU, the workaround right now is to kill the appcenter-daemon which you need to do after every login as well as make sure to not open the appcenter or it will start the daemon again.

  13. Hazelrey says:

    i'm currently using freya, cant wait for LOKI ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Everything Cool says:

    nice review

  15. Vinayak Sawant says:

    when final release going to come for elementary os?

  16. Wade Mac says:

    at 5:35 .. your a linux snob .. dude tell ppl that software management software makes you weak at linux .. honestly

  17. CreepinWhileYouSleepin says:

    excellent review, keep it up, i like the jazz in the background too, i think LGR does something like that and it really works for these kinds of videos. also anyone know a good way to update to this from Freya while also moving to a new harddrive?

  18. Andrew Patasik says:

    great review man, i'm considering to try Linux for the first time.

  19. Meio Jo says:

    No DotA 2 and Rust but no Ark:Survival Evolved….

  20. Jazz Sjo says:

    i was trying to install elementary os freya on my hp laptop but ended up with grub install error, and the os did not installed on my laptop. i was installing the os with dual boot with windows 10. please help me out.

  21. Nagy Adam says:

    Last time (around 2012) you could just update the beta os to the stable one if I'm not mistaken.

  22. ig0rsky says:

    5:15 ok i will cum at you ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. BoneYard says:

    ive also alway found that Steam installs better from terminal ๐Ÿ™‚
    also, after trying many many linux distros (mostly ubuntu based, i liked LMDE also), i have to say Elementary is by far my favourite, simple, clean, fresh and seems right at home on a Thinkpad x200s on an SSD ๐Ÿ™‚ So stable too ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Andrew Lee says:

    I recognize the music from simcity 3000

  25. Shorty4 says:

    i've been using freya for a year already, and i don't see any big differences between freya and loki, so can you guys explain what are the differences and should i update?

  26. Devin says:

    Hey, if you don't mind me enquiring, does swap space slow down any processes on a Linux distro? I'm currently using Fedora, and the popular opinion from most Linux users is to keep some swap space if you let your computer go into hibernation mode (I don't do that, though – I leave my computer on until I decide to turn it off, lol).

  27. Devin says:

    Oh, and nice review! I love the look of elementaryOS, but I'm too fond of Fedora to start distro hopping again. Might give Ubuntu MATE another go in the near future, though.

  28. John W says:

    So sleek.

  29. The Occultist says:

    did this distro has video tearings (i have nvidia gtx850m driver and it has tearing on applications, videos, games etc.)

  30. Lucky Man says:

    i try to use grave key for change language but connot . can you tell me how to do?

  31. Shisuko The Grim Nite says:

    I love the look and feel of this OS, however Ubuntu fits my style a bit better.

    Installed Loki on a 32GB USB for some purposes… I'll find it a use soon.

  32. Boo says:

    Broken shit ever,
    you can't even change Mouse wheel speed.

    Developers have said that, they are working hard on it,
    day and night.

  33. K.R. ADITHYA says:

    Is it just me without a working Wifi in elementary?

  34. shane avlis says:

    Wow so cool! How to get this????

  35. kima khiangte says:

    i try to dual boot with windows 10 (in legacy mode)…. i always get error 5 i/o error in the last stage of installation… i've tried ubuntu mate, ubuntu unity, gnome, zorin os and this elementary os. always got error. live boot and persistent live boot is working great though. i have no clue toy problem. also that i am not ready to wipe windows 10 away before i can afford ext hdd…๐Ÿ˜Š

  36. kima khiangte says:

    great video. but when i try to dual boot with windows 10 (in legacy mode)…. i always get error 5 i/o error in the last stage of installation… i've tried ubuntu mate, ubuntu unity, gnome, zorin os and this elementary os. always got error. live boot and persistent live boot is working great though. i have no clue toy problem. also that i am not ready to wipe windows 10 away before i can afford ext hdd…๐Ÿ˜Š

  37. MonakoBoy says:

    Hi, just found your channel, really like it. I swear to god, I'm so close to losing my shit and moving to linux permanently, I just haven't found the right distro yet.

    My dear sir, can you answer me this: can I use wine to (properly) install photoshop CC/GTA5 (and other games or movie editing programs) and run them with at least acceptable stability? You mentioned discord, I was not aware they are already supporting linux, are they?

    Also, how many fps would I get playing for example BF1 on a GTX660 and if at all possible to install, do you know roughly the % degradation as compared to windows? GPU drivers on linux have always been sketchy for me.

    I have been using linux servers for quite some time now, but using a desktop version has never been an enjoyable experience up to this point, I am considering to switch to Elementary altogether. I can get away with sacrificing a few things, but not key ones.

  38. Stuff says:

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    I've used Ubuntu since my first computer, back in 2007, This is the first time that I've ever really switched Distro's, sure I've tried Arch, Debian, Mint, and others, but they never just worked like Ubuntu did, then I tried this, with beautiful UI,ย and ease of use, I never looked back, it has been on my computer for around a year now. It's great for Application development, gaming, web browsing, 3d design, audio production, and all of the above, I use if for. Never going back.

  45. Charsept says:

    The best looking distro IMO

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