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invent one thing to make the world a better
place, I would invent– FEMALE SPEAKER: –a robotic bee. And it flies into
hives, recording data in hopes of finding out
why the bees are dying. MALE SPEAKER: Sometimes,
I feel like there’s not enough time in a day, SO
I want to extend time. FEMALE SPEAKER:
The idea retriever, when you have an idea,
and the escapes you. And then the idea
retriever catches it. MALE SPEAKER: A spray that
could make healthy food taste like unhealthy food, but while
having the healthy benefits. MALE SPEAKER: The Universal
Nexus, as my invention, would create connections between
your past, present, and future. [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SPEAKER: You’re
going to California to Google Headquarters. FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh! FEMALE SPEAKER: I am so excited! MALE SPEAKER: [SQUEALING] FEMALE SPEAKER: It
will be my first time on an airplane for my
trip to California. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] MALE SPEAKER: Hello, everybody. Welcome. FEMALE SPEAKER: All
of the engineering, and all the invention,
and all of the innovation really actually
starts with a drawing. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Any
of these Doodles, we would’ve loved to
have on our homepage. And the winner is Audrey Zhang. Come on up, Audrey. The Doodle you did for this
year is just so incredible. Do you want to tell us
a little bit about how you came up with this design? AUDREY ZHANG: I came
up with the design when I learned that not
everyone has clean water. My invention would give clean
water at a very fast pace. MALE SPEAKER: For
the first time ever, we are going to work with the
winner and animate the Doodle. MALE SPEAKER: Have you ever
made animations before? AUDREY ZHANG: No. MALE SPEAKER: All right,
well, here you go. So what are the kind of things
would you like to see happen? AUDREY ZHANG: Their heads move. MALE SPEAKER: OK, their
heads are going to move. MALE SPEAKER: Give
us a big flame. Think that would be pretty cool? Say, for instance, we want
Mr. Whale to do a blink. Thank you, Audrey. [MUSIC PLAYING]

50 Replies to “Doodle 4 Google 2014 Winner”

  1. Soulblaze15 says:

    i want to invent "WORLD PEACE"

  2. 1995UltraZZ28 says:

    Where is thee link to get this image i love it so amazing but very true that Everything Starts from A Drawing! Congats To Thee Winner!

  3. Nandar Ismail says:


  4. 源yuen says:

    no mad, why mad for?

  5. jaymorpheus11 says:

    Poor Kids, please don't drive them through Milpitas, that place stinks.

  6. Hafiz Shehbaz Ali says:

    Doodle is great project to enhance the children' creativity.. Let us them expose their creativity. That's Audrey Zhang did..  congrat..

  7. Grace Deng says:

    At my school every year we need to make a doodle for Google this year I'm doing dinosaurs and the theme is back in time

  8. Mamitiana rx7a says:

    <3 <3 <3

  9. bellejpg says:

    Didn't she win two times?!!!!

  10. Gaspare Esteri says:

    Spot disegni e animazione molto. interessante Bravi

  11. Soufflè says:

    Is this just in America? I will be so pissed if it is.

  12. Tanner K says:

    Wow, seeing myself on the stage 2 years ago is mind blowing. I just realized my drawing SUCKED compared to other drawings xD

  13. Santiago Mendoza says:


  14. ๑•̀3•́๑ peachychick says:

    Wait…. last year I join this and it said that if you win your school will get $1000 but you don't get anything only for your school so then I quit


  15. Redfox says:

    I never heard of these. Well I live in Canada so I don't know if that would count

  16. Sebastian Pacco says:

    Ningún peruano? :´v xd

  17. paola Pérez says:

    Omg im so excited i want to win this year

  18. Kosara Mihailova says:

    много добро

  19. Ganga Dutt mishra Mishra says:

    गुगले को हमारी ढेरों सारी बधाईयाॅ

  20. Iuforia says:

    Her "Yehey!" was so filled with enthusiasm I can cry.. T__T

  21. Jaz R says:

    If you go can one of your siblings come with you?

  22. Amerie Zarzuela says:

    omg I entered mine in on my birthday if I win that would be the best present ever

  23. Cheryl Hall says:

    can anyone pls say how to submit one?

  24. Annette Greenberg says:

    I entered last year but my teacher submitted the drawing too late.

  25. Victoria Thavisone says:

    Voices of Lao people's

  26. pepe cheri says:


  27. The Mayo Monster says:

    No joke not only is the winner in my state, but she is in my school

  28. Aina Baloch says:

    Soo beautiful to see the more intresting doodle's creations logos

  29. Swagons says:

    I remember this

  30. PersonMan1 says:

    0:10 because of colony collaspe disorder

  31. Sid S says:

    0:05 (cough )black mirror…(cough)

  32. Lovey Dovey says:

    I am doing this art project in 2018 pls help

  33. MemeBurger U says:

    0:49 the perfect reaction

  34. Perry the Platypus says:

    Hardest part to draw was the 'g' aaaargh

  35. Priscilla Iniguez says:


  36. two sister says:

    How can we draw this please tell me

  37. Adnan Raksha says:

    I wish I could do this, will it happen next year?

  38. Infires man jiang jiang man genius suga says:

    Asian level

    (wait I'm Asian but useless)

  39. Danielle is the best :D says:

    I would love if I could make things taste like chocolate

  40. jj rutherford says:

  41. Carlo Bergoglio poesie e disegni. Bertoglio says:

    Come sempre Google stupisce.

  42. Life as Sixth graders says:

    I think I might have a shot at winning next year

  43. NEWSWIRE MAN says:

    ooo basically she can made it because she has an a graphic painting

  44. md hussain sahab says:

    I feel like thr winer

  45. aduarte2010 says:

    i hope i win this year in 2019

  46. Kamo says:


    Ok but that 9:18 was pretty clever

  47. Technical Bytes says:

    World leader the Google.

  48. SleepyVoice says:

    Google Valentine day special Don't miss it….

  49. Damian Reyes Avila says:

    Amazing video 😐

  50. artmaven says:

    This video, and the whole channel, have the potential of being watched by children. So why hasn't it been marked as made for kids? The comments, playlist, and notification features are okay for Google but not for the rest of us?

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