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Cruel and cold like winds on the sea Will you ever return to me? Hear my voice Sing with the tide My love will never die Over waves and deep in the blue I will give up my heart for you Ten long years I’ll wait to go by My love will never die Come, my love, be one with the sea Rule with me for eternity Drown all dreams so mercilessly And leave their souls to me Play the song you sang long ago And wherever the storm may blow You will find the keys to my heart We’ll never be apart Wild and strong, you can’t be contained Never bound nor ever chained Wounds you’ve caused will never mend And you will never end Cruel and cold like winds on the sea Will you ever return to me? Hear my voice Sing with the tide Our love will never die

100 Replies to “Davy Jones – Man on the Internet Cover”

  1. Savannah Warwillow says:

    HOLY SHIT MAN GOOD FUCKING JOB BRAVO BRAVO legit though you rocked this!

  2. Francoeur Valparaíso says:

    2:20 that arabic sound ♡

  3. DORkblood says:

    do you hear that?
    That's the sound of pure perfection.
    That is what pure perfection sounds like.
    Man On The Internet singing Fiajela's magnificent lyrics for Davy Jones's theme.

  4. Fadhlan Harashta says:

    Amazing, trully amazing

  5. That Guy says:

    Where can I download this?

  6. jeff _dude says:

    Your voice singing this sorta sounded like Davy jones.

  7. lady death says:

    Totally in fucken inlove with these songs

  8. KingOfSteel 289 says:

    I always wanted to sail the sea on a ship this song makes me want to even more

  9. Grace Aragon says:

    My only question is why hasnt he coverd hellfire from the hunchback of notradame

  10. GreenMageFighter says:

    I love this version equally. Yoi voice actually fits perfectly for my OC with a spanish accent, of course. XD

  11. ya boi bread says:

    Just imagine your on the open ocean and a massive storm apperes and this song just hammers in the distance

  12. A running mans Life says:

    Someone please get this on Spotify.

  13. Lord Tallon says:

    O:30 Your love won’t die but you will-

  14. The Heartless Hero 2077 says:

    You can hear the subtle pain in his voice……. intended or not, it's undoubtedly there……

  15. Loyal Healer says:

    Really love this because I've wanted to hear a male version of this song for a while

    Also 1:15 gave me epic chills

  16. Курс долара Я росту says:

    в россии это большие деньги

  17. [DATA EXPUNGED] says:


  18. Bella Salceies says:

    Sounds like Erik from Phantom Of The Opera singing about how he lost his love forever and never to return:Christine Daae

  19. Vince Love says:

    I don't know what this is, but IT. IS. AWESOME!

  20. Scripsi Abiete says:


  21. Bolt Indie says:

    All the Foxy gen from FNAF liked your vid!

  22. Persefone Rest In Peace says:

    Hace no se cuánto que vengo esperando a que alguien saque una versión masculina del tema… Sos un capo! Hubiera quedado de 100 si hubieras cambiado los "You" por "I" como si Davy Jones lo hubiera cantado… Gracias capo por el temaso!

  23. Shaylynne Swanberg says:

    God I love his voice!

  24. Orca Loefller says:

    Once my Dad gets his sailing boat to Sail the world, I want to play this Music on the boat with my Synthesizer, Or even with the Speakers, Because this is Just Amazing. I call this the real Seavolution

  25. Catarina Pinho says:

    Such voice… Wow, you're amazing

  26. The nightmare Of randomness says:

    Why not have heard of you before your voice sounds so beautiful

  27. Vinny bot says:

    Put on Google play

  28. Golden Fazbear Green says:

    So. Damn. Powerful. You could feel the chill of the sea reverbrate through your bones, pulling you ever closer to The Locker. You could feel the sorrow pain and anguish of the captain, and I must say, you captured his essence very well. I love it.

  29. Alice Wells says:

    Fricking chills man.. Damn I wish this was on Spotify 😔 You have a gifted set of vocal cords

  30. TheClaustromorphe says:

    So guys, I talked about it a while ago and here it is : my very own mix of the duet, with the voices responding to one another rather than singing along ! Hope you enjoy 🙂


  31. Trubal Meikar says:

    “Drown all dreams so mercilessly
    And leave their souls to me”

    Sounds like heartbreakers

  32. Sofiia Keilin says:

    So beautifull! Thank you.

  33. Taka Skaza says:

    I wonder how this song will sound in Polish. And also a great song.

  34. Svi eris says:

    The voice it understands what the lyrics is emphasizing ughhh ♥

  35. Keith Grey says:

    This just gave me serious inspiration for something.

  36. Lazarus Shade says:

    I am sad about one thing however…. I can’t buy this song like I wanna buy it but I can’t and I is a sad 😞

  37. Qilin X says:

    Muy épico.

  38. ASMR Girl and Boy says:

    Dear lord… This is… Wow… I… Wow.

  39. Voltage21 says:

    This is incredible. Seriously, just amazing. It displays Jones' emotions so we'll throughout both movies. Starting soft, becoming angry, and eventually losing himself and dying with his body falling lifelessly into the very thing he loved all his life. Amazing job, as always.

  40. Sandra Williamson says:

    This is davy jones theme in the background so it is davy jones lyrics this is the greatest song you done in my life…

  41. Joe Odams says:

    STEP TO IT!!!

  42. lulu Rodriguez says:

    it was great … greetings from Mexico: 3

  43. Ellise Giles says:

    2:18–2:25 my GOD ❤️

  44. Twilightwolf says:

    The vocals in this makes it my favorite for all eternity (its perfect for my angel devil (demon?) Pairing -<- <3 )

  45. Reverse Fuhrer says:

    How the hell did you get copyrighted? They did not. 😐😑🙄😒😔

  46. Paul Sanchez says:

    Where could we download this song?! Amazing o:

  47. Pingle Faz says:

    This is just Outstanding!

  48. DTPS 2002 says:

    If you go to her original video, you'll see an extended version I made.

  49. Patrizia N. Mohr says:

    I think this is still my favourite song on this channel.
    Alex' voice is so perfect, the switch between soft and fierce is breathtaking. And the little breaks, beuatiful.
    The song is amazing in itself, but the lyrics? Everything about this is wonderful

  50. chicken the cockatiel says:

    "this is everytime Bonnie from toy story 4 lost forky"

  51. Maïca Alemany says:

    Wow, je suis d'abord tombée sur l'originale, mais ta version est tout aussi magnifique. Tu as une façon d'exprimer la mélancolie dans cette chanson vraiment poignante, toutes mes félicitations pour cette version qui est impressionnante et que j'ai adoré 😊

  52. EstherNightroad500 says:

    I can't stop listening ugh-! amazing

  53. LOLgamer 823 says:


  54. Defalt. says:

    d'où vient la vidéo?

  55. Peyton Grief says:

    I’m shocked of how good this is. You did a great job

  56. Henrietta Kocsis says:

    O h.
    J E S U S.
    Your voice is absolutely AMAZING.

  57. Crossbones9595 says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD YES YES YES THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING- PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE AND THIS COVER HAS GOT TO BE ONE IF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER OMG- YOUR VOICE EVEN SOUNDED SIMILAR TO DAVY JONES’ IN THE LOUDER PARTS- I love your channel so much and your songs and covers make me so happy omg- I don’t have money or income but when I get old enough for a summer job of something I will definitely support you on patreon, I know the thing about YouTube not monetizing you anymore and I’m sorry about that- you definitely deserve it because your content is amazing, I don’t know if they started back monetizing you or not but hopefully they do, you are one of my favorite YouTubers and I love your channel and your videos and your vOiCe- 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  58. unrealdwarf1 says:

    Kinda has that Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera feel to it.

  59. Davy Jones says:


  60. IceC0ldLatte says:

    I can’t like more than once!?!?!?’

  61. [R3KT] TeamUp17 says:

    Who else got chills go through their body while singing along? Cause I have..🥶

  62. [R3KT] TeamUp17 says:

    You should do lyrics for The Kraken Theme song by Hans Zimmer

    Has a nice beat to it

  63. Trevor Williams says:

    This is it I found the perfect male cover for davy jones theme thank u good sir and I hope to see some more good stuff

  64. Hayden Spratt says:

    this is sick bro….I am remixing this song and will hook you up when it releases well done

  65. Hayden Spratt says:

    keep it up ;p

  66. Fandom Girl says:

    How is his voice so perfect this song gives me chills well done

  67. Tucker Raschdorf says:

    Alex, the only complaint I have is that I cant find a CD of your GOD TIER VOICE to play in my car…

  68. Masked Hero says:

    I wish this was on Itunes….this is awesome!

  69. boran ali says:

    0:34 im sadnes

    3:26 WTF

  70. Stormlinger 20 says:

    The more I listen to the song. The more I hear Davy Jones singing instead. 😳

  71. Elissa Atallah says:

    Lovee ittt🌊

  72. CandyLeopard69 says:

    You have good voice to be honest

  73. FrediTheGamer says:

    Love can indeed be a dreadful bond…


    Everyone I made myself a ship
    Man on internate x Fialeja

  75. Blue Prince3.4 says:

    This song is so good the emotion on your voice really brings out the passion in Davy Jones voice

  76. Vladimir Lenin says:

    Do you fear death?

  77. in time studios says:

    Make a prequel of davy jones life

  78. rukieta nedberg says:

    I love your voice oh my god
    man, i'm so happy that i live in this era or just uHhH
    much love from pierogi

  79. The Jester says:

    One word:


  80. Ruben Rodriguez says:

    buscas un comentario en español?
    te gusta piratas del caribe?
    te gusta David Jones & Calipso?
    Perfecto igual ami 🖒

  81. Gemini River says:


    You awesome. 👍🏻

  82. The Heartless Hero 2077 says:

    Guy = Do you fear death?

    Me = No, Death fears me

    Death = Ehem!

    Me = Shit……

  83. Shattered Flowers says:

    2:17 gives me goosebumps! I love it so much!!

  84. Drigota Ata says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who sings like this😁

  85. Sora Ookami says:

    Magnifique reprise bravo!! 😍😍

  86. Leshain says:

    why do i hear boss music?

  87. detective potato says:

    I did that thing where you put the lyrics in google translate and keep flipping it through different languages and I got this:

    It is cruel and cold like sea breeze. again? I heard a voice. Follow these trends. My love never dies. It broke when I caught the wave. I praise my heart. Ten years later, I am behind. My love never dies. Come with your lover, the sea. Always with me. So I canceled my dream and left my life. Listen to the song you sang for a long time. And the storm went everywhere. You will find the key in my heart. We never leave. The desert is powerful and you can't control it. Do not connect or connect. The created wound will not heal or stop. It is cruel and cold like sea breeze. again? Listen to me and watch the crowd. Our love never disappears.

  88. Bora Keçeci says:

    İts really good but guys dont be silly. Orijinal one is the legend.

  89. British Anime boy says:

    You have a great voice!

  90. Ragnar Chaos Knight says:

    Why Alex have not live concert?

  91. amaya.A.K.AShadowFOX says:

    Part of the ship,part of the crew.🙂👏

  92. J Krejcha says:

    I was about to say Fialeja's is better… but…. WOW. This is amazing

  93. Dalton Love says:

    10 hour version

  94. Kurogiri says:

    Rough and coarse like sands in the beach…

  95. Gwenpool says:

    "She pretended to love me! She betrayed ME!"

  96. Horror Sans says:

    Jones: Do you fear death
    Me: Hail Satan 😈
    Jones: Welcome to the crew
    Me: thank you. Now where’s Beckett I wanna cut someone’s head off 😈

  97. William Coccarielli says:

    Can you make this song for 1 hour?

  98. Brick Motions says:

    I always hear this song in my dreams..

  99. Tyrannosaurus Flex says:

    2:18 please tell me how you got such a performance out fo your voice there!

  100. Otep the dauther of the prime says:

    How to be with Sea give up your heart and soul and become a monster

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