Dark Theme & Gesture Navigation (Google I/O’19)


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  1. Danny van der Knaap says:

    There is no dark mode only an inverted color mode that's an big differend!

  2. Nikola Despotoski says:

    I already don't like this new gesture nav. 🀨

  3. Aritram Mondal says:

    For hamburger menu better will be swipe untill a little before the half screen to trigger back gesture. And more than that to trigger hamburger menu.

    Or swipe and hold any where to trigger hamburger menu.

  4. MrSerozka says:

    How do you make such a juicy picture for outdoor presentation? Is that projector or some lcd display? Looks so sharp!

  5. Decebal Trandafir says:

    Google allow users to disable system anoincements received by user's app. I want to be able to do that without root.

  6. Graeme Stevens says:

    Why not just make the "back" system gesture insets just the bottom 1/3 of the screen?

  7. Zbigniew Frysztak says:

    You recommned imersive experience now so do this in Google Photos App pleeeease! Photos are cropped to area above nav bar and belowe status bar.. It looks terrible on Galaxy S10 with edge to edge display!

  8. Ghanashyam Sateesh says:

    Sincere request… Please consider adding a β€˜panda’ theme… Places like the notifications, etc. let the toggles go black but keep the notifications white…

  9. Federico Jimbo Smithson says:

    waiting for Maps, Assisstant & Search dark modes, and please facebook do support native dark theme

  10. Manish Patel says:

    Cool. I love this dark theme

  11. Liran Barsisa says:

    8:27 Why did you remove the MODE_NIGHT_AUTO_TIME ? It was useful !
    Changing the color based on time, just like on navigation apps…
    24:58 "Users want immersive experience." That's true, but for some reason, most phones nowadays have cut-outs on the screen of various types. Notches and rounded corners, even though there is no need for them.Even for phones with bezels, they add rounded corners. Really wish this trend will end. It reminds me of the old CRT screens…
    36:58 back gesture while navigation drawer exists : I think it's not such a nice solution. When someone wishes to go back, why should it first open the navigation drawer? I think it's better if you could add an option to show the navigation drawer even if being dragged from the center of the screen, and let the edges work for back navigation
    38:58 Why not provide a flag in such views, to tell the OS that the back gestures shouldn't work on them?

  12. Mellaman_coco says:

    Have you uploaded the session about Dark Theme Design that they mention @ 5:13 ?

  13. Aaditya Brahmbhatt says:

    Pretty sad to see system taking over all three edges of display. Makes it harder for developer and designer.

  14. Edward Routley says:


  15. Benjamin Silva says:

    I wish i was there to see it live πŸ™‚

  16. Christian Dehning says:

    22:57 Gesture Navigation

  17. John Le says:

    we cant even press the nav bar pill for google assisntant. this just sucks

  18. Leo Scaletta says:

    Awesome can't wait . I hope we could still access Google assistant some how though.

  19. Tunduc Raul says:

    Why do they copy the iOS system behaviour? Please, come up with something original

  20. Kripesh Kumar says:

    In this video they told the navigation bar will disapper and the pill will be floated…. But since in the beta 4 of android q having the navigation bar which blocks or hides.. which is behind it .. why?

  21. Maxwell Mapako says:

    Gesture like Xiaomi :smug: I love them

  22. Nick Ra says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCHEjeLC_UY&list=PLWz5rJ2EKKc9FfSQIRXEWyWpHD6TtwxMM&index=37&t=890s "50 shades of Grey"!

  23. Clive HG Lee says:

    gesture navigation is such a bad idea. ugh. users are going to get so frustrated.

  24. Kenasimo _AZE_ says:

    Omg, I can't wait for that gesture navigations.πŸ”₯

  25. Adnan Faysal says:

    I love the force dark option 😍
    I'm in love with dark
    But it's not pure dark.. it's greyish..
    Will it be same on an Android one device like as the pixel?
    And will the force dark option allows all the 3rd party app to use dark theme?
    And a req…make an app for custom theming and fonts😍
    I'm using an Android one device and I'm very excited to know 😍

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