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  1. Amr Abd El-khalek says:

    Super Easy 👌

  2. Joe Nicholson says:

    I wish when I typed "home" from my mobile phone it would populate my home address that I've already set in Google Maps. From the desktop web app it automatically gives "home" as an option.

  3. lokesh kumar says:

    How to set keep matter on home screen of mobile

  4. lokesh kumar says:

    How to copy keep notes on home screen of mobile

  5. Michael Daniels says:

    I really wish this worked. I have done this for stores and the reminder usually gets to me after I leave the place. I wish the reminder would come up next to a place, that would be a great reminder.

  6. Heikki Hallamaa says:

    I'd prefer if I could be reminded about the shopping list when I'm at any grocery store, so I don't miss it just because I went to a different one.

  7. MaxxABillion MaxxABillion says:

    You should be able to do this in Google calendar



  9. KatzMan88 says:

    Will this notify me each time I am in that location? For example, if I set a reminder for home and I leave and come back, will it remind me again?

  10. Iqbal Hafidh says:

    it feels like making a very delicious cake

  11. Jason Fan Club says:

    more quick tips please!

  12. DimusTech says:

    It would be awesome if I could pick few locations for the same note, for example I shop usually at 3 local grocery stores nearby, I'd like the notification to pop when I'm near any of them.
    Also, why there's no pick on map option?

  13. Eric Lindberg says:

    Keep crushing it Laura!

  14. Michael Winger says:

    Perfect for grocery store specific lists. Sweet!

  15. Lenny Marett says:

    I wish it would work with a general area or within a certain radius of the location. I have a huge to-do list each morning. I tend to do things when I'm in the area I need to be. I should be able to set it so it will remind me to drop off something at the post office when I'm in the general area or driving by it.

  16. Dean Justice says:

    Thank you for your videos, I wish Keep was as nice and organizable as Microsoft OneNote. I am a G Suite user and advocate but I have to say, Microsoft Onenote is way more organised. As a productivity consultant and author of the UNITED STATES OF INTELLIGENCE | The Productivity Science, I have few ideas on how Tasks, Keep can improve.

  17. Biren Guwala says:


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