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(silence) Ok I’ll explain it quick and easy Two videos before to be more specific in the video of “double meaning” well at the end of the video I went to google and I started looking what people search most about me specifically looked people said I was illuminati but people did not look at that, people looked when I started typing Fernanfloo is, it appeared that if sought, fernanfloo is handsome I was highlighting in blue which meant I had already looked Why Fernan, why you looked that if you know you’re ugly (laughter) okay I’ll say why I looked it and why not I put it on the video and here we go. We write simply f-e and there we get fernanfloo is illuminati that I looked in the last video and Fernanfloo is handsome (music) and I did not want to put on video because I know many of you are fans of Rubius do not tell me you don’t know him because I know you know him! we click and watch I warned you this! I warned you! grab your little heart because it will break, watch it’ll break grab your ass and close it indeed we have many results of search but oh here is specifically one it says, who is more handsome? Fernan (shouts) or Rubius OMG (yeah) are you ready? because I warned you BOOOM! (Music) (laughs) (applause) how do you see it?! how do you see it?! I told you it was going to break your little heart because look (music) what happened? , happened Rubius?! the tendency of what beautiful is nowadays is changing is that people don’t want to see things like this or like this it’s just that people now prefer to see this (music) ok ok all kidding aside I’m laughing, I’m laughing because indeed according to the survey I won but look what they didn’t tell you is that if we look more in the survey is that the large number of people who have voted in this survey is 11 people (laughs) yeah just like that as you’re listening, eleven persons where the ones who voted in this survey and surely these seven who voted for me must have been wanting to be funny and that in the survey the result was Fernan the most handsome, fuck besides this is not the purpose of the topic now we are gonna start with the video


(Music) first of all want to say that this video probably if you are a sensitive person or you’re very susceptible to some disgust I said to you that you don’t have to watch this video, Stop! please and skip it because if not You’ll be sorry, I’m warning you Today we will look for things at Internet that are suppose you should never look or at least that is advisable not to look because you could damage your mental health Fernanfloo, you already searched on google images “Mature bears”? greetings from Argentina. No, I had never searched Mature bears images but there is always a first time. Bears matures, we click enter (music) (music) (Music) Mental Health -100 (Music) Mental Health -100, Oh wow in this moment I don’t know whether to cry or be mad or be happy obviously I’m going to censor this because because I have to censor it what can I say I have to censor this. Let’s continue Trypophobia sometimes called phobia to repetitive pattern It’s the fear or repulsion generated by look or be near geometric figures too close together especially very small holes and small rectangles, well many youtubers made a video specifically about this topic and apparently it is very strong fuck I don’t know I’m going to look at google ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ohh I’m understanding Why, let’s see this picture, this is photoshop this is photoshop, fuck there are too many disgusting things here I feel a rare skin sensation. Do you suffer from trypophobia? and well here there are geometric figures too close together in this case little circles. I see this weird but this is not something I feel that I’m afraid to unless is in the body of the human being for example this is a honeycomb I think it’s a honeycomb, yes there are the bees and this do not cause me any repulsion but these things like this for Example (music) (Music) (laughs) then I feel weird fuck, yes yes yes and definitely when They are in the body parts of the human being it gives me chills and these (ugh) these give me a little more ugh and the worms, the worms I can’t handle it, fuck. Well I’ve found a video of trypophobia and apparently is in… I don’t know what the fuck is that I think it’s a dog but we will see it because it is assumed that they are removing something from him (ugh) no, no, no ahh no, but that’s a dog what does he has? (ugh) ah no no no no I can’t continue (ugh) I warned you that if you were eating I don’t know if I said that you were eating but I said this could be a bit (ugh) I take it off, take it off. I don’t know if I want to keep watching. Let’s see what’s next larva in the ear as you said (ugh) nooo Oh please ahh, oh please goku give me the power.This is a little camera going through ohh, ay, ay no, no, I can not (ugh) keep watching (ugh) (Music) look, six videos that I had to watch, the ones that overwhelming most are the disgusting ones because they try to give you that retching If I would have recorded that video after eating lunch another thing would’ve be. Giant pimple ok let’s do it, no matter what ohh no. We’ll see, obviously pus is going out of there pus is nothing more than something caused when there is an infection and… (Silence) Ahh no, I can’t I can’t (laughs) (ugh) here it comes the retching (scream) End (music) Well here is the gymnast I believe I’ve watched this ahh I believe I’ve watched it that breaks his… Ohh (shouts) ok, ok (shouts)

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