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Hi, I’m Jon,
here to answer all your copyright questions and today’s topic is Copyright Permissions. How do I get permission
to use someone else’s content in my video? If you want to include
copyright-protected material in your video you’ll generally need to get permission first. YouTube cannot grant you these rights and we can’t help you find the people
who might be able to grant them to you. This is something you’ll have to research
and handle on your own or with the assistance of a lawyer. Be very careful in
accepting purely verbal or “handshake” deals and also note when it comes to music getting permission from an artist
might not be enough. In some cases,
artists hand over the rights to their labels and they can’t give permission
even if they tell you they can. They also might need
permission from songwriters or permission for any samples
that they’ve used in the recording. Though we can’t help you directly YouTube’s audio library
is a great way to find background music or sound effects that are free for you to use. Why was content I purchased
or recorded myself removed? Just because you purchase content doesn’t mean
you own the rights to upload it to YouTube. Even if you give the copyright owner credit posting videos with content you purchased
still might violate copyright law. For example,
purchasing a movie from the Google Play Store doesn’t give you
the rights to use it in your video. Also, just because
you recorded something yourself does not always mean you own
all of the rights to upload it to YouTube. If what you recorded
includes someone else’s copyrighted content whether it’s live concert footage
or doing a cover of a song somebody else wrote you would still need to get permission
from the appropriate copyright owners. Why was my video removed or blocked,
while other similar videos get to stay up? When a copyright owner reaches out to us
about a video that infringes their copyright we respond quickly
to comply with copyright law. If there are other videos on YouTube
that look similar to the one we removed we’re either not aware of it or we don’t have
reason to believe they’re infringing. Sometimes, a copyright owner authorizes
some of their works to appear on our site but not all. At other times, similar videos
are owned by different copyright owners and while one may grant us permission,
the other one does not. Why doesn’t YouTube remove this video
that is clearly infringing copyright? For us to remove content from YouTube,
we have to be contacted by the copyright owner or an authorized representative. This whole process is dictated
by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is also known as the DMCA. YouTube also has Content ID,
an automated copyright management system. It exists in parallel
to the copyright takedown process and allows copyright owners
to manage their content at scale on YouTube. Videos that are uploaded to YouTube
are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by those
copyright owners with access to Content ID. Copyright owners get to decide what happens when content in a video
matches a reference file they’ve provided. They can either choose to block,
monetize, or track the video, which means even if a video contains copyrighted material
it still might stay live on YouTube because it’s already been claimed
by the copyright owner through Content ID. And that’s it for copyright permissions. Check out more info in our Help Center,
linked in the description below. Make sure to check out the other videos
in our Copyright series linked here. Bye!

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  1. folletst says:

    I heard, that in Youtube videoeditor I can replace part of audio, but I didnt find it.

  2. Playfur Cinema says:

    You know whats disrespectful? When your channel isnt monetized, you dont get access to the content id match system which helps you see if someone else reuploaded your videos. The same Monetization system they keep finding brand new ways to boot you off of.

  3. No Identity says:

    I translate songs english to turkish. I just use the song and i get copyright but i'm doing useful things. That's not cool. I'n not using just songs. I gain money for 2 months then you cancelled?

  4. Cinematic Series Gaming says:

    This video doesn't answer the most interesting question though. Let's assume I DID GET a permission to use a copyrighted song from the appropriate copyright owner/label in exchange for a share of revenue. So let's imagine a situation that I got a deal with a label that they'll let me use a song in a video but I have to share 20% of the ad revenue from the video with them. So now how would I deal with the Content ID claim? Should I contact YouTube and ask them to clear my video because I have the permission? Does the label need to contact YT to clear my video? Do I just contest the claim and risk a strike? Is it even possible to share ad revenue with the copyright owner and still get a share of the money instead of getting completely demonetized?

    These are the real questions that I'd like to see answered!

  5. Yosry Bdwy says:

    ما سبب عدم نزول منتدى على قناتى لحد الان محقق شرط الأول من زملن

  6. FendiPro Official says:

    GOOD VIDEO .. i like it

  7. Crie Artes says:

    Meu filho tem uma banda e fui postar a música dele em um vídeo meu,mesmo o meu filho me dando permissão o vídeo foi bloquedo,pois um site bloqueou o vídeo e meu filho não pode fazer nada. às vezes nem é o cantor que bloqueia,mas sim um site com direitos autorais, ou o compositor,gravadora etc

  8. RICK says:

    Não deveria existir a explicação em português para os Brasileiros também?

  9. MakaVision says:

    Youtube click-baiting with own tutorial videos. Remember this date guyz. 😀 lol

  10. bapak guru says:

    Translite to indobesia

  11. DogeGacha Girl says:

    LOL imagine this video gets copyrighted

  12. Excel 10 tutorial says:

    Lets say i have a video on youtube which is monetized, can i upload that to any other platform or my website? will that have any effect on my monetization. Will that make any copyright issue?

  13. saleko berbagi says:


  14. Oyon Ahad says:

    I occasionally create movie clips on my channel. Because of copyrighted content I don't get a bit of the revenue. But the strange thing is that because of me and my presentation people are getting these videos and all I get is nothing!!!??? Only reason I am doing this without profit is that people from different part of the world appreciate my work. But YouTube should consider their policies.

  15. Канал Bryk Kris says:

    все круто но где перевод.очень бы хотела послушать про авторские права


    thinkyou so match good infromison

  17. Abhishek baraur says:

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  18. Ulterius X says:

    lazerbeam probably disliked this video

  19. Alzed says:

    Bisakah anda menjelaskan dlm bhs indonesia?

  20. Islamic World Pk Urdu says:

    Please insert the Urdu Language in (Subtitle /CC)…..Thanks

  21. Syamsul Aripin says:

    Thanks 🙏

  22. Vlad Turbo says:

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  23. JinxDoesFortnite says:

    well does this mean i cant use ransom in my fortnite montage?

  24. ALAN8K says:

    Good luck to myself!

  25. Criquio Calavera says:

    What can I do to know if a song is copyright protected? Is there an online database anywhere in the Internet? Where can I make an online search?

  26. Penguin Guy17 says:

    did he just say that something I made can get copyrighted???

  27. CHAKIB ECHAHED Vlog /الشاهد شكيب فلوك says:


  28. Кот Лесной says:

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  29. Shanto Art Khulna Bd says:

    Youtube needs to change the claiming process.

    Now the claimer gets to decide if the claim is valid, thats crazy.

    frome bagladesh.

  30. Tv Nep says:

    wow nice info

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  32. Dima_Patriot_42rus says:

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  36. SPEED OF LIVE Tosiek says:

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  37. Tourist Babu says:

    My youtube channel complete subs. And watch time alrady but still review so how apeal for monitinaiz on ?

  38. Sumeet Chhatbar says:

    Do meme's voilate copyright laws?
    How do youtube and other social media platforms deal with it?

  39. camera plus says:

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  41. Rob Hoffman says:

    You might want to mention your Music Policies which is a great guide to what cover music you can upload without worry. You should also note that the policies change over time. I have two videos now blocked in certain countries that were Revenue Share when they were uploaded.

  42. Rich Juega says:

    En otras palabras mejor sigo buscando musica sin derechos de autor que arriesgarme jaja, o mejor aún, aprendo a crear melodías por mi mismo para mis vídeos y problema resuelto.

  43. Оксаночка лапочка says:

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  44. Bireman Film Production says:

    How can i show YouTube my legal right to use upcoming or already uploaded video

  45. SYNTHWORX SWX says:

    So basically almost everything you create will in some way end up belonging to someone else who will get all the credit and monetization.
    Sounds like big corporation digital theft to me.
    I used 5 seconds of a sound byte in a music track and guess what?
    My entire video makes money for that 5 second byte and I get nothing for my 3 minutes of hard work.
    This is not a perfect system You Tube sorry I don't agree with being hit for a 5 second sound byte.
    This of course is just my personal opinion on the matter, but I'm not a huge multi billion dollar entertainment company.
    So I loose

  46. Kxalbra says:

    wow… Jon sucks

  47. Андрей Орешкин says:

    увы я очень плохо знаю английский, но надеюсь, что кто-нибудь переведёт.
    Также бывают другие ситуации, когда музыки на видео может попасть не по вине автора.
    Даже пример: трансляция игры на сервере, где любой игрок может включить любую музыку, а организатор трансляции – этого предугадать не может.
    пример 2: человек хочет провести прямую трансляцию какого-нибудь события в городе, например старт каких-нибудь гонок, на на этом мероприятие тоже могут неожиданно включать музыку. Т.е автор ее умышлено не вставляет, а музыка на видео попадает случайно.
    По Российскому законодательству:
    Статья 146 УК РФ. Нарушение авторских и смежных прав. Актуально в 2019. Последняя редакция


    (в ред. Федерального закона от 08.04.2003 N 45-ФЗ)

    1. Присвоение авторства (плагиат), если это деяние причинило крупный ущерб автору или иному правообладателю, –

    наказывается штрафом в размере до двухсот тысяч рублей или в размере заработной платы или иного дохода осужденного за период до восемнадцати месяцев, либо обязательными работами на срок до четырехсот восьмидесяти часов, либо исправительными работами на срок до одного года, либо арестом на срок до шести месяцев.

    (в ред. Федеральных законов от 08.12.2003 N 162-ФЗ, от 07.03.2011 N 26-ФЗ, от 07.12.2011 N 420-ФЗ)

    2. Незаконное использование объектов авторского права или смежных прав, а равно приобретение, хранение, перевозка контрафактных экземпляров произведений или фонограмм в целях сбыта, совершенные в крупном размере, –

    наказываются штрафом в размере до двухсот тысяч рублей или в размере заработной платы или иного дохода осужденного за период до восемнадцати месяцев, либо обязательными работами на срок до четырехсот восьмидесяти часов, либо исправительными работами на срок до двух лет, либо принудительными работами на срок до двух лет, либо лишением свободы на тот же срок.

    (в ред. Федерального закона от 07.12.2011 N 420-ФЗ)

    3. Деяния, предусмотренные частью второй настоящей статьи, если они совершены:

    а) утратил силу. – Федеральный закон от 08.12.2003 N 162-ФЗ;

    б) группой лиц по предварительному сговору или организованной группой;

    в) в особо крупном размере;

    г) лицом с использованием своего служебного положения, –

    наказываются принудительными работами на срок до пяти лет либо лишением свободы на срок до шести лет со штрафом в размере до пятисот тысяч рублей или в размере заработной платы или иного дохода осужденного за период до трех лет или без такового.

    (в ред. Федерального закона от 07.12.2011 N 420-ФЗ)

    Примечание. Деяния, предусмотренные настоящей статьей, признаются совершенными в крупном размере, если стоимость экземпляров произведений или фонограмм либо стоимость прав на использование объектов авторского права и смежных прав превышают сто тысяч рублей, а в особо крупном размере – один миллион рублей.

    (в ред. Федеральных законов от 08.12.2003 N 162-ФЗ, от 07.12.2011 N 420-ФЗ)

  48. Mesaje-Felicitari Vip says:

    Hi, They (YouTube) took away my monetization for infringing copyright "These are the reasons why your channel does not meet the requirements:

    Reused content

    The content of another person has been converted without adding a significant original comment or providing educational value. "It's about background music that the authors allow you to reuse and put it in writing on your channel, but not once was in favor of the rapporteur, the clear claimant … was never the author of the music – the smiley face is smiling . How is this possible?

  49. karzan- Safah says:

    Me.Hello How do get permission content in my video I’m in Kurdistan Iraq

  50. Amit Kumar Padhan says:

    Freaky YouTube

  51. Shine Birju says:

    Sir I want to watch your videos in hindi so give any suggestions

  52. Maytuns Tv says:

    "1 year waiting for news of monetization"

  53. shayif yasir says:

    Video credit is not showing in my channel please how did I enable that issue can you explain sir

  54. YoMaxxy says:

    0:52 thanks so much you actually helped me figure something out that i was really wondering

  55. Safon Alamsyah says:


  56. Uday das. vlogs says:

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  57. NS News says:

    Youtube needs to change the claiming proces

  58. Whirer 32 says:

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  59. ព័ត៌មានខ្មែរ-25INFO says:

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    YouTube make people to became a slave at least 1 or 3 years to serve or publish the videos to them to get popularity in social media infact. reached 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers is already wait enought for them and enough for a slave to serve the videos to YouTube it taken than a years life the the human is not too long to wait more times. creating a one clip it take at least 2 hours and some clip spend a full of day, many people dropped their job and starting working on YouTube because they hope youtube can help them and make money, but infact YouTube don't help any one and make a lot of rules or policies they also make publisher to be hopeless and thing we are facing is Channel under review over the years and month, I feel very tired and hopeless with YouTube now. Maybe the teams who strike is more people than teams who review… or maybe they spend a time to play with dog or cat. The finer the more the rules becomes clogged

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  65. Liopleurodon says:

    @Youtube: simple solution: leave US and DMCA hostage – become public domain under UN-law – never hear and worry about illigal copyright claims again. Don't cooperate with criminals like labels , sympathise with the victims: the creatives/artist!

  66. Emerson Ednei Felix says:

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  67. Peasuper Plant says:

    What if me and my brother made the same video for both of our channels, like, on purpose?

  68. Jonab tareq rohman says:

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  69. JOE's caribbean van says:

    does a channel or video get 'blacklisted' or somehow affected by having one or multiple copyright claims?

  70. Rj multimedia says:

    Youtube needs to change the claiming process.
    Now the claimer gets to decide if the claim is valid, thats crazy

  71. ot100u says:

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  74. Snowblind says:

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  77. Moon doctor says:

    Yeah right
    Youtube needs to change the claiming process.
    Now the claimer gets to decide if the claim is valid, thats crazy.

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    youtube gets its own channel and it doesnt have the most amount of subscribers out there…

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  81. Anya Klin says:

    Спасибо за разъяснения!Но лучше уж поставить параметры закрытого доступа.Кто знает этих правообладателей?Одни огорчаться,другие по судам ещё побегут,третьи посчитают что их очень оскорбили,используя их материал.Хотя это не совсем правильно,особенно в тех случаях,где сам автор указывается.Во первых,это для самого автора лишнее упоминание,небольшая рекламка,особенно если сам контент не монетизирован.Правообладатель потеряет многое,если владелец канала из-за жалобы на авторские права закроет доступ для просмотра.


    Thanks u

  83. Nkauj Hmoob SL Channel says:

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  84. RT Music Support says:

    Me "how do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video?"

  85. Vinh Hà says:

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  86. CaramelNoona카라멜누나 says:

    The funny thing is there is no actual law on copyright, this whole process is so ambiguous. Unless you are putting your name on someone else’s work, you really have done nothing wrong. YouTube has a license that actually protects this, so why are we losing ad revenue YouTube? I have been investigating this whole thing & something shady is going on here.

  87. Mega Mr Sameh says:


  88. Kabeer Khan says:

    Cant Understand, Everything has copyright issue – Youtube

  89. SR Music says:

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  92. Hầu ca TV says:

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