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You took control of your online identity and registered your personal domain; smart move. In this video, we’ll show you how to connect
your personal domain to your LinkedIn profile. When people want to learn about a company or a person [typing] more and more they’re heading to the web [click]. When someone searches on your name, like a potential customer or employer, what will they see? Well ideally… exactly what you want them to. For the greatest control over your online identity, creating a personalized website on your personal domain is the gold standard. A personal website allows you to provide the best possible view of your work product, skills, and experience. If you don’t have a personal website yet, but you do have a LinkedIn profile, you can use your personal domain to forward visitors
to your LinkedIn page, until your site is up and running. To connect your domain to your LinkedIn profile, you need your LinkedIn profile public URL [typing]. To find this, [typing] start by logging into your LinkedIn account [click]. To access your profile page, click on your picture on the upper-left side of the screen [click]. At the top of the page is your profile summary. Below your picture in the gray bar, you’ll see your LinkedIn profile URL. Roll your cursor over this text and click the small settings icon that displays [click]. The settings for your LinkedIn public profile
display on the right side of this screen. To use your public profile URL, first verify that your profile is visible to the public. Your public profile URL is located in the
upper portion of the gray box [click]. Highlight the URL text and copy it to your clipboard [click]. Now, go back to your GoDaddy account. On the Products page, find Domains, and to the right of it, click Manage [click]. On the Domains page, choose the domain name that you want to forward to your LinkedIn profile page, and click Use My Domain [click]. In the domain connector, click Connect to an Existing Site [click]. On the Destinations screen, under Social Sites, click LinkedIn [click]. In the LinkedIn profile URL field, enter or paste [typing] your public profile URL and click Next [click]. This dialog box is just asking you to confirm
that you want your domain name to forward to your LinkedIn profile page. To confirm, click Finish [click]. That’s it! You’re in control of your digital identity. Now when anyone types [typing] your domain name into a browser, they’ll see your LinkedIn profile page. Go ahead, see for yourself!

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