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hello in this video we will learn how
set up ESBC masternode the first thing you should have is
a dedicated server for this We will use this page that offers a
great variety of servers first what we will do is select the location
that the server will have in this case I select Miami the type of server will be Ubuntu16.04
x 64 the size, with this we have
selected is more than enough other options we leave them how they are and
we put the name to our server in this case I chose a name from
test after selecting the server’s name we will press the deploy button with this the server start
install and configure everything we can also observe
as it is installed the server the ip that will assign us, between
Other data that we have configured while we wait for the end of the
installation that takes a little time We will request the coins in
our local wallet here we have the wallet, let’s go to the payment section we will start with the label’s name, we’re just going to put a
name, and the other data we can fill it or not in this case, I do not
fill them. We are going to request payment for generate the address we see that we are generated what
what is the wallet with this address we are going to withdraw the funds from the exchange meanwhile we see that it has already
generated the ip of the server and now let’s move on to graviex, it’s one
of the exchanges where ESBC is listed and for this tutorial we have
selected for buy our MN funds
we are going to select the coin and we will push withdraw
we must add the address that we have requested we put a label we copy the address
and we just give you to add once added we will select
let’s put the amount we’re going to send to this address that should be
exactly 5000 coins
remember that we have different MN levels they are divided into 5 000, 25 000, 50 000, 250 000 we must
put the amount of 5000.02 for the exchange’s fee so when we retire we get 5,000
Exactly I must remember one more time that they have to be 5,000 exact because if
not the MN activation goes to fail
we put our 2factor and we send the coins, we see that it’s almost
instant that the coins arrive to the wallet as we see we got 5000 exact now we’re going we should expect all confirmations to be complete we go to the tab of the
server and we see that we have many more data
let’s go to our SSH client let’s put password, the user name that is root and the server ip that is gonna open a console window, that
will allow us to upload files between other things but we’re going to use that, now with the console open let’s place this command will be downloading all the data that
you need the server to connect with the MN, once done that we are going to
execute the installation command to install, it will ask us if we want it to generate a private key
we are going to press enter and it will start the process of the installation and generation of the primary key this process takes a lot of time, in the end it generates the primary key we have already successfully installed all
the files that we need in our server, now we must connect it from the wallet for that we’re going to go to the tab
configuration ->console and let’s write the following command this is going to give us the hash
transaction that we have made of the 5000 coins and the ID in tools we are going to open mastenode configuration file, this
is gonna opened a notepad and we are going to erase everything that is there
let’s fill with the information that have generate the primary key with our server address let’s add the hash of the transaction and we’re going to put the exit id in this case it is 1 the exit ID
it can be 1 or it can be 0 either of them always works
that is the one that I generate the command in the console save and we’re going to restart our wallet this process takes a bit to restart our wallet
let’s see how it will look like in the masternode section our MN with our address and with the missing status we must activate, we are going to give it
right click “start alias” press “yes” MN successfully started we must check that the payment address
it is given in the direction that we we place
and with that you have successfully activated your Masternode how to check the current status of the MN, we will go to our console and let’s write
this command the successful status is Status 4 and with this we conclude our video
I hope it has served and any questions can contact us at
our discord server

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  1. Carlos Dailoff says:

    Genial video como montar nuestro propio (mn)mansternodo. bien explicado es lo que andaba buscando, solo falta mi practica para montarlo. muchisima gracias.

  2. Dmitry Dubetsky says:

    Good Job


    New video again esbc team.This video i been waiting before thanks for this tutorial 💪now i can try to setup linux platform

  4. gazu says:

    Excelente, muchas gracias me ayudo muchisimo.

  5. Makabayan De Serbisyo says:

    Thanks for the new video it was bery helpful to all of us specially to those who have Masternode and to those who are planning to creat there own masternode.

  6. Paola Marie Paz Flores says:

    thanks for this vid. will surely help with linux setup 🙂

  7. dgreat 18 says:

    Great new update on esbc.. Im counting on the next step closer to success of this project..

  8. lucas souza says:

    Excellent project, love the coin. Got a mn right now, What a roi and reward! Im loving it more everyday, have faith on this project have invest all my coins on it.

  9. Kogiro Miura says:

    Great! Thank you for tutorial. ESBC is a great project and platform.

  10. jose perez says:

    Excelente información, Gracias

  11. Kendry Hernandez says:

    muy buena informacion

  12. Mr.RobotLordimperial Lordimperial says:

    buen video

  13. Carlos Dailoff says:

    Exelente moneda de apuestas es la

  14. Tefy CDA says:

    Excelente, ESBC es un proyecto genial. Buen vídeo, muy bien explicado. Saludos!

  15. Vichikuma says:

    Buenísima guía… sigan así equipo! Gran trabajo, uds., marcan la diferencia!

  16. Pavel Angulo says:

    Saludos, una pregunta. Es necesario tener la PC con mi wallet local siempre encendida?

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