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– [Narrator] This video
will show you how to work with objects in your bucket list in the cloud with the Cloud Manipulator plugin. We’ll start with downloading an object. It is assumed that you
have already installed, registered and authenticated the plugin, which you can watch
those videos here as well as the one we covered the
buckets and how you could list all of your buckets
and get that information. But this is about objects. We simply click on the bucket
that we want to download, and it shows all of the
objects with the size, last modified, and we can match that up with the bucket objects there and notice the folders that are here. You can simply choose another bucket and list those contents and
we can go back to Amazon, we’ll pick handy42 and
there is our object. To download the object, we
just click the arrow next to the object, we get
all kinds of information about the object and we clicked
the download object button, and we can see it’s put
into this container here, with the handy button of open, so we can immediately see our file of
everything on our bucket list. To upload a file, we
simply click on the upload object button, which gives us a window where we can choose
the name that we want. Myfirst upload, and we can choose which bucket to put it in. We’ll continue putting it
in handy42, and we click the insert button, which
then gives us a dialogue. This means we can upload anything. We can upload the keynote
for this demonstration. We can upload the function guide for the G manipulator plugin. We can upload the My
Bucket List or a video, or a favorite file maker
solution that you have made, and of course pictures,
we can upload pictures. You can even upload your cat! No, you can’t upload your
cat, that would be messy. But you can upload any
kind of file and get a successful notification and we come back to refresh our Amazon and there is the Myfirst upload, very fast, very easy, and we can see it’s already
here in our bucket contents. To move an object to a different folder, simply click the arrow next to it, we see that it’s downloaded,
click the copy object and set the object name and the source bucket name, and click
the continue button. We get a file copied
successfully, and now we can go over to our bucket and look and see, we have our new object name. We can compare that with our bucket in Cloud Manipulator, and they match. To delete an object, simply
click on the arrow next to the object, and click the delete object button to get your confirmation screen. We can go back to Amazon and refresh this bucket, and it is empty. There are no more objects in our list, and if we list all buckets, we see a zero for this one goes to eleven. The demo file is completely
unlocked, which means you can go under the hood to
take a look at these scripts. How does it work with the
buckets and the objects. You can also take a look at
the tables and the fields and make changes to those as
well as the relationships. You can even go into layout mode, and make any changes you would like to that. And now you’ve customized your very own cloud manipulator solution. Check out our other videos
on how to install, register and authenticate or how to work with buckets, or visit us at to
download your free demo.

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