Claire Foy Isn’t Nervous Enough for Hosting Saturday Night Live


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-I want to embarrass you
a little bit. Come on. It’s always fun
when you come out. But look at this.
You’re on the cover of “Vogue.” -I know.
Isn’t that crazy? -I mean, did you ever think that
you’d be on American “Vogue”? -Of course not.
-Come on. But this —
I mean, you’re big-time. This is the big deal.
-It’s so lovely of them. I’m so, so honored to be on it.
But that’s not me, really. That’s a lot
of amazing people’s work. -No, but that —
What do you mean? This is you. Are you not good
at photo shoots? -I mean, that one was done — -All you have to do
is look like you. -[ Laughing ] No. -That was
an amazing photographer. If it’s an amazing photographer,
it’s good. -Who was the photographer
in this? -David Sims is his name.
-Oh, really? David Sims? -Yeah, he’s
a very, very clever man. -But this is — Have you ever been
on “Vogue” in England? -I have, yeah.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-So you’ve done this before. Is it different that you’re
on an American “Vogue”? -It’s different
because I didn’t have to see it every day at home. -‘Cause you live in England.
-Yeah. So I can sort of
pretend it didn’t happen. But there I am.
Can you put — I mean, just — -I will put it away.
I know, I know. I like to embarrass you.
I’m sorry. I want to talk about
“Saturday Night Live” before we get into everything. You’re hosting.
-I am. -You’re hosting
“Saturday Night Live.” -I am.
[ Cheers and applause ] -How is it going?
Are you excited? -I’m so excited. -Do you know
“Saturday Night Live” from England?
-Yeah. We don’t have it in England.
It’s not broadcast. But I think it’s one of those
things that is everywhere. You know it.
You know if there’s been a really good sketch because
everyone watches it on YouTube. -Yeah.
And how’s everyone treating you? Is everyone being nice?
-Really lovely. Like I’m supposed to be there when I just feel
like a complete imposter. -No.
Oh, my gosh. It’s gonna be great.
I mean, what day is it? It’s Thursday now. So you’re in blocking
at this point. -Yeah.
-You’re gonna love it. It’s the greatest thing ever.
-Yeah. -You performed live
in front of people, right? -Yeah, I’ve done theater
and stuff. But I feel like I should be
more nervous than I am. I feel like there’s
something wrong with me. I’m not having sleepless nights. I’m just sort of going,
“This is fun.” But I think, on Saturday,
I’ll be like, “This isn’t fun anymore.”
[ Laughter ] This is “Serious Night Live.” -We have you
in two big movies out, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web.” This is a big,
giant movie for you. I know the book series. Is that what made you
want to do this film? Reading the books?
-Yeah. ‘Cause I had read them
when I was about 23. -And the “Dragon Tattoo” —
it’s the same type of idea but different series, right? -Yeah, different writer.
-Yeah. -And I’d never read a character
like that, and I never — I was a young woman
reading a character that’s kind of an amazing thing,
really. And then,
I’d seen those performances of Noomi and Rooney —
best names ever. -Yeah, that’s true.
-Noomi and Rooney. -Noomi and Rooney. -And I just thought
it was incredible. So, once I kind of
heard about it and then started
really reading the books, I couldn’t not do it.
It was one of those things. -How do you explain the film
to everyone? It’s an action-packed thriller.
-Yeah. -You’re disguised as — trying to hack the codes,
like nuclear codes. -Yeah. It’s — Lisbeth Salander
is at the center of it, and that character,
which is really fascinating. It’s just a real thriller. Like, you go into the cinema,
and then you come out, and you go —
[ Breathing heavily ] -Yes. Because that’s what you
want when you go to the theater. You want a popcorn movie.
It’s good. Yeah. -Yeah.
-And then “First Man.” I told you this
last time you came on, but congrats on that.
Amazing reviews on that. [ Cheers and applause ] Some awards buzz for you,
but you should — well-deserved. I mean, it’s great. You and Damien Chazelle, who is one of
my favorite directors. I love that guy.
-He’s great. -Have you heard from the family
at all, the Armstrongs? -Yeah, well we were in touch
the whole time we were shooting. -Oh, you were?
-They were lovely. I’d e-mail them
every once in a while and say, “Did your mom cook you dinners, or was it, like,
a microwave meal?” like, ridiculous questions, and
they were always so kind to me. But they — You know, when you’re making
a film about real people, mine and Ryan’s concern
was definitely that they were our audience. -Were you intimidated
to do an American accent? -Um…
-No. You’ve done it before? -I’ve done it before. I’ve never done it with a coach. I’ve always
just sort of done it badly. [ Laughter ] Like, wasn’t that —
This time, I was much more kind of I felt
more confident about it. But you just never —
When you’re doing an accent, sometimes, like, some weird
thing comes out of your mouth. You don’t even know what it is. Your mouth makes funny shapes. -You knocked this one
out of the park. It’s fantastic.
Congratulations on that. [ Cheers and applause ] I want to show a clip
and just see Claire Foy. Here’s Claire Foy
in “First Man.” Take a look at this. -Jan, the ship is stable.
They’re gonna be all right. -He’s okay, Jan.
-I need you to go home. -Fine.
Turn the box back on. -I’ll see what I —
-Now. Turn the box back on now. -Well,
there’s security protocols — -Well, I don’t give a damn. I’ve got a dozen cameras
on my front lawn, Deke. Do you want me telling them
what’s going on? -Jan, you have to trust us.
We’ve got this under control. -No, you don’t.
All these protocols and procedures to make it seem
like you have it under control. But you’re a bunch of boys
making models out of balsa wood! You don’t have anything
under control! -Yeah! You tell them what’s up!
Yes! [ Cheers and applause ]

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    first man was a bore. so repetitive.

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    She is the English version of Sarah Paulson. Can't wait to watch her on SNL โค๏ธ

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  6. dimitreze says:

    hard to believe that Janet Armstrong would yell at the people at NASA
    but gotta make the female role mega strong or else the movie is oppressive

  7. miba says:

    Are those the milkiest legs ever or what? ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  8. nessnness says:

    Jeej, Love you Claire!

  9. Jane Rose says:

    Omg I love her so much!!!!
    Claire Foy and Sarah Paulson are my all time fave actresses!!! They should do a show or movie together โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  12. MIND THE gap says:

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  13. Rachel W says:

    Omg Jimmy Fallon is the worst, most ass kissing, bland, vanilla fucking suck up ever.

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    Wow, the marketing department pushed the boat out. Not gonna save the movie though. ๐Ÿ™

  15. J M says:

    Who caught the Serious Night Live?

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    Long live the queen

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    She has a flawless face..๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

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    I first noticed her in a BBC costume drama a couple years ago, and now she has 2 movies out at the same time. What a brilliant stroke of fortune! Good on you, Claire!

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    It's a shame that both movies tanked at the box office. She's a great actress.

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    Gosh, she's delightful! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ You can already tell because Jimmy was actually interested in what she was telling him! I've rarely seen him interrupt a guest this little, make this little desperate jokes in an interview, obviously feeling very little pressure to somewhat sensationalize the moment (which
    I usually find so unauthentic that it makes me stop watching)! I guess there's just a lot of natural class, calmness, cleverness and modesty the woman has to herself, that even Fallon starts listening with respect… and actual admiration!

    FYI: What a cliff-hanging scene in the end, she clearly nailed that performance! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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    Claire will be greatly missed on the next installment of The Crown

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    I clicked on this thinking it was mackenzie foy from the nutcracker they look related!! Are they ??!?

  35. Mahesh Walatara says:

    First Man was a Masterpiece.

  36. Vamanos Ninja says:

    Boring interview.

  37. Francis K. says:

    Geez she's pretty

  38. tym2getbizeee says:

    Jimmy "how would explain the movie?" then he goes to describe it before she says anything. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  51. james evarts says:


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    God Save The Queen

  64. Music Guy says:

    Seems like in the beginning, fallon was pushing her to not give away the fact that what people see on a cover of any magazine is the works of many photographers and photoshop masters in an attempt to make people realize Hollywood is a mirage. He did this by not letting her finish her sentences and forcing her to change topics.
    Time to wake up you easily convinced/Influenced viewers.

    Dont hit that snooze.

  65. Alex Cisneros says:

    did anyone notice how uncomfortable she looks every time Jimmy compliments her. its cute and humble

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    she looked uncomfortable in what she was wearing – as though she was worried she was going to show boob and bits. Stupid stylist should have helped her out and given her something that was going to make her feel good and relaxed not awkward and uncomfortable. She is so lovely.

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  80. Alexander Craig says:

    Jimmy would be more comfortable if he could just suck on her big toe. Just this one time. Complete with begging! He is such a fawning host. He fairly drools on cue. Gets so tiring after a few minutes.

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