Chef Charly Pierre is Serving Up Haitian Street Food with a Cajun Twist


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– My first job was a cooking job and not because I went out looking for it, it’s just because the restaurant was next door to me,
and the guy was drunk, and he was like, “Hey, come work for me!” I’m just like, okay! And that’s what happened. (upbeat music) I’m Charly Pierre. I’m the chef and owner of Fritai at the St. Roch Market. It’s a Haitian restaurant with a little bit of a creole twist. This is a Charly twist, you can just taste it. I feel like I’m a little
bit of a chef and an artist at the same time. When I’m cooking, I take strokes of food just like an artist would
with their painting. There’s so much of a new market out there, and we’re just trying to reach everybody. New Orleans is such a
creative and beautiful place, and I think a lot of it has
to do with Haiti’s influence. If we look throughout the
history of New Orleans, we look at shotguns, gumbo,
second lines, voodoo, even bounce music, you
know, the drum rhythm. All these influences are Haitian. And so many people don’t even know that! I’m here to kinda bridge that gap. (upbeat music) I feel like, especially
me being a transplant, it’s only right that I not just live here, but live here and give
back to the community. I make sure that I’m not
just hiring transplants who are just coming in and out. All my employees and
everybody who’s around me is part of the community. I want you to understand
that this job is meaningful. We can grow and have
opportunity to grow people. I draw inspiration from everything. From New Orleans, my mom, I
find inspiration in Haiti. My employees, seeing them happy. Look, I was taking a
shower, and I was just like, I can’t believe like, I’m the
reason why these people get to cash their check,
because we have Fritai, and that’s like this
community that we’re building, and that’s amazing. (melodic music)

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    Haitian built parts of america and were enslaved in America too

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