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  1. My public channel says:

    I don't know how the universe came to be.
    I just don't.
    I'm aware of the Big Bang theory, and it holds a lot of water that doesn't seem to be leaking any just yet.
    But a theory is never proven.
    It just ties together useful facts for explaining something until new facts come along.
    And even though the theory seems quite credible, tying the entire universe back to a single point in time and space, what it may never do is to posit whether or not the event was natural, and self-contained or incited from beyond space/time by some transcendent agent/agency.
    Now, alongside science we have other explanations that are not derived from the systematic discovery of facts.
    These other explanations don't really rely on anything but the imagination of a story writer along with the capacity for the reader to suspend disbelief, or a need for facts, in exchange for prose that inspires and supports a belief in a source creator with an intelligence similar to ours – something that is unknown, unproven, and many miles further away from any objective confirmation.
    We have a choice, I suppose, to stick with facts, and with what's knowable – or – to join hands, form a circle, and instead of admitting we dont know, adopt a sensational story with no known tether to facts or to anything real as actual, and summarily, simply proclaim we know because we choose to believe these stories.
    Now, to those of us with useful brain capacity, there really isn't a choice involved, as it appears that it's a matter of being honest and intelligent, versus being dishonest and palpably foolish and ignorant.
    Science will probably never get to the bottom of the matter, especially as it may connote a transcendent source/agent/agency.
    But to jump the gun, and to plaster over what is not known and probably not knowable with an appeal to blind faith/belief is a bridge too far – at least for me – and it will remain so as long as I am committed to using my brain.
    Which many people aren't.

  2. Terry O'Brien says:

    He is amazing. A REAL Catholic!

  3. George W Ghindia says:

    Brilliant summary of the need for God in our lives by Bishop Barron. Love the way he relates to everyone, respectfully, wherever they may be spiritually and intellectually.

  4. My public channel says:

    You teach generation after generation of children that the highest form of love that a parent can have for his or her child is to have them tortured and killed – skewered on a stick, not only for their benefit, but as a present to all mankind. You need to go into a closet for 30 or 40 years and to ponder that. A rational, sane, loving person would only require 10 minutes.

  5. studfindingball says:

    As long as the Catholic hospital system stays on the government tit instead of getting behind single payer with a payroll tax for hospital bills, their pious blather is just that. Yeah, $230 Billion a year and barely scraping by. The hypocrisy is so astounding it makes the pedophile scandal seem like a stolen kiss. Imagine the harm the Church causes by helping to make healthcare MORE expensive! The bishops are sticking their heads in the sand like they did with the pedophiles. The 'See no Evil' gambit is gonna bite them in the ass AGAIN. The Devil has more moral authority and better looking hats.

  6. My public channel says:

    What do you call the forced insemination of a woman, against her will, and without her knowledge or consent? Yes, yes, I know what it's called today – it's called rape. But what was it called 2,000 years ago? Simple. The glorious launch of a new religion. This is where you chime in, embarrass yourself, and expose the perfectly vile nature of your religion by explaining that it is all good that because of the nature of the child involved that it made it all A-OK, even with the woman who was raped without knowing it – because only a man can explain away a woman's horror as a walk in the park – and besides, we're talking about god here – back when god's Bill Cosby side was emerging – and not that a more humane plan might have been to bring the woman onboard first to avoid the psycho-emotional shock and horror. No, that would have ruined the myth story as it would have pandered to reality and to how things really should work, completely destroying the dramatic nature of the myth.

  7. Maria López says:

    Bishop barron always talks words of wisdom God bless you.

  8. My public channel says:

    What I have learned thus far:

    You are indeed confused.
    You don't know what you're talking about.
    You haven't the first clue that you don't know what you're talking about.
    You are unable to understand that you don't know what you're talking about.
    That you don't believe in a god because you have no firm idea or image of what that is or could be.
    That you are a subliminal atheist as your god is a total abstraction that cannot be demonstrated within the phenomenal, and thus, it can't meet a claim for existence.
    That you don't care that you don't know what you are talking about because the fruits of your position offset anything inconvenient like truth or reality.
    That your support is built in and is guaranteed for a few thousand more years as primitive, superstitious mind that has ruled this planet from day one has no intention of abating.

    Be happy and reassured by the fact that there might be three people like me on the planet and tens of millions like you. In the end, it's a numbers game, and you surround yourself with numbers to feel legitimate.

    My legitimacy far surpasses yours as mine issues from the fact that I'm not insane.

    You cannot say the same, as you cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality, nor between existence and non-existence.

    There is a single mandate in Buddhism – to seek reality.

    Your religion commands the exact opposite.

    It relies on total submission to outrageous myth.

    One of us is totally wasting his IQ.

    Two guesses which of us is guilty – as you will need two guesses.

  9. Jeannie Barsam says:

    Thank you for your insight and faithfulness!

  10. Michael Kern says:

    One of the bad things about this Bishop Barron lesson is posting his video on Google with comments enabled.

  11. Samia Boghdady says:

    Bishop Barron, a prophetic voice of our times and a witness to the voice of God who is All in all!! Thank you, God bless you evermore.

  12. My public channel says:

    It's actually more a case of sanity and common sense than it is of intellect, but on all three counts I could more than hold my own against the best and the brightest that both Islam and Christianity could throw at me, including all names from the past — including, but not limited to every bishop, priest, cardinal, pope and Imam of note – and just for good measure – toss in Aquinas, Anselm, and Augustine. Put us all in a room and I will be the only one walking out. I will say it once more – to assert a god is to have a non-functioning brain. If you disagree, it's because you have a non-functioning brain. To know that a god exists is to know what a god is. To know what a god is, you have to already know that a god exists. This is where the conversation starts. I could go on for 32 years. But it would be a colossal waste of time as everything we would state would be sheer conjecture. There are a great many sophic arguments aimed at a conclusion that something had to precede the phenomenal and that engendered it. But an argument can only suggest. It cannot stipulate. And absent any tangible, knowable proof, we have nothing. But again, we wouldn't know what proof was if it were staring us in the face as we do not know the endpoint of what it is pointing at. This is a matter of common sense, logic, and reason. On one hand it is very obvious – but on the other hand, it escapes maybe 94% of the planet. People cannot understand when they don't know something. It is the anomaly of human kind. A black hole in human consciousness. Robert's whole life depends on the existence of a god that is known and knowable. He is so lost in the abstract the he may settle for white noise on his TV screen as his final version of a god. No one knows who I am and everyone here will dismiss me. I'm sure the elite university I attended and my genius IQ matter not a whit to anyone. But I would proffer that there is one man in history who agrees with me fully, and he has all the gravitas any of us could ever muster – Mr Albert Einstein. Although I need no support nor confirmation, if I had a wingman, it would be he.

  13. Verda Callejas says:

    great news

  14. My public channel says:


    Telling children for 2,000 years that there's this super wonderful guy in the sky who looks down on them, who watches over them, and who loves them more than they could ever know, and just to show it, this guy put his dead and bloody child on a stick for them to hold up, and to wear around their necks to remind them how much this "god" loves them, and if they promise to take time out once a week and to eat this dead child's body and to drink this dead child's blood, then this god will continue to love them and protect them, but if they fail or falter, then all bets are off and this great and loving god will toss them into a burning lake of fire for all eternity. That's your insipid, insane, preposterously stupid religion that you get all adorned for once a week and pretend to be an intelligent adult.

  15. Nuno Martins says:

    great to read: TLIG Vassula Ryden (true nowadays prophet)

  16. JJ Cm says:

    Its seldom to see a bishop so intellectually articulate and compelling. As strong as the bishop is faith is primarily a mystical life. Just to say regarding faith: the catholic experience or prayer of Eucharistic Adoration makes mysticism something v close and real. The mystery of Christ there causes our hearts to think. And light always comes if (I believe) you desire with all your heart joy and accept whatever sufferring comes. Thats no theory. Yesterday I spoke to another man I meet when I first went into the hospital. 30 yrs he said and its like yesterday. A bad car crash left C. with a hard brain injury, a man's sense of humour & a profound faith. Another man that time gave me books on Hans Van Balthasar, Joseph Ratzinger & Henri Delubac. I learned equally from both. Speaking to C. he tells me the best family in the world lives in Kildare but tomorrow he said I wont even remember we spoke. Tomorrow you will forget what Bishop Barron said. But God loves us. Love was the bishops last word.

  17. beverly antonio says:

    so inspiring. thank you

  18. Lawrence Lam says:

    Really annoying that the captions replace "beatitudo" with "[LATIN]"

  19. My public channel says:

    A woman who I've always had great regard for – a highly-intelligent, tremendously human, kind, giving, unsssuming, unpretentious and humble as can be while sporting three Masters degrees – and who was also a very-lightly practicing Jew – was sitting across the dinner table from me at her abode when the topic of god came up – and the very first words from her lips, which I will never forget, and which caused me to respect her evermore were: "I have no idea if any type of god exists." This, boys and girls, is the ONLY SANE, RATIONAL, HONEST response there is. To state ANYTHING ELSE denotes a non-functioning brain. I know where Robert and the rest of you stand. You are all a combination of stupid, dishonest, and insane – unable to discern between fantasy and reality, nor between existence and non-existence. It is a lock that you will waste the rest of this incarnation smothered in theistic insanity. Christianity and Islam are mental illnesses. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with ANYTHING.

  20. raco brosse says:

    “How do we let God move into our lives? “Great question!

    “We all fall in love with Jesus in a different way” because we are all so different. So true!

    I had a life changing encounter with God at 18 and I asked myself, what did I do to let that happen. I figured out that 3 things had mattered.

    1/ I acknowledged the fact that I was missing something in my life, I had a deep desire for more. I wanted something to change in my life but I didn’t know what.

    2/ I made a leap of faith and spoke to God and told Him : “I don’t know if you care about me, but if you do, show me.”

    3/ I made myself available from time to time by leaving my noisy life behind and just spending time in silent.

    Encountering God was the best thing that happened to me in my life. It gave me a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. Try encountering God, you won’t be disappointed!

  21. Carolyn Lalli says:


  22. clash quan says:

    Wow, ENLIGHTENING is an understatement, will resonate whether listener agrees or disagrees, THANK YOU for shining light and making it so clear that every single one of us is somewhere on that prism in our ultimate need for God.

  23. se7ve7ns says:

    Gift of the Godly gab.
    Always closer to the 'beatitudo'!

  24. Vlad Imirivan says:

    Gift of the Godly gab!
    Always growing in "beatitudo"!

  25. My public channel says:

    OK, boys and girls, it's time for a trick question.

    Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a murdered, innocent life form, and then bathing in its blood in order to purge one's self of one's iniquities, and to make one pure and worthy to approach the master.

    Is this Christianity?

    Or is it Satanism?

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    IT'S BOTH!

  26. Jackeline Postigo says:

    Thank you Google for confirming you are out in the quest for search ALL knowledge and information that lies in different minds. Certainly Bishop Barron life is a exponential of that search for ALL knowledge that leads to understanding of our hearts quests to good. Bishop Barron once more you never cease to inspire me how to share God thru his essence…. LOVE! the path of love….

  27. My public channel says:

    So where are all these google genius types? Why aren't they chiming in? This isn't a fair fight. I'm shooting fish in a barrel. I want people with brains chiming in.

  28. 3 Minute Theology says:

    I love the reference at the end to God coming to us and that we need to clear the way — is this really a John of the Cross reference (when all he seems to talk about is ascending Mt Carmel?) I would love that reference if anyone has it!

  29. My public channel says:

    Sensational promises. Sensational threats. Neither of which are realized until after a person dies. Christianity. The original internet hoax of all time.

  30. My public channel says:

    There is zero evidence. ZERO EVIDENCE for a man traveling about the middle east with twelve followers, preaching and teaching, and performing miracles. ZERO EVIDENCE.

  31. Peter pensive says:

    I think of what Newton said, "I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me

  32. Siby Jacob says:

    Great talk by Bishop Barron. A very good directive on what should be our life.

  33. Steven Lindstedt says:

    Thank you Bishop and Thank you Google. Awesome lecture

  34. BARTS ! says:

    Pray for church in Australia. We are under attack from devil. They are passing laws to break seal of confessional. Will send priests to prison if they don’t comply. You understand what that means. It is the start of serious persecution. Pray for us.

  35. Felice Boccella says:

    La beatitudine e il dono della fede che ci porta a casa in dio attraverso Gesù al padre e spirito santo nel eucarestia grazie mille

  36. Felice Boccella says:

    Molto bene brillante grazie

  37. God's Community says:

    Hi. Immense blessings. 🌹🏵💮🌸

  38. Brian Farley says:

    Great speech. I’m a cradle Catholic and only recently have come back towards my faith and am currently enrolled in RCIA along with my wife. I’m happy and feel blessed that I found your speeches on here and it’s helping me to further understand my faith for myself and my immediate family. Also it has enabled me to begin explain it to people who have all these misconceptions and downright prejudices against the True Word of God as it is expressed in the Catholic Faith. Thank you

  39. james sullivan says:

    What I find ironic is Bishop Baron's politics. Notice how he leaves it to other bishops to question the modernism of the current Pope.  Nary a word of criticism of Bergoglio, even when Pope Francis favors dissenters like Cupich, Lehmann, Tobin and others. Baron plays favorites and he knows where his bread is buttered.  He was appointed by Bergoglio and this fact is ever present in Baron's ecclesiology. In matters of moral theology, Fr. Baron so emphasizes the role of "culpability" that he fails to mention the objectivity of moral norms and the existence of intrinsically evil acts.  This is pure-Bergoglio.  In the Dubia, the four Cardinals asked the Pope about intrinsically evil actions, did he still hold to that teaching?  The Pope of course will not answer, he refused to be pinned down. Bishops and priests and popes are duty-bound to repeat the teaching handed down in the Church, this duty applies to the late Cardinal George and to Bishop Baron and to Pope Francis, indeed to all of us.

  40. Raising Saints says:

    Amazing talk!

  41. Lena Romero says:

    You've got to be kidding, Bishop Barron flirting with the enemy. …well you gotta go to the front lines I guess, love you Bishop, can't wait to hear this.

  42. Lena Romero says:


  43. Suzanne Chebat says:

    Bishop Barron you are a great gift from God to all of us. I learn so much from your talks. May our Lord bless you and our holy Mother protect you as you bring us closer to her Son.

  44. donna joy culaniban says:

    Bishop Baron, you are Heaven Sent!

  45. sexobscura says:

    i'd fukk him

  46. Erick Martinez says:

    God bless this was so amazing to see Bishop Robert Barron speak at Google ! 🕊❤️🙏🏽 remember you are not alone feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to:) I have you all in my prayers, stay strong 💪🏽 ❤️ hope you all have a great day/night keep praying and don’t lose hope live you all ❤️❤️❤️😁

  47. Breaking The Image says:

    thank u Bishop Barron!

  48. djf750 says:

    All he is saying is that life has NO meaning and that when we die our consciousness ends FOREVER.

    So…believe in these FANTASIES or this REALITY will depress the shit out of you.

  49. djf750 says:

    "Theodore McCarrick resigns from College of Cardinals over alleged sexual abuse"

    OH-OH!!! Another Cardinal bites the dust. These wacky men of God!

  50. Roger says:

    Hey Robert, do you think the 302 priests mentioned in the article below, were opening up the mind? I think they were opening various orifices of their parishioners. Any comments?

    Pennsylvania’s attorney general released on Tuesday the long-awaited results of a damning grand jury investigation into how six Roman Catholic dioceses in the state covered up sexual abuse by 301 “predator priests” over the past 70 years.

    The 884-page report is the largest, most comprehensive investigation on the church’s sex abuse scandal by a U.S. state, according to Attorney General Josh Shapiro. The grand jury identified over 1,000 victims in the six dioceses examined in the report: Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton. But the jurors suspected the true number of victims could be much higher.

    Shapiro said the report, which was delayed for months while individuals named in it raised legal challenges over what portions should be redacted, showed that church leaders in these dioceses knew abuse was occurring but systematically covered it up.

    “The pattern was abuse, deny, and coverup,” Shapiro said during a news conference Tuesday.

    The jurors accused Catholic Church leaders of working hard to avoid public scandal and protect abusers. The grand jury found that victims were “brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institutions above all.”

    Tim Lennon, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused By Priests, told HuffPost he was saddened and angered by the report. He believes it proves the church hierarchy was complicit in the abuse. They knew abuse was happening and didn’t work hard enough to discipline abusers, he said, which in turn enabled more abuse to happen over the years.

    “They knew for years if not decades of this vile corruption. Those in the church hierarchy went to great lengths to hide and dismiss the suffering of survivors,” Lennon told HuffPost. “How many children were raped and sexually abused because the church authorities covered up sexual abuse and did nothing?”

    Matt Haverstick, an attorney representing the dioceses of Harrisburg and Greensburg, insisted in a statement that the Catholic Church discussed in the grand jury report no longer exists.

    “The Dioceses I’ve gotten to know so well over the past two years are incredibly sorry for the harm to these survivors,” Haverstick said. “Today’s Church has listened and learned from its mistakes, and its reforms over the past two decades keep children safe.”

    The grand jury report faced heated, behind-the-scenes challenges on its road to publication. A group of individuals named but not indicted in it argued that their right to due process would be violated if they couldn’t hold hearings to challenge parts of the grand jury report and try to protect their reputations. In June, the state’s Supreme Court decided to block the report’s publication.

    Shapiro fought the decision ― at one point appealing to Pope Francis to step in and persuade the individuals to drop their efforts to block the report. Seven news organizations also petitioned the state Supreme Court to try to force the report’s release ― including the Associated Press, Telemundo Mid-Atlantic, NBC subsidiaries, and several Pennsylvania-based publications.

    In the end, the report was published with the names of some Catholic clergy redacted. The state Supreme Court plans to consider oral arguments on those individuals’ claims in September, the AP reports.

    The state’s Supreme Court tapped a county judge to help prosecutors and lawyers for clergy members decide what parts to release by the court-ordered deadline of Aug. 14.

    Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released the grand jury report into how six Roman Catholic dioceses in the state covered up sexual abuse by priests.

    Previous investigations have uncovered widespread clergy sexual abuse in the state’s other two dioceses, Philadelphia and Altoona-Johnstown.

    Smaller states, including Maine and New Hampshire, have issued reports on the extent of the Roman Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. But Pennsylvania is the largest state to date that has conducted such an investigation.

    Norman Krumenacker, the Cambria County president judge, supervised the grand jury.

    During the investigation, which began in July 2016, the grand jury heard from dozens of witnesses and reviewed over 500,000 pages of documents from diocesan archives. The probe led to the arrests of two priests on child sexual abuse charges.

    One of the arrested priests, the Rev. David Poulson, is facing charges of indecent assault and child endangerment for abusing at least two boys in incidents that date back to 2002. Poulson allegedly assaulted one of the victims, a former altar boy, more than 20 times. The boy was also asked to make a formal confession ― to Poulson ― to receive absolution for the abuse.

    Shapiro claimed that the Erie diocese knew about Poulson’s behavior as early as 2010 but did not report it to law enforcement until 2016, and then in response to a subpoena from the grand jury. The bishop of Erie disputes that timeline.

    In April, the Erie diocese tried to get ahead of the report by releasing the names of 51 former priests and lay leaders who were credibly accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from providing pornography to minors to sexual assault.

    Erie’s Bishop Lawrence Persico said in a statement that it was “shocking to read the graphic details” in the grand jury report. In a letter that was read aloud in all 97 parishes of the 13-county diocese on Sunday, the bishop said it was clear that church leaders failed to adequately address the problem.

    “The most important thing I want to do at this moment is to express my sorrow to the victims of sexual abuse that occurred within the Diocese of Erie,” Persico wrote in the letter. “As the grand jury report demonstrates, they have experienced cruel behavior by the very individuals who should have had the greatest interest in protecting them.”

    Harrisburg Bishop Ronald Gainer holds a news conference about child sexual abuse by clergy on Aug. 1, 2018.

    The Harrisburg diocese followed Erie’s example in August, when it released a list of 71 priests and other members of the church who had been accused of sex abuse. The diocese also removed the names of accused bishops from its church buildings.

    On Friday, Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik said a few priests named in the report were still in ministry. He said diocesan investigations had concluded that those allegations were unsubstantiated.

    Currently, Pennsylvania law states that adults who were abused as children can’t sue for damages after turning 30. Criminal charges can’t be filed after the alleged victim turns 50.

    The church has opposed moves to change the statute of limitations, claiming it would be financially crippling to Pennsylvania’s Catholic schools and parishes. Fifteen U.S. Catholic dioceses or archdioceses have filed for bankruptcy protection because of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, according to the watchdog group

    Lennon applauded Shapiro’s courage in empaneling a grand jury. But he said the work of exposing sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is far from over.

    “We see that when civil society investigates we get the truth,” Lennon said. “There must be a grand jury in every state.”

  51. John Morrison says:

    Values at Google??? Was that a joke? This platform (YOU TUBE) alone, notwithstanding the channels of various priests, ministers, evangelists with followers, is a sinkhole of non-religious thinking, and sinful attitudes. Narcissism on steroids and materialism have been monetized and weaponized here.

    Who are the wealthiest based on revenue, most popular personalities leading the dumb and dumber young astray? Those who push "me, mine, and bleep you". Those who argue for the acquisition of more things, more first class seats, more luxuries. Then we come to the whole underworld of the outright racists, conspiracy nuts of every variety, and professional paid trolls often operating from sovereign government offices seeking to sow discord in democratic open societies.

    You'll need more than His Grace doing lectures. Google and its policies need to profoundly change, but only the most naive person thinks you will. No, for the masters of the Silicon valley universe it is all about money, money, money. Their temple has no other values, not Christian, not even secular ethics and human rights. $$$$$$ is the king to whom all must bend low.

  52. Gerzy says:

    Thanks to Fr Barron for getting me back to catholicism. And thanks to Rev. Fulton Sheen and Youtube too 🙂

  53. athanos lee says:

    The reasoning process reminds of the ontological proofs of God's existence. They imagine something is more fundamental than something else and then employ the same strategy again and again. And then they jump to the conclusion that there must be something that is at the end of the procession and is the root of these all.

    But the reasoning is wrong. 2 is larger than 1, so is 3 to 2; does this mean that the largest number exists?

    What bugs me about theology is that theologians are so cocksure about the infinite and talk length about it while physicists and mathematicians carefully walk around it.

  54. Malcolm Dias says:

    Enjoy Bishop Robert Barron

  55. Puruan Langit says:

    Our modern apostle…

  56. Ellen Bremner says:

    Bishop Barron is a blessed gift for the Christian faith, and a humble servant leader! He is a living Saint! Thanks be to God for his life, intellect, faith and love!

  57. Billy says:

    (Opening up of the mind)- Thank GOD in JESUS CHRIST that since Aug 2018, Our LORD GOD in CHRIST is Opening up The evil Roman Catholic 301 priests sexual paedophilia domination over more than 1 thousand kids n seminarians in Penn State n Worse still top level roman catholic cardinals Coverups! Thank GOD i left this so called 'christian' church in 1996 n Came Home to JESUS n Only CHRIST in Protestant HolyBible Based Churches n bringing many many many out with me!! Praise JESUS!!!

  58. Martin Price says:

    All religions are a total fabrication. A psychological tool to control people. Used by rulers against the public since the beginning of recorded history.

    It keeps the poor from murdering the rich for their crimes against them. Keeps them in power.

  59. MaiFlower says: Don't follow him, he's leading you to hell.

  60. MaiFlower says: Pray for him.

  61. betlamed says:

    So much mouthwater, so much aftershave, wasted on so much lukewarm gas.

  62. Michele FitzGerald says:


  63. Michael O'Connor says:

    Try science instead. You won't have to believe cult stuff. You won't have to "believe" anything at all. You'll have verifiable
    evidence, and powerful, coherent, robust, falsifiable, and predictive explanations, as opposed to hocus-pocus. Try science.
    And remember: Don't worry! Be happy! There's not a whit of verifiable evidence that any of the tens of thousands of gods,
    including Barron's, exists.

  64. Joel John says:

    Thank you bishop Barron

  65. jude blaise says:

    This is so inspiring..Thank you Bishop Baron

  66. steve coley says:

    When I taught skiing, I learned the magic of "wordplay". I used to use a command approach with my students. I would tell them to do exercises and drills to improve their skiing.

    Then I learned the value of "wordplay" and started saying "let's play a game" instead of do this drill and that drill.

    This simple change in words relaxed the students and dramatically increased their rate of progress.

    I think changing the word "religion" to "metaphysics" would have a similar affect with Christianity. Truth be told…metaphysics is what Jesus was trying to teach in the first place.

  67. b wood says:

    As I am searching for ways to occupy my time while I must be still following a surgery. I find Bishop Barron. I will be watching and following him to keep my perspective fresh and my faith nourished and alive. Thank you Bishop Barron for your sharing of the Catholic faith and intellect that brings so much into perspective.

  68. ancilla asa says:

    May GOD always protect Bishop Barrin from evil

  69. michael says:

    Wondering if there are any non religious or non catholic people listening and what are you thinking

  70. Wolfgang Preineder says:

    Had to think of those two C.S. Lewis Quotes from Mere Christianity:

    "Nothing that you have not given away will ever be really yours."

    “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”

  71. minervaeiou says:

    English is not my first language and I have difficulties understanding the shipping part of worth-ship. Can somebody explain please?

  72. Brendan Muller says:

    How dare you Bishop Barron put youself in the place of God and decide who is saved. You are spreading heresy with a smile. May God have mercy on your soul

  73. GSRider says:

    Bishop Barron at his best and you have to know in a somewhat hostile environment. At the very least in a room full of ultra-educated skeptics Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers, Protestants etc. He closes with Thomas Aquinas's argument for God's existence. Priceless!! There are a lot of folks AT Google that then went back to their desks and GOOGLED Aquinas and his argument for the existence of God which will cause a curiosity which will cause further intellectual inquiry which will lead to careful consideration which will be followed by conscious contemplation and even debate which will then lead to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This guy should be our next Pope. The world would be Catholic as Christ intended. (Jn. 17-21)

  74. Vince Wyn says:

    O Come Holy Spirit, Living In Mary. Teach us Love, Faith and Love. Ps 96:1

    O God, who for the defense of the
    Catholic faith made the Priest St Peter Canisius strong in virtue and in learning. Grant, through his intercession, that those who seek the truth may joyfully find you, their God. Amen Lk 2:34

    😇St. Peter Canisius please pray 4us

  75. nyworker says:

    The folks in the church have a much better handle on society than most want to admit.

  76. nyworker says:

    God is love and God is love of life. The devil does not love the gift of life. He teaches us not to have regard for others, their feelings, their fears, their hopelessness….Bishop Barron is an example of what draws people into the religious life ….the search for moral truth and moral goodness.

  77. M S says:

    No matter what the Church Militants claim – this man is engaging and gets people thinking; believers and non-believers … and this can only be good. Tremendous respect for him.

  78. Rangsa Marak78 says:

    Bishop explains the urge of finite spirit. What is spirit? Spirit is combination of two faculties i.e. the intellect and the will. The intellect thinks to have thoughts to learn truth and the will seeks satisfaction. With will we love and with intellect we think. There is a difference between God who is spirit and soul which is a spirit. Man and angel are finite spirit and God is infinite spirit. GOD has infinite intellect and infinite will. I love Bishop Barron.

  79. michael sorensen says:

    Keep up the good work. God bless.

  80. Jeff Rourke says:

    I am so grateful that Bishop Barron is in the public eye. He is one of my heroes.

  81. Kingfish179 says:

    This is an excellent talk. Bishop Robert Barron has a unique ability to remain so down to earth while presenting high level philosophical material. His talks are really helping me see things in a different light.

  82. Juan Manuel Castañón says:

    Great talk, enlighted words, praised be the Lord!

  83. next channel next says:

    Eternal Mind Opens because of The Eternal ^ Greatest GOoD

  84. next channel next says:

    GOD Bless GOogle … Love … Eternal

  85. Folk Aart says:

    Faith is the epitome of a closed mind. An open mind admits to not knowing what it does not know, a closed mind fills in all the answers with the word god then pretends they have it all figured out. It takes a dishonest person with a closed mind to find a god.

  86. David Kirstein says:


  87. TheBeybladeSport says:

    Nice. Jesus Bless

  88. SCOTA MUSIC says:

  89. kaistigerboy says:

    Bishop Barron is a modernist watch out young Catholics pray for his conversion , he doesn’t teach TRUTH

  90. Trevor Seines says:

    Amazing…..Bishop Barron was an intellectual and religious stepping stone for me to reach Byzantine Catholicism and finally Eastern Orthodoxy from having been raised intermittent Protestant. Bravo!

  91. Jonathan Brumley says:

    Let’s think of the men in this world who have accumulated the most wealth, fame, honor, and pleasure. Are they happy?

  92. ric david says:

    what a shil

  93. François Bournival says:

    Beautiful speech, beautiful preacher

  94. nick sibly says:

    This sort of philosophical analysis was no where to be seen when I went to Catholic school twenty years ago. Just by naming something (beatitudo) helps us to realise what is the greatest desire of our heart. It also gives a certain concreteness to our purpose in life. Thank you once again Bishop Barron for your wise revelations.

  95. Frank Enanoza says:

    I showed this video to a Christian/non-Catholic friend of mine and he asked me afterwards, "Why isn't he the pope?"

  96. hypstermyster says:

    I love this video. Bishop Barron provides a wonderful bridge between those who might be more secular to those who may be more religous. As a result we all get a glimpse and taste of a rich religous perspective.

  97. Mommy SeaStar says:

    This is one of the absolute best Catholic and philosophical talks I’ve ever heard.

  98. Paul Nurmi says:

    Blah blah blah get to the point. Jesus Christ is the way not to to the Father not an abstraction. But of course theological abstractions don't offend Google and our pop culture.

  99. François Bournival says:

    A beautiful mind.

  100. Jun Abejo says:

    Awesome! God bless you Bishop Barron!

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