Birbs, borbs, and birbies—Internet Names for Birds


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This is a birb. If a birb is round it’s
called a borb. Check out this rainborb. Birbs are made of many parts, like
flappers, squeaky snifflers, meal spotters, landing gear, floofy pants, and
the pooshoot. It also shoots out the pre birbs, which could turn into birbies. Or
not. Some birbs make the best pets like the lovebirb, budgie birb, pirate birb,
whistling mohawk, majestic marshmallow, angel birb—heckin’ doggo. Bamboozled again.
Birbs like to do the adorables, like bathe sing and screm.
Birbs also like to get a head scritch, flirt, and most of all birbs like to
party, and no one parties like the party parrot. Many birbs are chickens like the
panda chicken, cobra chicken, silent chicken, and fashion chicken. There’s also
the cereal chicken, zombie chicken, sometimes called the janitor eagle, park
chicken, and Cluck Norris. But he’s no chicken—he’s too busy kicking grass and
taking grains. Visualise your birbs and anything else with Lucidchart.

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