Best Black Friday Deals on Hosting (2019) 🔥 – SiteGround, A2 Hosting, NameCheap


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Today we will talk about Black Friday Web Hosting Deals Hi Guys, my name is Kripesh Adwani There are some best deals on Web Hosting So this is the best time to buy Hosting, if you are looking for one So the first option we have is of Siteground You will find links in the description So you can purchase from there It will help me to grow this channel So the first website is of SiteGround Here you will have 75% Off Here pricing is about $5, $9, $2.98 So you will have 10 to 20% discount here If you buy this ‘Grow Big’ plan in the usual days, it will cost $70 for one year But if you buy this plan now, you will find this plan for just $50 So if you are looking for Siteground Hosting, this is the time you should buy The price will not decrease further The whole year you won’t find it’s price being decreased at this level. I Recommend Siteground. Next option we have is of Hostinger Hostinger is also a theme that I have recommended If you can’t afford Siteground, you can take Hostinger You will get upto 91% OFF on Hostinger if you use my Coupon Code KRIPESH So I have taken Premium Web Hosting Plan The cost after discount is Rs. 5,312 for 4 years So this might be a great plan if you do not have a great budget If you are searching for hosting then Hostinger can be a good option Next option is A2 Hosting, if you do not want to go to Siteground or Hostinger So A2 Hosting is a good option You will find up to 67% OFF in this Web Hosting Plans If I talk about Manage WordPress, you will get upto 60% OFF Next Hosting is Namehero Namehero is a good web hosting Their data centres are not in India, Singapore and Asia If you are targeting this website in US, UK or developed nations, you can buy their hosting They haven’t revealed their discounts yet But their discounts will start today at IST 8:30 PM The concept of sale is very interesting The Discounts are based on First Come First Serve Basis So they will maximum discount to first 100 customers But after 100 Customers the discounts will be less So if you want that 100 customers discount, check out this deal at IST 8:30PM If you don’t get the deal at that price, Namehero is worth it, for targeting your website in US Next is NameCheap Now NameCheap has recently built up its hosting business, in a couple of years So their hosting is also a good hosting companies that I can Recommend So the plans here are, for Managed WordPress For the first month you will have to pay Rs.0.72 and Rs. 1.43 So I also purchased this plan I thought they will ask for one whole year payment But you can try this hosting for one month at this price I took this Easy WP Turbo Plan, I bought this for Rs. 2 So I will post its review later I have purchased it to test and see how it works You can purchase both of these plans to try and test it to see how it works You can see how hosting works and check its user interface and its services I found it good If you want to purchase a yearly plan, they are providing 35% to 50% OFF in their Managed WordPress Hosting If I talk about Shared Hosting Plans They are giving Flat 50% OFF for one year So you will get 50% OFF on 1-year plan you purchase from here Next Company we have is Bluehost Out of the options I have if you do not want to buy that, Bluehost is a good option Since they are acquired by EIG Group, I have lost some trust in those EIG Group is a group that acquire hosting companies and then its quality gets affected Its customer support and speed decreases There is a mixed response for this hosting So if you want this, you can have a look at it. Next option is BigRock I personally use BigRock and I got this hosting at a good rate So if you want a Hosting at a less price to test it If you are new in this field and if you have a less budget You can definitely give Bigrock a try You will get discounts at 28th to 30th November for upto 60% OFF on Web Hosting At last, we have HostGator HostGator is of EIG Group, so you will find 61% OFF So these were the best Hosting Deals that have arrived I have shared my Recommended Websites You can go with Siteground, Hostinger A2 Hosting, Namehero Namecheap, you can buy any of these You can also buy Bluehost, BigRock if you don’t have the budget and HostGator also So that will be all for this one. Like and Subscribe.

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  1. Abhay Kulkarni says:

    Please Make A Video On Reseller Club.
    Yesterday I Purchased Cloud Hosting From Them.
    Its far better than hostinger.
    Note : Big Rock, Blue Host, Host Gator, Resellar Club are all sub brands of EIG

  2. Kripesh Adwani says:

    Best Web Hosting Deals for Black Friday. 🔥


    For extra 15% Discount use Coupon Code “KRIPESH”

    A2 Hosting


    NameCheap (WordPress) (Shared)




  3. Kripesh Adwani says:

    My Favourite deal was of NameCheap 1 month plan 😍 What was yours?

  4. Technical Father says:

    mast video hai

  5. Ringtones Hub says:

    Hello bro give me the namecheap hosting discount coupon PLEASE

  6. Faiz Rub says:

    wocomerece website kai laye konsa best hai plzz

  7. Dilip Parihar says:

    Namecheap vs hostinger vs a2 hosting please make comparison video

  8. GADGET REVIEW says:

    Hostinger vs a2 host konsa best ha plz batao

  9. RR VLOGS says:

    Just now I purchased Hostinger premium shared hosting used your coupon code more power to u❤️ make more videos regarding Hostinger 🙂

  10. Dilshan collection says:

    Sir apna what'sapp no dedijiye ya Gmail I'd bata dijiye mujhe kuch questions puchne hain

  11. Prince Kamboj says:

    Bro ab kitni earning ho rahi hai apps se video banayo ja to sida bata do🤔🤔

  12. Painting Series says:

    Siteground grow wale plan pe monthly visits 25000 likha hai toh utnahi support karega ya usse jyada
    Agar jyada toh kitna jyada

  13. Yogesh Kumar says:

    H1 H2 का SEO में क्या फंडा है। प्लीज वीडियो लाइये ।

  14. archana says:

    Bhai kya namehero hosting lekar, indian keyword ke upar kaam kar sakte hai kya…

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