Benefits of Hosting a Holiday Remembrance Program


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Hi I’m Sam Giedris, the social media and
video specialist here at Frazer and today I want to talk to you about the benefits of
hosting a holiday remembrance program at your funeral home. Holiday remembrance programs allow you to
help struggling families, connect more with your community, and engage more on social
media. As a funeral director, you know that the holidays
can be especially hard for anyone who’s experienced loss, regardless of when they
lost their loved one. Many grieving family members appreciate the
opportunity to connect with others who are also grieving during the holiday season. Hosting a holiday remembrance program allows
the mourners in your community to be a part of a healing experience that doesn’t allow
their loved one to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. By creating a space for the mourners in your
community to come together, you’re giving yourself and your funeral home a way to better
engage with your community and to increase your brand awareness. So when you put together your event, invite
everyone in your community that’s grieving the loss of a loved one. By opening up your event to more than just
your existing client families, you’ll build trust with new families for the future. In addition to creating a way to connect with
your community in person, hosting a holiday remembrance program allows you to engage more
on social media. Creating an event on Facebook allows you to
reach more people in your area. But you can also create a blog post that explains
what to expect from a holiday remembrance program. Share it on all of your social media platforms
and then encourage your followers to share it with people who they think would benefit
from attending your program. Photos from the event would also be great
to use for Facebook and Instagram posts. Just be sure to let families know ahead of
time that photos will be taken and to let you know if they don’t want to be photographed. As you can see, hosting a holiday remembrance
program has a ton of benefits for your funeral home. And they’re actually easier to organize
than you might think. Our holiday remembrance media kit makes it
easy to spread the word about your event. It includes things like a press release, RSVP,
and sample script for the program. To download our holiday remembrance media
kit, click the link below this video.

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