Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Quiet Officer Finds Her Voice (Officer Stories Pt. 5 – Lilly) | A&E


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100 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Quiet Officer Finds Her Voice (Officer Stories Pt. 5 – Lilly) | A&E”

  1. A&E says:

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  2. Thomas Games says:

    Who’s here in 2019 ?

  3. Perry Kennedy says:

    Why does she talk like a restated Mexican robot

  4. Enrique cuellar says:

    What's going on here. Get her out of there

  5. redneck_how-lee says:

    was she referring to Ms. congeniality?

  6. airypeaches says:

    she should take vocal lessons to make her voice low an scary and she should gain muscle, I believe she can do the job she just needs to work on some stuff.

  7. Eric Narvaez says:

    She’s got spirit I’ll give her that much. Good luck lily 👍

  8. Eric Narvaez says:

    She’s got guys and spirit I’ll give her that. Good luck lily 👍

  9. Straight to the Body says:

    A lot of negative comments, why not empower this young lady & stand with her. 💪🏼

  10. Deb F says:

    Her bulletproof vest is too heavy for her small frame.

  11. Nova dash says:

    She’s always smiling

  12. Sandy Hook says:

    quit that job tf! She can't be too bright, not one bit lmao

  13. X X says:

    You can look in her eyes and see that she’s in the wrong place

  14. Garrett Worthington says:

    Why is there that dog in at 7:33 ?

  15. Jaron Anderson says:

    They need to move her to the pedophile unit and see how things pan out….

  16. Youth Perfect says:


    gang unit: “im gonna eat your beans”

  17. Ju Ga says:

    All in all this girl has more balls then most people to even try this job out

  18. Butterbeanie says:

    "Mexican woman…Gunna eat your beans"

  19. Bennett Lieberman says:

    I thought they couldn’t find her last episode because she fled and moved out of the state

  20. I’m a little retarded but says:

    Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia

  21. Sandy Hook says:

    I asked him and he said no.. .. wtf do you expect lmao.

  22. Ceejay says:

    What do you mean underestimate you what are you gonna do them other then scream at them with that helium voice?

  23. Lauren Padgett says:

    You need a sting ray and you can intercept all the cell traffic in the prison. 👏 get 👏 a 👏 sting 👏 ray 👏

  24. Tommy Profit'Monsoon says:

    Cute, dumb, 2nd gen. Border jumper, Perfect !!!

  25. Cole Fifield says:

    Totally not thinking about doing naughty things to her that might just get me in the prison she works at so I can see her everyday (:

  26. Richard Armstrong says:

    Pretty little woman

  27. Ginjabredman says:

    It definitely is a big risk to let a small girl like that work in a prison. But I'm sure that prison must not be super high risk in terms of just straight up physically dangerous and uncontrollable inmates. It must be a lower level risk prison for them to accept her in. Not to disrespect her but I doubt an extremely dangerous prison would accept her because she would probably get groped and beaten on a weekly basis.

  28. StalkerGtfo says:

    They hire basically the exact same actors for all of these. How do y’all not realize that it’s fake? Every episode is the same. Small quiet girl has no idea how to run a prison.

  29. Cisol Da2 says:

    Shes too cute for a rookie

  30. sergio martinez says:

    Swear to God who ever gets the heart of this beautiful angel is 🙏

  31. Bob Smith says:

    If I was a inmate locked away with 0 contact from women I would consider this person candy to me. I bet the other inmates would say the same only a matter of time before one of them sexually assault her or she quits women like this can’t last.

  32. Michael M. says:

    Gang unit inmate:"Im gonna eat you beeeeaaans"

    Me: Aight imma head out…
    (Quits job same day)

  33. Ethan Overwatch says:

    I'm gonna eat your beeeeaans!

  34. Kelin says:

    On a solely human instinct level. She would not survive

  35. Diamond Beckett says:

    I'm rooting for her

  36. muddy boi says:

    She wouldn’t survive the female prison why is she in the male prison smh

  37. Compilation Central says:


  38. trix7one says:

    She a hottie

  39. Compilation Central says:

    "Mexicaaannn womaaann….. Gonna eat your beeaaaannnnssss" ☠️😂

  40. Compilation Central says:

    "I wAnTeD tO bE a FbI AgEnT "

  41. John Doe says:

    I can almost guarantee she will freeze up before ever firing a gun to help another officer

  42. Compilation Central says:

    That fat male CEO searching for the drugs looks like he goes home after work and snorts Coke and drink beer all night himself ☠️😂

  43. Uglypenguins says:

    I thought she resigned and moved out of the state without telling anyone…

  44. auxmike says:

    Lilly has since moved on and joined the US Navy!

  45. Age of Distraction says:

    She carries the Holy Spirit

  46. H*ck says:

    I’m all for women in law enforcement, but she’s so tiny and quiet, I’m worried for her safety. Like, those inmates could tear her apart. I hope everything goes well for her, she seems like a very compassionate officer.

  47. If you read this you got a small pp says:

    I hate the way this female talks😂

  48. MARTINJW25 says:

    Acting like a mouse in a cage full of lions will get her hurt

  49. Carlos Chavez says:

    She grew since last time lol

  50. hey now777 says:

    All these inmates are extremely disrespectful towards her this wouldn't fly in west coast prisons the co's wouldnt allow it even the inmates wouldn't let others act stupid like these new mexico inmates.

  51. hey now777 says:

    These new mexico co's are too soft and these inmates are to disrespectful in other prisons the co's dont let anything slide and the inmates would check you for disrespecting a female co

  52. hey now777 says:

    The dog is in their becasue he has a ruff past.

  53. MajorDay says:

    She’s probably the only girl that those guys seen in prison 😭
    She’s bold to be there!

  54. Austin T. says:

    In my opinion there should be no women in men’s prisons. That’s just asking to be sexually, and normally assaulted

  55. Ravensfan1 says:

    While I’m over here 6’8 290 lbs working at a sandwich shop

  56. Austin T. says:

    4 sub or strips are NOT worth $2400

  57. Will says:

    If I were another officer in there and I was being attacked or a riot broke out, I can't trust her to defend me, let alone defend herself. Would you trust your life in her hands during a fight?

  58. Tolindra Collins says:

    Most of you in the comments dont have the balls or the mind to join the police force, nor would you make the physical part or shooting level.
    Know what you can do. Dont speak on people better than you.

  59. J F says:

    She sold her soul to the devil for some pocket money.

  60. Pete Haskell says:

    What a cruel and self gratifying thing to do to hire for diversity instead of competence, shame on the politically correct idiots who put all of us in danger.

  61. hbk 2010 says:

    She did all this because of a movie, she’s gunna get killed

  62. ShayPeee says:

    Yeah Lily! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽♥️

  63. Gary E. Ko says:

    She's too cute and small to be in a prison all you're going to do is get those rapists and murderers all riled up

  64. TheJapanChannelDcom says:


  65. Michael Is the best says:

    Ok who’s idea was the stars wars battle music.

  66. New Youu says:

    She is so cute

  67. macks dh says:

    Omg this little girl is cute af seriously tho I hope her size doesn’t affect her career and hopefully she goes on to be a successful career and become an fbi agent❤️❤️

  68. Barbara Owens says:

    Nope! She has no business being in a prison full of dangerous convicted felons!

  69. Armando Garza says:

    Sweet girl. But she does not belong there. Period.

  70. dakota West says:

    I love Lilly she was my fav

  71. Derick K says:

    She’s gonna get hurt in there, seriously. She should find a job she can handle! Just saying !

  72. Derick K says:

    1:46 she looks like a baby asking for milk !! Tf ?? McDonald’s is hiring ya know !!

  73. Lifted Puppet861 says:

    this is officer hops in real life lmao

  74. that guy says:

    I hope she doesnt get trapped in a prison riot……

  75. Jimmy The Gent says:

    She is so stupid

  76. Ray Banz says:

    she's pretty, but don't fit the job lol.. she can be my girl tho lol

  77. Brian Sullivan says:

    It’s like a small child playing police for a day. Without the cameras, this girl is going to suffer a lot of abuse.

  78. Erik E. says:

    She reminds me of Cat from Victorious on Nickelodeon

  79. Brian Sullivan says:

    She seems a little dumb. So dumb that she became a CO. But hey, feminism.

  80. SaltyInlet FISHING says:

    She's so cute 😍

  81. Darian Jackson says:

    She needs a new profession this is not a good idea

  82. La Fuente Mental Allan Sweetz says:

    I AM IN LOVE !!!!!!!!!!<3

  83. dbltrplx says:

    The system is in error letting this little girl in this environment with these animals .
    She needs to be counciled out of this job, she is going to get killed.

  84. Jimmy Boy says:

    Bruh shes 5 ft 102; im 13 and taller and heavier even i could over power her.

  85. Lucy Wonders says:

    Lily is my favorite co lol, ily 💜🤪✨🦋
    Also the dog is super cute

  86. Dallas Blaskowics says:


  87. SexyVixen1011 says:

    Lilly looks like she needs to be a nurse lol

  88. Joshua Oana says:

    If you fine her attractive, isn't it still technically pedophilia?

  89. Justin credible says:

    What she gonna do when one of them pulls her in a cell?
    By the time anyone finds her, best case scenario she's only pregnant

  90. money Mig MM says:

    She's too tiny and too cute to be working there that's dangerous

  91. LooxGood says:

    She is the example of female empowerment. She is the "Fearless Girl"…not the bronze statue in NY, but she is the one. Go girl!

  92. Erick Wright says:

    she doesnt belong there and it's obvious to everyone

  93. Navaneeth R says:

    She's so cute

  94. Neversatisfied Baby G says:

    Awwww Lilly she’s too cute, like a little chihuahua

  95. Nana Miles says:

    I'm all for women being in any kind of law enforcement, but she acts like a freshman in high school and has no muscle to defend herself whatsoever.

  96. Austin Giguere says:

    This is just asking for someone to be hurt is it a hundred pound girl should never be around full grown men can't you work in a women's prison or a juvenile prison

  97. void says:

    men and women are equal

  98. gold dust woman says:

    Just try using an adult womans voice.

  99. Vanessa Ephraim says:

    That’s amazing

  100. Timothy Williams says:

    She knows what she is getting into. So I wish her well.

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