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Hey there my friends! My name is Riyaz
and I have been working in the IT industry for last 13+ years. After working
with several IT companies, in various roles, I went on to founding
my own software company. And AWS is a major component of our product offerings
today. And in this course, I’ll share my real-world experience with you. This
course is divided into several sections. First, we’ll look at what serverless
computing is and how does it compare with the traditional computing. Then, we’ll
look at the AWS serverless architecture and discuss different web services that form
the AWS serverless platform. We’ll also look at a couple of use cases of the AWS
serverless architecture. And then, we’ll deep dive into the core services that form the AWS
serverless platform, namely DynamoDB AWS Lambda and API Gateway. We’ll also
discuss the Microservices Architecture and understand how AWS can be used to
create Completely Serverless Microservices. As part of our hands-on exercise,
we’ll create a DynamoDB table and then create our very own microservice
to query this DynamoDB table. We’ll create the microservice using AWS
Lambda and API Gateway. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

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