AWS KC Videos: What is a link aggregation group (LAG), and how do I configure it?


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hello I’m havin a cloud Support Engineer here at the AWS headquarters in Seattle sometimes customers ask me about link aggregation control protocol LS CP or link aggregation groups lag which can be used to aggregate multiple 1g or 10g connections LACP and lags allows users to treat multiple connections as a single managed connection let me walk you through the process of configuring a lag from the AWS management console you can configure a lag using your existing direct connect connections or by creating new Direct Connect connections in this video we are setting up a lag bundle using existing Direct Connect connections which are operational but do not have any virtual interfaces configured on them open the AWS Direct Connect console and choose create lag select the direct connect connections that you want to add to the lad bundle and then name the lag and configure the MINIX minimum links our feature in LACP that allows you to set the minimum number of links needed for a lag bundle to be active and parse traffic if you do not specify the minimum link value by default it is set to zero this means your lag is active as long as you have one connection active after the required connections and the minimum link values have been added create the new lag bundle review the new lag bundle and verify the configuration parameters such as the port count and minimum links you can see that the lag is in pending state which means it is still being provisioned by AWS after this is complete the state of the lag bundle goes to down or available depending on whether the lag bundle has been configured on the customer head you can modify the parameters associated with the newly configured lag by choosing actions and selecting update lag you can also disassociate any direct connect connections added to the lag by choosing actions and selecting disassociate connection please note that you can only remove as many Direct Connect connections as specified by the minimum link if you disassociate more than the minimum links specified you might receive an error thanks for watching and happy cloud computing from all of us here at AWS

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