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[Christmas music] I do love Christmas. Last Christmas was a peaceful and joyous one for me and my family. You know, actually, the last eight Christmases have been pretty peaceful and joyous. I just felt safe, you know? Every night I went to bed knowing that an intelligent man whom I voted for twice was in the White House, a president I supported was watching over us and using his executive powers for good, to bring peace on Earth and joy to the world. But this year, something’s changed–in me! Maybe it’s a part of getting older, but suddenly I just don’t think the President should have that much power. I guess everyone goes through phases in life, and I’m in this ‘let’s limit the power of the Executive Branch’ phase of mine. Regardless of who is president! Because even though it felt like Obama would be President forever, I knew this day would come. Yeah, I should have prepared for it. In my younger years, I looked at the world differently. For example, if my president bombed a country without congressional approval, I just assumed he had a great reason. Why would the man whose campaign I donated money to not have a good reason for everything he does? I mean, do you remember when he danced on ‘Ellen’? (chuckling) But now that I’m older, and not because Donald Trump is going to be president, that has nothing to do with this, I guess I’m not in favor of the president being able to unilaterally topple foreign regimes, no matter what daytime talk show he appears on. [ding] When I first heard about the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, I closed my eyes and pictured President Obama personally looking through my e-mails and internet search history. It made me feel warm inside. The idea that the president I had phone banked for was interested in what I had to say!? And to whom I was saying it!? Wow! Barack Obama wants to get to know me? He’s watching me!? But now I just don’t like the idea of Donald Trump–I mean, any president–surveilling me without a warrant! I mean, as an American citizen, I have a right to privacy. For the last eight years, I’ve left this key under the mat in case the president ever wanted to let himself into my home. Sure President Obama had a kill list. Yes, he could take out US citizens without due process, but it’s not like I would ever be on that list!
[chuckles] But suddenly I feel like I could be on that list. Prosecuting whistle blowers, refusing freedom of information requests, indefinite detentions, drones… I’m just not feeling it anymore, guys. And it’s definitely not because Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton didn’t. I’m just older and wiser now. Let’s just say I’m in a pragmatic system of checks and balances state of mind. Oh! And I think guns are a good idea now too. At least for the next four years, or until a president I like takes office. So what executive powers would you like to see rolled back? Let us know in the comments! And subscribe to our channel, We The Internet TV, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new videos every week.

100 Replies to “Are You Worried About the President’s Executive Power? | We the Internet TV”

  1. Suzanne Benz says:

    Obummer was our very worse PoTUS! He is an evil jerk!

  2. Lanny Yeomans says:

    where did they find this paid asshole lying ass kissing obama lover ok asshole a real man is pres now and his wife does not have BALLS asshole?

  3. Gary Songer says:

    This was the biggest crock of garbage I've seen in a long time! Obama did more dirty things under the table than any President in our history! He makes Nixon look like a saint! Obama was the biggest joke ever pulled on the American people!! His policies were a disaster so now they have to make commercials after the fact to try to sway people to believing he wasn't out to destroy the country! NO SHAME!!!

  4. Zorro 123 says:

    Perfect. Democrats have all the answers, all the tolerance……until you disagree with them, then you’re a racist, nazi, monster and out to destroy the world. Hypocrisy to the highest degree.

  5. Scorpius Jones says:

    If Bernie (or any Democrat) becomes president then withholds congressionally approved funding for Norway until they produce the "pee pee tape", the GOP would be livid.

  6. David Durflinger says:

    How about arresting Hillary, Obama, Schumer, and the rest of the criminal Democrats and charge them with treason

  7. Dennis Vance says:

    this has aged like a fine vintage Chardonnay in Elizabeth Warren‘s wine cave.

  8. Nathan Lundstrom says:

    why do I keep getting these shitty sketches as ads?

  9. Darric Lengling says:


  10. my kids are smarter than yours says:

    This is pitiful, because it's too accurate.

  11. John Radder says:

    Is this guy smoking weed

  12. Zach Dugan says:

    Shame that this was made 3 years ago. The whole Joe Biden quid pro quo thing would be perfect

  13. Lynn Gatrell says:

    Do one about how the public wants to know everything about Pres. Trump, but is totally cool with Barry's life being a complete mystery.

    "I have a right to know everything about this current president. I mean, sure, Obama had virtually everything from his past sealed from the public, but I'm sure he had good reasons to lie about his name and nationality to get into college. Besides, the name Barry Soetoro just doesn't roll off the tongue like Barack Hussein Obama. (sigh❤)"

  14. Inspctr Gdgt says:

    Revoke a president’s authority to give cash to any country for any reason.

  15. francis cooper says:

    This is got to be a joke

  16. Ro Mary says:

    bushes bombed so did obama

  17. Ro Mary says:

    obama spied on trump campaign so did hillery

  18. Chef ByHimself says:

    You people dont understand satire

  19. Paul Heredia says:

    Token now old white guys can argue we had a Black President. But in all reality the the ass was a FN mutt, half breed. Oh yeah don't forget Hispanics for Trump 2020 , (California)

  20. Henry Bisono gallos says:

    Well lefty I got new for you trump will be reelected again sorry lol

  21. Master of Mashup says:

    This is the Right's best comedy and yet it still falls short of being funny. To think Obama and the NSA surveillance of regular people is unlawful, is plain ignorance. And do you think they have the man power to listen in on everyone's conversations, it was used to get criminals. I don't care about it because I am not a criminal. Shit, they can put up cameras everywhere with facial recognition if it brings down crime. China takes it to far with their surveillance but if used correctly it can be good.

  22. Kritikitti says:

    TRUMP 2020. I'm praying for him.

  23. inLorne Hillman says:

    He wants Obama's cock

  24. Mark Gamble says:

    So u were duped and still being duped. Great analogy

  25. Marty Paxton says:

    People so easily forget who started all the huge horrible changes to due process after 9 11. It almost like, they really thought about this and planned it out

  26. Rob Campbell says:

    Remember the "dancing on Ellen" yeah.. Big Mike.

  27. gms2222 says:

    Obama caused millions of Syrians to be displaced & caused more misery for Syria & Europe. He was a disaster.

  28. Some Dandy says:

    YouTube recommended you in my feed as an ad of all things. For once, YouTube…well done.

  29. C. G. says:

    The irony is this prob will go over so many democrats heads😂. People tend to "allow" everything that went on for 8 years and day1 were not giving any chance to the next 😂. Welldone 👍

  30. Cutter says:

    My executive power abuse senses started tingling around September 11th 2001

  31. Michael Smith says:

    This is quite clever, because you're not exactly sure how to take this guy… very clever indeed.

  32. the purist kind says:

    You knew about TDS before it even happened. Are you psychic?

  33. EyeWitnessChina says:


  34. Bill Michelson says:

    Very creative!

  35. Greg Fakerson says:

    You should title your videos as “treasonous moronic illogical verifiably false indoctrination”, so as to not seem like clickbait.

    tell the people what they’re getting, so they don’t accidentally feel smart when you trot out lies to comfort their uninformed sensibilities and easily jostled emotions.

  36. Toma Harley says:

    So now you’re NOT worried? “Oh honey!”

  37. Julian Marsh says:

    Is this what passes for conservative wit? Reality Check 101…..Obama turned to executive privilege because a Congress, solidly controlled by the Republican Party, was determined to let him do nothing. Appoint federal judges? Nawww. Even dominate someone for a Supreme Court vacancy? Not on their watch! Is it still presidential over-reach? Yes, it is and has been for a very long time…but the anti-American conservatives were preventing an American president from functioning so he did the only thing he could do….compare that to Trump, who started with a Republican Congress and still racked up an impressive number of executive orders. Conservatives are comparing apples and oranges. Get a life.

  38. Julian Marsh says:

    Sorry! I said dominate when I should have said nominate!

  39. Philip Dolan says:

    This is dumb nice try buddy

  40. Repsychler 808 says:

    The only president responsible for the only reduction in the nations triple A credit rating. Can you say
    9, 000,000,000,000.

  41. Bryan Seaman says:

    Bitch I've been paranoid of executive power since Sulla

  42. Cody Patterson says:

    Remember when POTUS reading from a teleprompter or wearing a tan suit was scandalous? Sweet summer child…

  43. Christina Pankey says:

    Unbelievably stupid to give Obama that award. The biggest loser corrupt pos of all time does the world's most corrupt assholes biddings and gets this award, what a joke

  44. altitude is everything says:

    Can anyone tell me who made more executive orders/used executive powers more?? GW or Obama?? Man, sucks it wasn’t Obama… Also sucks Trump is on track to surpass that too. Man, just kills the whole premise of this.

  45. Mark Farley says:

    Pass the Affordable Care Act, then you can read it. And sure you can keep your Dr. if you want. The govt. will pay for it and my favorite one is Democrats will help Black America to thrive.

  46. Daniel Parker says:

    3 years later trying to blame Obama for Trump/s screw ups wow

  47. CJ Miller says:

    Uh, he doesn't, Pelosi and her klan of vampires have more power. I voted for him twice, thanks to him lost my house, while our first half black president has 2… 15 million dollar homes, lmao good for you Barry. Someday the truth will come out, you didn't get that money from your book sales, I see them at Goodwill for a buck lol.

  48. Raymond Davis says:

    First of all, if you define "winning" as getting more Americans to vote for youthen sorry DB Donald Trump didn't win. Secondly you make accusations but could I please have some facts? For instance we know now that Trump has actually killed people on his hit list as well as trying to use the executive branch and skulking shenanigans to attack United States citizens. Could you please enlighten me as to the names of the people on Obama's list that are dead ? Got any names as far as people Obama tried to attack using military aid as a bribe ?

  49. GOOGLE GOOGLE says:

    Obama lied to the people and now trump did it too

  50. MK Duke says:

    Talented actor

  51. Danny Stratton says:

    White people watching this are not raceist

  52. Chitlins Justice says:

    This works both ways

  53. Elliot Rapp says:

    Trump’s lawyers went to court and claimed that he could not be detained or even investigated regardless of what he did.

    So, seems like “above the law” might be an unprecedented reach, eh?

  54. T Trap says:

    There is NO "RIGHT TO PRIVACY". There is only the expectation of privacy.

  55. RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    So now that Trump is President, we should limit presidential power, really?
    So now that Trump is president, he doesnt want anyone spying on him?
    The irony of this whole thing is that it's fine to RIP up the Constitution, but only when it fits you. It doesnt work that way Democrats.

  56. Riley Walsh says:

    I love how this video points out the hypocrisy of liberals tightening their morals against Trump (The rapist whiping his balls on the constitution daily) but completely ignores the GOP suddenly losing those morals when it's their executive in power.

  57. Nadine Barrios says:

    The WORST president ever; obuma/biden!!

  58. Joshua Goodell says:

    Obama was the worst president in history period!!! And the stupid dummyrats are mad at Trump because he will go down as the greatest president in history. And u can't dispute that fact. Hey liberals and dummyrats your party is imploding and it's so fun to watch your sinking ship.

  59. Ronald Reagan says:

    Id like to see the democrats scalps pulled back

  60. Wayne Joseph says:


  61. John Mac says:

    Military tribunals and capital punishment, that's what I want to see!

  62. SuperTroll says:

    Read the book
    "The Communist"
    by Paul Kengor

    It explains everything

  63. Robert e lee says:

    So now your worried about the confedecy you awt to be

  64. SMiley Wackadoo says:

    Likely executive orders. Or I could shorten the list & go ‘all’ , yeah…

  65. double d says:

    I'm so confused , I like trump alot , but I am also kinda drunk and can't tell what this vid is about , ,, I will check back in the morning ,, still have enough wits to say fuck libs

  66. Robert Shenkman says:

    Osama Obama used Executive Power to commit TREASON Sedition Bribery and Fraud

  67. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier says:

    Q:What executive powers do you want to see removed from Trump, cough, the office of the president?
    A: I don't think Trump should be able to cancel Pelosi's flights on military aircraft. Not.

  68. Jared Scott says:

    This is scary accurate until the last 15 second

  69. God Speed says:

    Atleast pin an explanation comment for the people who don't understand sarcasm… I can picture some crazy people yelling, "yes, this makes sense and, thats what i was saying, impeach Trump"

  70. Sean S. says:

    The only thing I’m worried about is if another Democrat ever somehow gets elected in the future. Our country will fall into a shit storm of crap if it does.

  71. Jeff Chang says:

    So true. Look up the comments on the misdeeds (drone strikes, Maddning, WikiLeaks) on Reddit and look at it now.

    Most only care if someone they hate does it.

  72. ORAN sMITH says:

    Obama was the worst president this country ever had. He tried to take us down and sold out to Iran

  73. Kathryn Reynolds says:

    The left is insane like those who screamed crucify Him! Same Satan. God is on the move, when He shows up all darkness is exposed and demons scream. They do not hate just Trump, they hate us, America but mostly GOD! Jesus said, we will serve Him or the devil period. He also said, if they are not for us they are against us. We have amazing Godly Warriors, thank God! But the battle belongs to the Lord! Seek first His Kingdom and Righteousness and watch the Glory unfold! Praise God!! Best is coming!

  74. John R says:

    So what your saying is, it's wrong no matter which Presents does it. I agree, so let's limit executive power.

  75. Brian Paul says:

    More like a president who was just ok, that I voted for twice because he sucked mildly less than both of his opponents.

  76. Itachi Hyuga says:

    I hope he does one based on the difference of Trump’s impeachment and Clinton’s. Oh wait, this was suppose to be sarcasm towards Dems.

  77. Celia Woods says:

    Young man get your facts straight!!
    For those who feel President Obama was the worst President we ever had..Stick around.. because your Boy Trump is making Obama look like a Boy Scout!!
    Be Blessed 🙌

  78. Jacob Stokes says:

    I love that this channel is literally just republican propaganda.

  79. Ruth Shull says:

    obama only needed a pen and a phone and tried his best to bury this country. trump used his business sense and whatever he could to correct the injustices obama did/ he opened the flood gates . we need him to continue bringing better things to our country for all of us 2020 trump all the way

  80. christopher patterson says:

    Oh I needed this today!

  81. Bryan Lehman says:

    Sarcasm is the best method with which to point out hypocrisy lol

  82. country life says:


  83. QIrons says:

    Pretty funny. But every one of these videos that point out the hypocrisy of say the ‘left’ being silent under Obama and pissed off and vocal when Trump exercises executive power, they fail to acknowledge what the ‘right’ was saying about Obama during that exact same time. It’s not just the ‘left’ that are hypocrites; hypocrisy flows throughout the entire system. It’s hard to know anyone’s actual belief or position on any given topic because you realize it was total bs as soon as someone from the other party does the same.

    I pray for an independent revolution. Citizens shouldn’t align with parties in my opinion.

  84. Fred Bear says:

    I share this regularly. People are such hypocrites.

  85. Louann Sopata says:

    It's like you saw three years into the future! 🤤

  86. FlamQ Dbltap says:

    Unfortunately this seriously dumbed down among us won’t be able to make sense of this at all

  87. Marvin Olvera says:

    This clown is full of crap!?!

  88. Gene Ground Jr says:

    The president needs total executive power you can't go through Congress when we're being attacked you have to respond immediately don't be a jerk

  89. Eric Bosley says:

    Republicans are stupid ass retards

  90. cheryl hinneburg says:

    At least half are so blind they can't see.

  91. Armando Torres says:


  92. Daniel Herrera says:

    Whataboutism. For when a Trump supporter is overly defensive about Trumps bad policies.

  93. Ya Know says:

    This is for the Whiney Socialist Demo-Cunts ! Lol ! Loved it ! Trump2020

  94. Yi Yun says:

    Lol. I called it 10 years ago. Lol. Democrats are such morons. I said when get president you don't you will regret this! I was called paranoid. Lol.

  95. jack gore says:

    Perfect for His Christmas tree branch frame of mind with the Obama ornament hanging from it but what about the normal frame of mind of 63 million Americans— NOT SO MUCH. You go ahead and pet Your Obama picture and have Your belated Christmas tree fantasy My friend but please give the vast majority of America a break because Your drowning in Your own dillusion. Besides that Your one bad actor and any moment I expect Cousin Eddy to walk in the door for Your suck fest. Ho Ho Ho! Click Your gun at us really You can't be serious some people could take offense to that of course in the real world just not Yours. This guy's a terrible actor He should still be used in commercials as an extra only. I mean where does the radical left get these guy's from some draw Your name from a hat of a bad actors guild. Lol

  96. PEDRO MELENDEZ says:

    …this literally predicted 2019-2020

  97. Daniel Mudge says:

    I'm confused. Should I push the like button?

  98. Bryan Gonzales says:

    Obama the black traitor

  99. Good American says:

    Obama remains a worthless piece of shit.

  100. silný muž says:


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