Apple Watch Website Design With Inkscape – SVG Backgrounds for Modern Web Design


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All file download link you can get
from description of this video I will use Inkscape 1.0 beta version If you has different version thats okay This is bootstrap grid I have made a video with semantic-ui grid Link in description you can checkout Once again see how I open layer panel Same way I will add all essential panel If anything went wrong let me know in comment Help me to grow my youtube channel Double click to create a new point Select the point and change the color If you think video is too fast You can reduce playback speed from setting button Watch more web design videos click top right corner Press + for zoom in and – for zoom out Press Ctrl and drug to lock aspect ratio I set blend made to soft light Add first point and press Shift and click at top Press Enter to make linke Press Ctrl and make it smaller + For Zoom In
– For Zoom Out Please Like, Comment and Subscribe Press Ctrl and rotate This text is just for style You can make this text bold + for Zoom In
– for Zoom Out Press Ctrl and scale Select A icon and click to add text press Ctrl and scale to lock aspect ratio Just select and change the color
which is better for you Click first point and Ctrl click in second point Press Enter to make line Now change color and style make sure page is selected

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