Analytics Powers the Internet of Things (IoT) for the Connected Factory


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How do analytics fit into the
industrial internet of things? I’m Dave Froning
from SAS, and I’ve loved manufacturing
for more than 20 years. Industrial companies wrestle
with really difficult problems, from complex supply chains,
to motion applications, to labor constraints
and equipment breakdowns, every single day. For manufacturers, solving
problems is nothing new. However, with IoT,
competitive organizations are finding new cost savings
and revenue opportunities. Instead of their
flood of data becoming an overwhelming
challenge, with analytics, it’s become an asset. Analytics help operations
sense what’s important, understand where value
can be generated, and act immediately
to capture that value. Specifically, manufacturers
are using analytics to predict impending
equipment failures, improve quality and
market responsiveness by coordinating extended
and complex supply chains, and better engage
with their customers to develop new revenue streams
through enhanced product features and new
product development. Streaming data presents one
of the biggest opportunities. SAS is helping industrial
companies extract value, whether their information is
sitting neatly in a historian or flying by in a
high speed operation. For example, by
looking at information from SCADA systems, MES
systems, and LIM systems, even weather data, manufacturers
can gain fresh insight into what conditions lead
to production rejects. More importantly, they’re
now able to deploy that understanding in
the form of a model that runs against the streaming
data as it’s being produced. This provides the
earliest indications of a potentially
costly reject condition and allows them to mitigate
the causal factors in time and improve profitability. If you want higher
yields, better quality with lower costs,
and the opportunity to create new revenue sources
with your IoT data, contact us. We’re proud to
help manufacturers extract the value from the
industrial internet of things.

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    I would like to know how SAS can be useful for Steel Industry?

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